Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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It is actually worse. For over a year I have been complaining about credit card abuse within the City of Brownsville. In the Greens Department any employee can take a blower, lawn mower, chainsaw and sell it at the flee market. They have no system for checking out these high dollar tools. Anyone can check them out, while having no duty to take them back.

This is all happening under Santana Torres. If Charlie Cabler fails to fire Santana Torres, then the City Commission needs to fire Charlie Cabler.

The problem is huge. As I have said before, I have personally seen city employees buying printer cartridges at Office Depot and selling them to their friends in the parking lot.

A major part of this problem is Elia Gonzales - she treats the City of Brownsville personnel office as her personal employment agency. This position should be held by someone with an MBA in Personnel Management - but then again - this is Brownsville the Abyss on the Gulf of Mexico.


Date/Time: January 27 2009
Location: Brownsville Texas
Subject: Brownsville City Employee Arrested

Brownsville Police Department initiated a Theft Investigation in December of 2008 into allegations that two Public Works employees were abusing the use of their assigned City of Brownsville Purchasing Credit Card (P-Cards). The investigation revealed that Greens Division employee, Raul Llamas and Greens Division Supervisor, Gilberto Rodriguez were making purchases with their assigned P-Cards and either keeping the merchandise or selling it at half price. The value of the property the stole is more than $1,500.00 but Less than $20,000.00.

The investigation revealed the suspicious purchases started in January of 2008, were made at different locations such as; Sears, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, McCoy’s, Burton’s, John Deere and also made a purchase through the internet for tools. Investigators were able to recover most of the items from the employee’s homes and a pawnshop.

Llamas and Rodriguez were brought in for questioning and admitted to the thefts and both were being charged with Theft (State Jail Felony) Llamas has an additional charge of Tampering with a witness as he intimidated an employee into giving police a false statement when questioned.
On January 20, 2009 Llamas was arrested and charged with State Jail Felony Theft and Tampering with a Witness. He posted a $10,000.00 bond.

Gilberto Rodriguez is now considered a fugitive, as he is aware there is a warrant for his arrest. Rodriguez still has not been located to execute the arrest warrant.

The City Credit Cards have since been collected and the city is in the process of reviewing and changing policies regarding "P-Card" purchases.

The two employees have been terminated due to the allegations made against them and the Charges pending against them as well.

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Anonymous said...

Get the umbrella out..I feel a shitstorm coming!
Lately, every pathetic day that I have to continue living in Brownsville(haven't been able to sell my house, haven't been able to find a fair paying job elsewhere)there seems to be a little silver lining. BISD's freaking mess, city employees falling, I mean! It's a late Christmas..but it was worth the wait!
Thanks BWC..you are my Obie One.

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Anonymous said...

This is the norm for every department within the City from Green keepers to the mayor and within the commissioners someone check the credit card slips of the commissioners and see how many bar tabs are on there.

Then check to see how many $2K tabs are book for Ribs for the PUB this has been going on from the time the plasics were issued.