Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When US Attorney Fitzgerald pursued Scooter Libby the Reputricans were demanding his head. Politics being what it is, the Reputricans are now praising him for securing indictments against the Democratic Governor of Illinois. This guy does not play favorites This is what we need in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Today Judge Banales will hear a motion to effectively enjoin Willacy County DA Juan Guerra from presenting new evidence to the grand jury as it relates to Senator Lucio. This is a very dangerous matter. The US Supreme Court has spoken to the issue of enjoining litigants from filing the same lawsuits over and over again. Redress is a constitutional right. The Supreme Court has set a very high bar on the issue. It takes more than one event to get there.

It seems to me that because the defendant has a right to seek dismissal of any indictment, it would be an extraordinary thing for a judge to enjoin a DA from doing his job. I am confident such a ruling would result in DA’s all over the US being outraged. Judge Banales is clearly being set up for failure. If Senator Lucio knows he is the victim of a vindictive DA then he needs to allow DA Juan Guerra to do his job. On January 2, 2009, he can ask the new DA to dismiss the indictments for defects or a want of supporting evidence. It would be sad and incredibly stupid if Senator Lucio decides to seek an effective injunction against being investigated. The ruling would be so extraordinary that it could force the new US Attorney to investigate Judge Banales and Senator Lucio.


We could write a million letters to President Elect Obama and his staff would block each and every one of them. It is the nature of politics that the President is kept in the dark by his own staff as much as possible. We all know that Solomon Ortiz is not going to be our advocate.

Here is my suggestion. There is someone out there who wants to make a name for themselves in the community. It should be up to them to organize a group to raise the money for a full page ad in the Washington Post. It should be simple. We Demand a US Attorney from outside Texas for the Southern District. WHY? To bring an end to the institutionalized corruption which has destroyed the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

I would then go on to describe 3 examples with each example being described with only 3-4 sentences. The three I would us are: The Dannenbaum Affair; The Livingston Affair; The De La Garza Affair. All three can be tied back to DA Villalobos. This reinforces why we need a truly independent voice willing to look at the LRGV.

Will someone act on my idea? No. They are too afraid of being destroyed by the political machines which keep us down. This project could redeem a cast out politico or bring to the forefront a new and up and coming politico. Let’s see if anyone cares.


Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate but banales will go against the D.A. If Guerra was smart, he would contact former State Representative Jaime Capelo, a democrat was was representing Corpus Christi but now lives in Austin for advise. Capelo and Banales have been at odds for many years. Capelo even tried to have him indicted along with Tony Canales.
Good Luck to Guerra

Anonymous said...

How much would the ad cost? You working on the text?

BobbyWC said...

I will look into the cost of the Ad and post my research on Friday

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I went to today's hearing, by the way. I'm afraid it was a foregone conclusion that BaƱales would rule against Guerra. But it was good theater. Guerra made opposing counsels look like the sold-out chumps that they are. M. Cowen was given leave to produce an hour-plus Powerpoint with the point that Guerra had gone to the press and, thus, had sullied his own standing. Guerra then questioned Cowen on the press release Cowen had circulated making the point that Cowen had started the press war. Cowen seems to have been born with a smirk. It never left his face. And Tony Canales--Guerra had him in sputtering retreat on just about every line of questioning. Still, he's not the man for the job. he has been too theatrical. If you're going for theater, you'd better be ready for act III.

Besides the ad campaign you propose, we should find out what federal prosecutor in Houston is charged with keeping up with official corruption and pepper him with every fact and allegation that comes out around here.

BobbyWC said...

Stan thanks for the update on the hearing. Guerra should have had the DA Association at the hearing. Today's decision is mind-boggling. Stopping the introduction of evidence and then saying there is no evidence to me means Banales is as bad if not worse than the hopelessly corrupt Darryl Hester was. Hester has a zero tolerance for claims of corruption.

The US Attorney in Houston is a Republican. Dannenbaum had enough influence with Bush cronies to insure nothing would be looked at.

Villalobos understood the game. he keeps Dannenbaum underwraps and the US Attorney will turn a blind eye to Cameron County.

Have you not noticed that the US Attorney has gone after a lot of people in Hidalgo county, including judges. DA Guerra in Hidalgo County had nothing to keep the US Attorney at bay, such as Villalobos had with Dannenbaum.

Any US Attorney with ties to Houston will be corrupt. Remember they turned a blind eye to Enron while Bush was flying around on their corporate jet.

We need a US Attorney outside of Texas. It is all federal law so experience in Texas is not required.

I suspect an ad would cost 75k to 100k. The ad will catch Obama's attention. The press will then have to investigate - it will be too big of a deal to ignore.

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well, I can chip in a couple of hundred...

Maybe we can get want ad space with that.

BobbyWC said...

Let me finish the research. It has to be done in a way which catches the national press corps eye.

The Chicago Tribune may be a lot cheaper. I need to call my contact at the WP tomorrow. She said if we go with a slow day and depending on the placement we could go a lot cheaper.

Once I know, if someone is willing to take the lead in organizing a fundraiser, then I will help. I have been involved in this before with a National Coming Out Ad. A handful of people making the right donations can get the ball rolling. It is how we market it. It is about having the Ad done in advance so people can see what we want.

The ad has to be short and sweat - very eye catching.

we shall see

I will post more on Friday.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

We don't want anyone like Fitzgerald down here....we love our corruption and continue to demand it by re-electing and putting up with the corruptions by guys like Ortiz, Lucio, Gilbert Hinjosa, DA Villalobos, et al. We don't just accept corruption here...we demand it.

Anonymous said...

I understand DA Villalobos has applied to be appointed Chief US Federal Prosecutor for South Texas region by the new administration.

BobbyWC said...

I would consider this to be 100% fabricated rumor. His history with the State Bar automatically disqualifies him. The position requires a high profile security clearance. He would never pass. The FBI has a file on him for his role in the Amit Livingston case. Livingson is on the FBI's most wanted list.

Remember, nothing is ever as it seems to appear.

Finally, the position almost always goes to a high profile, highly experienced federal law experience party operative in Houston.

Bobby WC

Again, key here is- nothing is ever, and I mean ever as it seems to appear.

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask him if he has applied?