Friday, January 2, 2009


After repeated complaints about the ongoing gay bashing and homophobia which appears in your rag the Brownsville Herald, I am of the opinion that it only continues because you have constructively consented to same by your inaction and incompetence.

I realize to someone like you a parent finding their adolescent child dead by hanging because they could no longer stand the taunting caused by gay-bashers means nothing. At this point I have to conclude you are a heartless soul driven by profits at all costs, including but not limited to the promotion of gay-bashing, which studies have shown contribute to adolescent gay suicide at extraordinary levels.

"In the US government’s Report of the Secretary’s Task Force on Youth Suicide, it was originally projected, based on convenience samples and survivor reports, that gay youth are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers, and comprise 30% of the annual youth suicides (Gibson, 1989 as cited in Remafedi, 1999)."

It is abundantly clear that Freedom Communications has sunk as low as humanly possible. The following link contains the following;
the tudor wrote:

Since San Francisco closed down all the bath houses, the gym is the closest.
12/31/2008 4:45:51 PM

"CHUBBIER this coming year! Man i loved that place i loved working out to the RYTHEM OF "MACHO MACHO MAN!" by the village people."

It took nearly the entire day for them to delete the faggot comment.

Your esteemed editor has found that the mayor’s refusal to hold a public forum on HIV is not newsworthy. HIV is spreading like wild fire among young adults regardless of sexual orientation. Heterosexual minority women are particularly at risk. Not newsworthy in a community which is 95% Latino.

Your esteemed editor has found that City Commissioner Charlie Atkinson’s public comment of "faggot." is not newsworthy.

In light of what is happening at the Herald it is fair to say that Freedom Communications believes in promoting homophobia independent of the high rate of adolescent teenage suicide, drug addiction and prostitution.

I am certain that the Founding Fathers are in disbelief over how low journalism has sunk.
I am simply disgusted beyond comprehension that you Mr. Segal, and Scott Flanders are part of the Fourth Estate. The shame each of you bring to journalism explains volumes about the demise of journalism in the United States.

Silence is death - so please I do not want to hear the excuses people may have for what is happening at Freedom Communication. They are in charge. The people in charge do not get to ignore what is happening, and claim to be a victim. It is called accountability. It is this lack of accountability which corporate executives have been allowed to shrug off which has the US economy in shambles. And to those who seek to complain, I am certain the day it is your son found dead in the closet from suicide will be the day you yell bloody murder about the tolerance for homophobia.

CC Jonathan Segal, Preident of Freedom Communication Newspapers,
Scott Flanders, CEO Freedom Communications


Anonymous said...

Well, that is sure to change his mind and influence editorial policy. Though it wasn't your subject, I would have thought that pointing out that the new years day edition had only two local current news stories in the entire first section would have been a point worth mentioning. Especially in light of the irony in the Don Pedro comment that expressed the opinion that the news never takes a day off.
I have never understood how people think that hysterical hyperbole is an effective way to influence opinion. If I got a letter like yours in the mail I would drop it in the trash and never give it another thought. The very tone of the comment debases the subject. And I agree that the Herald is a joke of a newspaper.

BobbyWC said...


Thanks for the comment. What you do not know, and you have no reason to know is, there have been a series of letters over a period of time addressing the same issue in a very calm and professional manner.

Also, if the letter were really addressed to Mr. Segal I would agree with what you are saying. Freedom under Mr. Segal and Mr. Flanders are taking hits all over the country. The letter had one purpose and one purpose only, to put onto the web a clear picture of what is happening locally.

Mr. Segal ignored every letter I sent him. They were all very tamed and focused in on the issue of credibility. I would simply put the evidence before him, without commentary and then ask, do you believe this is promoting the credibility of Freedom and the Herald?

If he was not going to respond to those kind of letters, I certainly had no hopes of him responding to this open letter. But, it adds to the growing published concerns about his incompetence.

People who fail to see problems, which you agree the Herald is a joke, tend to eventually fail. All I was doing was creating a negative record.

In the end you did not know about the months of communications behind the scenes. But I will agree, he will ignore the letter. But then I never expected him to consider the letter in that he has ignored every complaint in the past and allowed the Herald to sink below low.

As always, thanks for adding dimension to the discussion

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To Anony on Atkinson: I am not going to publish potentially libelous statements against the Atkinson family. I am not saying what you are saying is false. I am saying that until I have the proof I will not publish it.

Sometimes what I write appears out of context because I am not revealing the behind the scenes workings of the BV.

I can assure you I am working hard on Sorry Charlie from two angles. When the time presents itself I may disclose what what I am doing, but for now - it is the end result which matters, and not that I am pushing for the investigations.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am disgusted though not shocked by The Brownsville Herald's homophobia. Please keep exposing it.

Anonymous said...

I had issue with two homophobic comments on a single article. They removed the most horrible comment right away but it took me three emails to get them to remove a post that equated gay people with child molesters. Only after I explained to them why the comment might be considered hate speech they removed the post.....12 hours later. This tells me much about the Herald and its editoral department.