Friday, December 19, 2008

Without a doubt the most powerful film ever made. What makes this film remarkable in part is the creativity of its author. Some critics say this film is about redemption. They are wrong. They are short changing the true meaning of this film. It goes well beyond redemption. The film is about life and intimacy as God intended it to be. This film gives meaning to Joshua's command "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God, the things that are God's."
Joshua understood happiness is not about money, but living life in God's image. Will Smith makes this point in a very, very powerful way. By the end men and women were crying all over the theater. Not because it was sad, but because Will Smith's character gave meaning to the real purpose of life.
You can read elsewhether a synopsis of the film. Let me say this, every actor gave an Oscar level performance. Every actor will be nominated for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor. Just amazing.
Now I will say this, in the reviews one critic gave this film an "F". The critic obviously has a personal issue with Will Smith and is trying to use his pen to diss the film. How does a film wherein you have men and women crying at the end rate a review of "F"?


Anonymous said...

(How does a film wherein you have men and women crying at the end rate a review of "F"?)

Maybe it's because it deals with psychosis and suicide. Subjects completely unrelated to the "Christmasy" mood you are supposed to receive through movies released during this time frame.

BobbyWC said...

Jake,, how is the ulitmate act of giving life not in the spirit of Christmas.

And exactly when did Hollywood make this rule? After 50 years on this planet I missed it.

Just say it Jake - you want to be divisive so you will post divisive comments.

I this sad that you are unaware that in Christian doctrine Jesus gave his life for us. You just do not see the relationship do you.

Maybe because it is because you are too busy being hateful because someone annoys you.

Bobby WC