Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sanchez called me about his concerns related to me and McHale’s claims. He told me that he did not tell McHale I was threatening to sue him for calling me Tubby Faggot, and that he knew McHale’s claims to be false. I asked him to explain why then he did not refute the claim? He said he is afraid of going on the internet. I find this impossible to believe. If he is so afraid of going on the internet then why did he then turn around and announce his new web page on ER.

He also asked why I was not suing DPM and Montoya who he claims are responsible for false statements made against me on his web page. Well I am not suing anyone at this point. But I find it interesting that Sanchez chose to pull a Zavaletta and demand that I sue DPM and Montoya. DPM and Montoya if Sanchez produces the evidence he claims he has, maybe it is time for each of you to hide your assets. In his ER post he claims "Robert Sanchez, did not state or publish the comments about his sexuality and the "Tubby" comment on the Captain Bob's Website blog."

I have never claimed that Robert Sanchez or anyone else have published false or defamatory statements on his blog related to my sexuality or being tubby. Secondly, the truth is an absolute defense. I have made my sexuality very public, and reasonable minds could suggest I am tubby. I prefer big boned and enlarged liver, which I do have. These are just further stupid things by Sanchez and McHale. Like I said, Sanchez will make his own noose, while McHale hands him the rope. Unfortunately for Sanchez’s wife and children, he will go to his grave remaining clueless on the issue.

He then goes on to tell me he is broke and is $40,000.00 behind on his bills. I found this interesting because just weeks ago he was bragging on his web page how he was spending time in one of the most expensive hotels in San Antonio, while shopping for expensive junk for his children.

Again, I am just sitting back and watching the self destruction. Mr. Sanchez, please do not call me on Wednesday. You are at a disadvantage when you speak with me. How many times have I told people, everything you say can and will be held against you. I initially told you I would not discuss our telephone conversation on the blog, but since you mislead ER’s readers, I had no choice but to respond to your further lies, and your demand the I sue DPM and Montoya.

Guys, I am sorry for having to respond to this, but when lies are told enough times people begin to believe them.

Not that this matters but in the last five years I have in fact sued people and settled case. Firestone - defective tires; Linebarger for threating criminal prosecution if I did not pay a speeding ticket which I could prove was dismissed; a private investigator for providing false and defamatory statements to a prospective employer; and Wellsfargo for loosing my money, charging me for services I never requested and NSF fees when checks bounce because they deposited my funds in someone elses account. Each and everyone of these case settled for respectable sums of money. Each company was provided an opportunity to settle before suit for exactly the same sum they settle for after I filed suit.

Now, if you think all of the following are acceptable then you cannot be reasoned with, marketing bad tires, collection agencies threatening criminal prosecution if you do not pay on a dismissed speeding ticket, a private investigator publishing false statements to a prospective employer, and a bank misdepositing your money and then charging you for NSF checks and for services you did not request.

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