Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Date/Time: December 30, 2008
Location: Citywide, Brownsville Texas
Subject: New Years Eve Extra - Patrol

The Brownsville Police Department will be in full force patrolling the city streets of Brownsville. There will be dedicated two man units responding to fireworks and shots fired from firearms complaints.

These officers will have discretion in issuing citations and making arrest of those persons caught violating the city ordinance against discharging fireworks and or shooting firearms inside the city limits of Brownsville.

These are some of the charges and fines;
Discharging fireworks within the city limits of Brownsville.
City Ordinance Violation
$1.00 - $2000.00 but usual fine is $220.00

Making firearm accessible to a child under the age of 17
Class C Misdemeanor. Class A Misdemeanor if someone gets hurt.
$500.00 Fine

Unlawful carrying of a handgun
Class A Misdemeanor
Up to One year in Jail
$4,000.00 fine

Unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted Felon
3rd Degree Felony
2 – 10 Years in Jail
$10,000.00 fine

Discharging firearm in certain municipalities
Class B Misdemeanor
Up to 180 days in Jail and a $2,000.00

My words, if you are caught discharging a fire arm, you will not want me on the jury. I would give you the 180 days and the $2,000.00 fine

Thanks for the warnings Chief

Now be safe and have a designated driver

Bobby WC

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