Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Brownsville Police Chief Garcia is quoted in the Herald as having said "Too many opinions have been formed by too many people in the community with little or no facts," Garcia said. " I am sure it is purely coincidental that I raised a ton of questions on the issue on Monday.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Mayor is not demanding that the bank clear him or his family in terms of who made the deposit. Who ever made the deposit knows they have been caught on tape. Disclosing it was not the Mayor or a family member of his would not be disclosing information from which the real perpetrators of this fraud could benefit. The so called real perpetrators already know who is on the tape. Again, why is the Mayor not demanding his name be cleared? All Chief Garcia has to do is say "I reviewed the tape and neither the Mayor nor a family member of his is on the tape." This immediately ends all of the speculation about the Mayor. How much simpler can it be? The needless delay in revealing who is on the videotape is needlessly hurting the Mayor’s reputation. The blame for this is squarely on the Chief of Police.

Garcia said. "We want to make sure that an independent body reviews the facts and the evidence to determine if there was any criminal intent to deprive the city or the vendor of its money." If someone other than the Mayor or a family member of his forged his signature and deposited the check it is fair to say we have a crime. It seems the more officials speak of this case the more it appears the Mayor in fact deposited the check.

The problem is, if the Mayor deposited the check and then made no bookkeeping entry, only one reasonable conclusion exists - he intended to steal the money. This would clearly be enough evidence to indict. It would then be for a jury to decide if the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt, which it may not. I am certain though, a manipulated grand jury under DA Villalobos could get the grand jury to believe the entire thing was an innocent mistake.

My bigger problem is, if the Mayor is a victim of fraud, and the presumption at this point is he is in fact a victim of fraud, Police Chief Garcia’s failure to review the video and rule out the Mayor is only serving to hurt the Mayor’s reputation. This is simply dead wrong. The Mayor needs to call a press conference and demand that the Chief of Police either rule him out, because he is not on the videotape or state the Mayor is on the videotape. If the Mayor is on the videotape then he can begin the process of explaining how the check was deposited and no bookkeeping was made to reflect what he believed to be a valid payment from a client.

Police Chief Garcia - clear the Mayor and stop the games. Between your incompetent handling of the check affair and the unfortunate killing of Ricardo Moreno because of excessive force, it is time for you to resign or be fired.

The people of Brownsville have a right to know if the Mayor or a family member is on the tape. There is no excuse for the delay in this matter. The reputation of the City of Brownsville is needlessly suffering because of Chief Garcia’s political game playing with this investigation.


Anonymous said...

You have a right to know? When investigators "rush to judgment" and individuals are arreted you bitch. Now the police are actually working on a case and interviewing people to insure that the correct individuals or individual are charged. Let the police do the work they are trained to do and you stay in the closet.

BobbyWC said...

You have totally missed my point. If the Mayor is not on the tape it is time to clear him Brownsville and the Mayor deserve better. They can then take 6 months for all I care in completing the investigation.

I have not called for the arrest of the Mayor if he is on the tape. I specifically said if he is on the tape then he can begin to build a public defense while the investigation continues.

why are you having a hard time with the concept of clearing the name of the Mayor who I believe is presumptively innocent.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I specifically said if he is on the tape then he can begin to build a public defense while the investigation continues."

Don't you think the mayor would know if he IS on the tape.?
I agree with ANON.

You always call for people to resign. WTF?

P. N. Grande

Mas Triste said...


You know that the even though the BPD are conducting the investigation, it is being controlled by the prosecutors.

You may not realize it, but you are lucky to have Garcia.


BobbyWC said...

Anon, you are not carefully reading my words. Of course the Mayor knows if he is on the tape- that is my point. The issue is not the Mayor - this issue is Brownsville - why has the Mayor not demanded that he be cleared based on the tape? People are jaded over this endless corruption and endless coverups. this is destroying our government not only locally but nationally. The people have lost hope in government.

I have not called for the mayor to resign. The police chief has a major scandle on his hands - two months and he has not reviewed the tape? Please - this is politics as usual.

BV has never gone after the police. I have always stayed away from claims related to Chief Garcia. Those who claim Chief Garcia is not equally prosecuting those with illegal slot machines because of family connections I have ignored.

I have never gone after Garcia and asked that he resign. I always give the police the benefit of the doubt.

But please - when I can go into any Lopez and play quarter slot machines which pay out cash, you cannot tell me this police chief isn't a joke when it comes to selective prosecution and politics.

I have repeatedly praised the BPD for its commonsense approaches to law enforcement. On balance I find them to be the best I have seen anywhere. Unfortunately because of a lack of proper funding they are not getting the training they need - and it cost an innocent man his life.

Garcia should be the one taking the lead on demanding proper training for the police. he is not and an innocent man is dead. He is without a defense. It is time he nail the City Commission for the boobs they are. He is at the end of his term as police chief, why not go out with telling the truth?

Chief Garcia is a politician first and foremost. What he does not get is when the City Commissioners decide he has become a liability for playing along with the City Commission, they will dump him the same way they dumped Goza.

If Chief Garcia wants to keep the support of the people he needs to name names, who on the city commission has demanded he turn a blind eye to the slot machines at Lopez grocery stores? Who is demanding he not clear the Mayor's name?

How much has the Herald been paid to keep the story silent about the slots at Lopez which pay cash? The Herald is worse than the whores who lie about their HIV status.

(You think I am in a mood? lol)

I have remained silent with the Chief for a very long time. He needs to squeal like a pig or be fired when the city commission realizes he has become a liability.

this is so typical of brownsville - bitch and complain ad nauseum about the corruption - but when it is our buddies who are being targeted it becomes time to defend the corruption - how typical

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Last week, I e-mailed questions to Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique pertaining to the $26,000 vendor check that was deposited into Mayor Pat Ahumada's personal account. I was later asked to forward my questions to Chief Carlos Garcia. Chief Garcia promptly responded. Although the responses are brief, I believe his response to Question No. 4 is key. Responses are in red.


1. Who owns the bank account, and are there other names on the account?
As has been publicly stated by the Mayor himself, he owns the account. No other names at this time.

2.What was the specific deposit date?
On October 28, 2008.

3. Who made the deposit and signed the check for deposit?
Currently under investigation. Reviewing bank records and video.

4. Is there a video that clearly shows who made the deposit and signed the check?
Yes, there is, however it is not clear as to a person, only a vehicle.

5. What charges and or indictments, if any, will be brought against the check casher(s) and/or the owner of the bank account?
Case will be forwarded to the DA’s office for their review with our recommendation for review by a grand jury.

6. Has the money been returned to the City of Brownsville ?
To my knowledge, as of this date, no. Check with Mr. Pete Gonzalez.

BobbyWC said...

The last post originally appeared on MZ Bloggin. I am not sure of the source. I considered rejected it because it appears to have conflicting information in terms of published statements.

[1] Chief garcia has denied discussing to tape with anyone or seeing it;

[2] It has been previoulsy published that the money was returned.

I am not all that sure this post isn't a hoax - I'm just not sure.

Consider it with a grain of salt along with the inconsistent statements

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

MZ has verified she is the source of the question and answers to Chief Garcia

here is my concern:

"He (Ahumada) said the bank teller didn't catch that the payee's name differed from the endorsement. Bank staff subsequently called him. The money was immediately returned to the city, he said."


The police chief told MZ "6. Has the money been returned to the City of Brownsville ?
To my knowledge, as of this date, no. Check with Mr. Pete Gonzalez"

two weeks after Ahumada tells the press the money was returned, Chief Garcia does not know?

Garcia told MZ "4. Is there a video that clearly shows who made the deposit and signed the check?
Yes, there is, however it is not clear as to a person, only a vehicle."

According to today's Herald he stated he had not seen the tape nor discussed it with anyone.

Is it possible that Chief Garcia never heard, "everything you say can and will be used against you."

Something is very,very wrong

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Coin machines at the Lopez Supermarket are not considered illegal gambling devices in the State of Texas because they require some skill. As dumb as it sounds, the fact that the coin device may be move from left to right makes it a game of skill. Don't like it but it is the law. Slot machines do not require any skill. You put your money and the computer decides when you win and when you don't. Silly but the law.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry anony not buying - poker, dice, black jack are games of skill not chance - all are illegal in Texas.

Now I will consider if you can show me some law which makes the coin machines in Lopez legal because they require skill, but poker is illegal because it does not require skill

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

So you have found something which says that machines of skill.

Here is what I believe you believe to be the key language.

(9) "Skill or pleasure coin-operated machine" means
any kind of coin-operated machine that dispenses, or is used or is
capable of being used to dispense or afford, amusement, skill, or
pleasure or is operated for any purpose, other than for dispensing
only merchandise, music, or service."

So it is you conclusion that if Lopez were to sell coins worth $50.00 to play in this machine because it is a game of skill using a machine people winning thousands of dollars would be playing a legal game.

You know sir, if it were this simple, every store and every hotel in Texas would have these machines selling tokens worth 10, 20, 50 dollars and and then telling their guests to have at it.

Silly rabbit tricks are for kids - not serious blogging

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree on the silliness of the law but that is the way it is. Poker is not illegal in Texas. It is illegal to play poker when the host or "house" profits from it in any way. You can have poker parties at your home or anywhere else as long as the "house" does not charge a fee of make a profit.