Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today’s post is an extension of a post by Mescalero and a discussion on Bloggin. 2011 is a long way off for anyone to be discussing running for mayor. But we do have some important seats up for grabs in May on Brownsville’s City Commission. My discussion clearly applies to anyone who seeks to seek any public office, including the office of mayor.

Brownsville and Cameron county are woefully under represented by women. This is a given. There are certainly women a dime a dozen more qualified to sit on Brownsville’s City Commission than most of the current members. Our problem locally is, there is no real vetting of candidates for local office. If you can access one of the existing political machines you can raise the money and turn out the vote. This is not much of a standard for selecting qualified candidates for public office.

My regular readers know I love analytical models. Mescalero provided one Wednesday in his post. If I am wrong, I am certain Mescalero will correct me. It is not enough to look at what might be an odd statement by a candidate, you have to go behind the statement. Does the candidate provide credible or verifiable sources to back their comment? If they do not, then reasonable minds could and should conclude that the candidate will form policy based on unsubstantiated rumors or random believe systems.

This is exactly why I was so critical of Pat Ahumada during the campaign. He promised the world without concern for how he was going to pay for it. He had no credible foundation to support his promises. As we all know after he was elected he announced he was unaware of the budget problems. Under this analytical model, anyone could have seen Ahumada was promising the world to get votes, and not because he had the ability to deliver on his promises. Had everyone simply thought this out we could have avoided the election of Pat Ahumada. I did not randomly give him the nickname of Pat Almighty. I created the name because he was promising everything under the sun as if he were God.

It would be nice if a women’s group came forward and created a search committee for highly educated and experienced women to run for office. They could vet the women using the analytical model I am proposing, via Mescalero’s assistance. For the record the same method should be used to vet male candidates.

Again, this is a matter for a non-partisan committee. If should not be about whether they are proposing policies we favor, it should be about whether they are qualified.

And for the record, I am out of ever running for public office. I understand all too well, strong voices cannot win elective office. There are some people who have the temperament for public office and some who do not. Some people play the role of centrist representative well, while keeping quiet company with strong voices. I am clearly better at the role of strong voice.

A lot of parents and advocates have pushed hard to bring to the attention of the BISD Board the mess in Special Services. It was the strong voiced parents who complained endlessly which finally brought about a review a Special Services. Every parent in Brownsville is indebted to these strong voiced parents who never gave up the battle and continually fought BISD.


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Psst, it's "non-partisan" not non-partition.

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