Saturday, February 14, 2009


The mayor of La Grulla, Texas was arrested for threatening to kill a commissioner. Two Brownsville city employees are charge with stealing less than $20,000.00, and are fired and then arrested. Mayor Pat Ahumda is accused of misappropriating a check from the city in excess of $26,000.00. The question is, why has Chief Garcia refused to order his arrest? In the eyes of the people Chief Garcia has lost all credibility. It is time the City Commission announce an Executive Session concerning personnel matters related to Chief Garcia and his refusal to arrest the mayor. Why did he drop the ball after completing the investigation?


Anonymous said...

DPS arrests BPD Lt. for DUI, with a minor in the car.

Former DA arrested for defecating on a bench in front of IHOP...ARRESTED.

Former DA arrested for spousal battery....ARRESTED.

Suspended Superintendent of BISD...sues 4 board members.

Steal a check from City of Brownsville, go on record as saying it's a conspiracy, plead to the citizens of MATAMOROS that you are a victim, and to stand by him. Blame everyone but himself for his egocentric behavior...
PRICELESS...and even more so, since this all happened in 1 week in BROWNTOWN!

Anonymous said...

"Two Brownsville city employees are CHARGED.."
"Mayor Pat Ahumdada is ACCUSED..."

Big difference. Since no charges have been filed, no arrest can be made.

BobbyWC said...

Not buying - the Chief of Police can charge the crime and issue the arrest - he has chosen to clean his hands of the case and leave it to Villalobos -

the police free to arrect anyone who they believe are guilty of a crime.

he had no problem moving to the next step when two city employees got caught using city funds - there was no grand jury before the arrest

nice try though -

Anonymous said...

But the two former DA's were arrested, were they not?

You can be arrested, and not fomally charged, can't you?

BobbyWC said...

I have never thought about the subtlety of this. Does not matter - several police officers, and one investigator told me that based on the standards they use the information released in the Press Release by the police chief included more than enough to arrest the mayor. Chief Garcia’s decision to protect the mayor against arrest, and his cover-up of his son’s problems (I have confirmed this through several police officers) have cost him his credibility within his department.

Effectively Chief Garcia has thrown himself under the bus. I decided to make this post after meeting with several business/community leaders. They have lost all confidence in the police chief. They understand so long as outside businesses look at Brownsville as a bastion of corruption with no meaningful law enforcement when it comes to public corruption, and judges who play games and refuse to do their jobs, outside businesses will never come to Brownsville.

I stay in Brownsville for one reason and one reason only - it probably has the best weather in the US. You couple this with the cost of living, and year around salt water fishing - I am in heaven. On days while we have been 70+ Miami has been in the 40's and 50's.

Anonymous said...

"The question is, why has Chief Garcia refused to order his arrest?"

The Chief of Police can't order anyone's arrest. That is why we have warrants. They are signed by Judges. They are accompanied by sworn affidavit. It is called due process. Code of Criminal Proceedure.

BobbyWC said...

100 % wrong - people are arrested everyday without warrants - but nice try

when DWI drivers are arrested there is no warrant - I can name az 1000 crimes

but nice try

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To add to the arrest warrant issue - yes in a felony case it is a rare thing that an arrest would issue without a warrant - but the Supreme court has upheld same.

But you act as if getting a warrant is a big deal - the two city employees if guilty are guilty of felonies - there was no grand jury indictment - the police simply requested a magistrate (just about any judge) sign an arrest warrant.

The application for an arrest warrant are boiler plate forms wherein specifics are typed in.

All the police chief has to do is order such a request be made. If you think the DA would interfere the request for an arrest warrant
by the chief of police, you know very little about how the system works.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

But the police chief turned over the results of his investigation to the DA so he would not then be in a position to make an arrest.

BobbyWC said...

It is true he gave it over to Villalobos. But before that once the investigation was done he could have requested he arrest warrant issue. He did not.

The problem is what I in the past have called the Hoverization of politics - everyone has a file on the next guy.

Chief Garcia is playing a game -"hey I did a great job with the investigation." True - A+ job. But now he is putting the blame on Villalobos for on arrest - Chief Garcia could have and should have requested the arrest warrant.

Here is another issue - does it bother anyone that mayor Ahumada is facing a possible felony charge and he is free to travel back and forth to Mexico.

Now I would be shocked if the mayor ever skipped out - but please under these facts who does no thave to surrender their passport?

Bobby WC