Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is how I felt the other day when I was having lunch with a former local politico, and local businessman. They claim to believe the only hope for Brownsville is a business group taking the lead to form an organization which will recruit and run local community activists who have a vision beyond, "how can I make chump change for my family and cronies?." This was actually our third meeting. I pushed the questions - When do we start? How much money are each of you willing to put on the table to start the organization? I pushed hard.

Well the answer left me feeling like saying, "frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn." Like every other coward in Brownsville they want everyone else to do the fighting while they sit back and do nothing, but jump in once the battle is won. Before the meeting I was already emotionally drained from chronic fatigue related to my sleep apnea or mild pulmonary hypertension. The meeting did not help my mood. So I sat back for a few days and tried to comprehend the meaning of the meeting.

By chance "Gone with the Wind" was on, on Saturday. At the end of the movie my response was the same as it has been a million times before "he will never say it, he will make it work this time." Well he does say it, because no matter what he feels he knows a simple truth, Scarlet O’Hara will always be Scarlet O’Hara. Brownsville will always be Brownsville. It will always be the misfortune of anyone suckered into loving Brownsville.

It is amazing to me this city has not changed one bit from the city my father described to us as children. It is the same city he lived in some 63 years ago. If it were not for the weather, the gulf, and Winter Texans this city would have become a ghost town a long time ago.

It is a city completely without hope or a future. It’s guided by politicos who cannot see beyond the chump change offered to them by two-bit developers looking for a quick buck. My father left this city 63 years ago in complete frustration. He spent years organizing the unions, only to learn they would sell themselves out to the highest bidder every time, only to find themselves with nothing in the end. 63 years later nothing has changed.

Brownsville sooner than later will be without an airport. When the maquiladoras come back, and they will, Matamoros is not where they will look to build. Brownsville has rail, a port, and an airport. All three remain underdeveloped. A friend of mine who lives in San Diego, can now fly non-stop between LAX and McAllen when he needs to visit his company’s plant in Reynosa. You can also fly non-stop to Las Vegas, Orlando, Houston, and Dallas. Brownsville has small commuter planes to Houston - that’s it folks

Our port is underdeveloped because a bunch of local yokels see it as a place to make chump change for their families and cronies, while taxing the local people to keep the port financially above water. Our port will never amount to anything until it is sold to private operators. This will take a change in the law. We all know Senator Lucio will never introduce that law. In the hands of a private corporation the Port of Brownsville could find itself at the crossroads between Latin American and the US and Canada. It will not happen - the local yokels will never see past their chump change.

Ask yourself - you want to build a new maquiladora, do you build in Matamoros which is the sister city to Brownsville, or Reynosa, sister city to McAllen. McAllen is miserably hot in the Summer, but businesses would still rather do business in McAllen than Brownsville. Time is money. When you can fly your company executives non-stop to McAllen from LAX, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, or Los Vegas, why choose Brownsville? The drug cartels in Reynosa may be the only thing which saves Matamoros, assuming they can keep the violence out of Matamoros.

Companies are consolidating. Brownsville’s airport has no purpose. Continental continues to fly Brownsville out of sheer pity. If Continental were to close down its operations in Brownsville tomorrow, so what? We would just drive to Harlingen - what choice would be have? Continental has no reason to stay in Brownsville.

I will do my best to keep BV going through the election. If every thing goes as planned I will be spending my Summer elsewhere than Brownsville. If I enjoy the change of scenery and opportunity, I will make the move permanent. The weather will not be as great. The magic of living in a bi-cultural city will not available. But, I will be building something which can and will make a difference in people’s life. This is not an option in Brownsville, and never will be. Plus living in a town with a VA hospital which is not tied to Texas’ medical schools will be a good thing.
Brownsville will continue to grow because Winter Texans will continue to flock to Brownsville. Brownsville will always have two things, the best weather in the US and the worst political environment in the US. How sad, how very, very sad.

I will do my best to keep the BV going until after the election, assuming anyone announces for the election. At this time no one has announced. Sorry Ms Miller - by your own admission you have no money. You cannot win without money and or a political machine.

As to political machine I am waiting to see if Escobedo uses his political machine to run a candidate against Carlos Cisneros. It will be a good feeler for his own campaign against County Commissioner Wood.

I will say without both a strong political machine and money no one can beat Leo (the Cowardly) Garza. It is one thing to campaign door to door in a small district, yet another in the entire city. The key to such a campaign would to be able to convince the anti-wall coalition that Garza played free and loose with the law and negotiations with DHS. This could deliver the political machine and the money. Also any such campaign would require a strong community voice in each individual district heading up the campaign in their district for the at large candidate. Without a strong voice tied to each individual district, I do not see how an independent voice can possibly win the election against an incumbent at large Commissioner. It is possible, but it will take everything I have stated above.

I hope I am wrong about Brownsville and there is hope for Brownsville. The business community is all too happy with chump change and will never rise to the occasion of making Brownsville a better place.

The Brownsville Herald is a complete and total joke. My litigation against the Herald is nearly ready to go. I am trying to solve a jurisdiction issue. More and more courts are now holding newspapers accountable for their online blogging, under a variety of theories such as breach of contract. No damages have yet to be awarded. The news media has special privileges when it comes to court. Even though a judge will order a lawsuit to go forward, the news media gets to take an immediate appeal to stop the lawsuit. The bigger point is the courts have recognized that organizations like Freedom Communications can be held accountable. The lawsuit should be filed in a few weeks. I know the solution to the jurisdiction problem, I am just not sure if I want to limit the issues which would insure jurisdiction in California.

Brownsville will never have a fighting chance so long as Cavasos is calling the shots at the Herald. A major loss in federal court, and Freedom Communications being humiliated because of his mismanagement of the online blogging may be what it is going to take to force Freedom Communications to hire a new publisher and editor. Until we have a new publisher and editor at the Herald, Brownsville will not have a city wide voice for and by the people.

Brownsville is desperate for a city wide publication which hammers at change on a daily basis. Lucio will have no choice put to introduce legislation allowing for the sale of the port if the issue is put on the front burner day after day. This is just one issue. We all know Daniel Cavasos will never allow the Herald to be used as a voice of the people. Hence the need to get rid of Daniel Cavasos. A federal judge authorizing my lawsuit to move forward may be what it takes for the Board of Freedom Communications to take a closer look at his mismanagement of the Herald. I am sure everyone has noticed Sunday’s Viewpoints no longer merit their own section. How sad - the voices of the people no longer matters.


Anonymous said...

We have a newspaper that is almost as corrupt as the local government.
Freedumb Snoozepapers are bleeding circulation. Is it any wonder?
They wouldn't know investigative journalism if it slapped them.
Cavazos is a moron.
Lucio sell the port? Are you kidding?? That is one of his cash cows. Pass the titty please.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us feel like you do. Sorry to hear you are down and might be leaving. You are one of the bright spots here, one of the brave ones.
Do you see hopeful signs in the defeats of Lehman and Hinojosa?

Try to have some fun. See a good friend. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about your philosophy of the big picture, you know, the one that is ultimately positive and life-affirming. Sometimes that helps pull us out of the daily dross.
--All the best.

BobbyWC said...

Before I respond to the last anony - it occurred to me tonight while at Garcia’s for dinner there are two additional considerations to someone beating Leo (The Cowardly) Garza. There are no women on the Commission. A well spoken woman will automatically gain a large portion of the vote. Second, a large number of residents will vote against Garza as a matter of principle. These two variables are not enough to put someone over the top. But I have to agree with my dinner guests, the best chance anyone has to beat Garza is a well-spoken woman.

Now to anony - everything about my life is about purpose and design. Everything I post has a purpose. I am amazed the easy with which I can draw out certain internet bullies or moron’s so that I can use their post as evidence in the Herald litigation. It is not even a challenge. Or how I will use their post to show a joint enterprise I might not have been able to prove otherwise. My point is, I am a person of purpose and design.

Brownsville is Scarlet O’Hara - it will never change. The people with money will never help to build Brownsville into a great city. Brownsville needs a real newspaper. Brownsville needs a real news TV station. Brownsville needs a political machine which will seek out the best and brightest to run for public office. The people with the money to make any of this happen have made it known - not a penny.

With no purpose or design to motivate me, what then becomes the object of the blogs? There is none.

I have an opportunity to be productive this Summer and make a difference in the life of a lot of people. My choice is to spend the Summer in Brownsville accomplishing nothing, or spending the Summer elsewhere being productive. I will continue my pursuit of Freedom Communications because a truly community oriented newspaper which is our voice is the only real hope for Brownsville. I may be back at the end of the Summer.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The Brownsville Airport would make a GREAT parking lot! Just paint some lines and they are ready to go!
Brownsville is just plain desperate period. The fools at Freedom wouldn't know a real newspaper if it slapped them. Maybe we could import the SF Chronicle since they are going under.
This town deserves its incestuous self. The corrupt, no-class, ignorant-ass wannabees here wouldn't get the time of day in a real city.