Monday, December 8, 2008


I do not know if this first story is a sign of the times, or just the result of a bad upbringing. I will assume it is a sign of the times. Yesterday in Walmart there was a girl maybe 14-15 years old ahead of me online. She appeared distant and nervous. Her only purchase was Popcorn Chicken. She was 14 cents short. I told the cashier I would pay the 14 cents. The child did not so much a indicate an awareness she was short the necessary money to pay for the Popcorn Chicken. It was odd. She just stood their looking away from the cashier. When the cashier looked concern about what to do is when I offered the 14 dents. The child then just walked away. Not a word to me of thanks or the cashier. It would be easy for me to believe she is just a rude person. It would be sad if she were just hungry because of the times.

We are not as a community or country are not going to get through these hard economic times alone. December is always my big month of charity. I am reminded when I get my annual request for a donation from UTEP. As always the check will go out to the scholarship fund I support. allows anyone interested to provide charity to families in various regions of the world. This is where my donation is going this year.

The churches need to pay attention to the needs of the of the community. We the People also need to pay attention to the needs of the community. A 13 year old boy should not go to school on a cold morning without a winter jacket. You would be surprised how cheap they can be - well not at Burlington Coat Factory. This boy was all smiles with the jacket I bought him at Walmart. I adopted a Brownsville family 4 years ago and make sure they have what they need for Christmas (clothes or educational only), and regular school supplies. Year round, my costs for this family is probably only about $25.00 a month. It does not take much to make a difference in someone’s life.

THE LIBRARY - the other day someone on MZ’s Bloggin was complaining about the lack of books at the library. You can use the season to donate to the library. I wanted to reread Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. The Southmost branch did not have a copy. The solution was simple. I bought a copy, read it, and then donated it to the Southmost branch. It should be available for check out in a couple of weeks. Apparently it has to be sent to the Central branch for processing.
You can go online to the Brownsville libraries and check to see if they have your favorite classics. If they do not, just go out and buy a copy and then donate it to the library.

If everyone sits back and waits for the government to get us through these hard times, things are going to get worse before they get better. Think carefully before you spend your money. A large restaurant chain has a better chance of weathering this economic storm than the family which owns one small restaurant. I say for now only eat at the small family restaurant. They are more in need, and truly local, than a national chain restaurant.

If you need a new windshield the best deal is Ramirez Auto Glass on 4365 Southmost. 956.544.4305. This is a time when we must support the local small business person.

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