Thursday, February 19, 2009


FOR THE RECORD:Mayor Pat Ahumada has been at the forefront to bring change to Cameron Works by asking for resignations of rogue board members, which were ignored. The Mayor even wrote the governor and State Workforce Chairman Tom Pauken to intervene, based on the numerous complaints from CWI board members and the community since there is a severe lack of transparency and accountability, along with other complaints. Unfortunately, they did not intervene and the Mayor has been forced to wait for expiration of terms in order to appoint people who would bring transparency, integrity and accountability to the board, which was sorely lacking.

I am adding to this post that my source has told me that both Ahumada and Cascos have made good appointments


Anonymous said...

It's a sad state of affairs, when the the might of the offices of County Judge Cascos and Mayor Ahumada, are not enough enuough to remove the rogue board members in the Cameron Works Board.

Also what is the deal with the name change from Cameron Works Inc. to Workforce Solutions? Is not Workforce Solutions the Board from Hidalgo County? The public perceives the CWI board to be corrupt and unresponsive to the needs of the public. Do they really think that their current billboard public awareness campaign will do little to change this perception? I seriously doubt it.

Anonymous said...

WHO is in charge here??
WHAT DO YOU THINK Bobby WC about the lawsuit??? Give us some legal help here?? Is the City and County in trouble because of the failings of Lee Reed and David Merrill with their illegal meeting??
The Mayor AND the Judge have come out publicly denouncing these guys?? What's the DEAL Bobby????

BobbyWC said...

i have no idea about the merits of the suit - I have not researched the facts - I would have to go to austin and review the cross pleadings

on the Texas open meetings act violations - I simply do not know - my readers know if I have knowledge of the area of the law I will comment on it.

TOMA has so many variables - it is anyone's guess whether or not a violation occurred.

I will say this, cascos and Ahumada need to do a better job in demanding accountability from castellanos -

again the entire thing is anyone's guess.

Bobby Wc

BobbyWC said...

Sorry, I will not post through claims which implicate a person in direct criminal conduct without some level of proof. When I make the claims, I have a file with documents which support my claims.

Look, people can post claims of alleged TOMA violations every day -everyone acts as if they are experts on TOMA - the case law is all over the place - the appellate judges cannot seem to agree on the finer points of TOMA.

There is no doubt in my mind that TOMA violationas have occurred. What we need is for one of you "experts" on TOMA to stop complainting and file a lawsuit. If you can prove a TOMA violation the acts taken at the illegal meeting are void.

When I meet with people on this issue they always say the same "I do not want to get involved." They are the people who throw the rocks at the police from behind the crowd and then run.

I also hear, "well I only heard about the alleged violation."

Here is the scoop - either step up to the plate and file the lawsuit or stop complaining. Until you are willing to put your name on the line for the battle - you really have nothing to say of value.

In fact asking other people to put their name on the line while you hind behind an anonymous post makes you a coward of the worst kind.

As to the DA - all of the comments in my original post in " " are from a letter which was sent to the DA.

Please stop asking where the the DA is - he is at the bar taking political bribes which are not necessarily in the form of money.

Promises of political support sometimes are more valuable than money.

Bobby WC