Friday, February 13, 2009

You must be a fan of international intrigue films to like this film. My review is one of indifference, but I suspect fans of this genre of film will like it a lot more than I did. It is slow. About 3/4 of the way through it picks up a bit.
An investigator with Interpol heads up an investigation of IBBC Bank. The bank's officers seem to have a penchant for killing anyone who might get in their way of promoting international arms sales.
To understand what happens at the end you were required to stay and read the newspaper headlines while the credits ran. People were walking out. Maybe half the audience bothered to stay. The theater was half empty during the film.
I give this film an eh only because the story could have been a lot better. The director and screenwriter missed an opportunity to really tell the story. The key to the story is how all governments are somehow tied to the bad guys and then become dependent on one another. There should have been behind the scene scenes which developed this part of the story. This is where the film failed.


Anonymous said...

The key to the story is how all governments are somehow tied to the bad guys and then become dependent on one another.

Reminds me of a city that starts with a "B".

BobbyWC said...

This is every town. This is the great irony of the blogs determined to keep the corruption covered up and attack anyone who has a meaningful voice. This is happening without them.

In terms of readership, the blogs in Brownsville do not exist when compared to the total population.

There are a thousand more anony names out there to continue the corruption. The idea that anyone can stop the promotion of the corruption or defamation of innocent people is silly. the most you can do is slow it down on a temporary basis.

It is the same with government - with every corrupt official you take down there will be a thousand behind them.

My brother asks why I do this when I know there are a thousand more behind the corrupt official who just went down? - answer because I enjoy the exercise of futility.

He laughs that the fastest way to get indicted in NY is to be elected School Board Member and that no matter how many get indicted there is another fool behind them to do the same thing again.

My goal is to keep BV going through the May election. I plan on spending a good part of the Summer elsewhere other than Brownsville.

In the end nothing will change, because those who need the corruption to survive or to feel purposeful will insure the corruption will continue.

The Fourth Estate (the press) has abandoned the people and their job.

As they say, it is futile to resist - I concur.

Bobby WC