Friday, December 19, 2008


The blogs and comments on the Herald seem to me mixed as to all three of these public officials. It seems to me their advisors are ill serving them by not advising them to take a more public stand in their own defense.

AHUMADA: He cannot seem to categorically deny having deposited the $26,000.00 check. He cannot seem to categorically deny it is his car on the bank video. An inside source has told me that the person who will be charged for this crime has now made 4 different statements, the last having been made Tuesday. The source is claiming there are inconsistent statements in the 4 statements by the alleged wrongdoer. I am told a decision is pending as to whether or not they will be charged under federal or state law.

Ahumada needs to categorically deny he or a family member deposited these checks. He needs to categorically deny the car in the bank video belongs to him. His unwillingness to do this may be needlessly resulting in the destruction of his own reputation.
Playing the victim is never a good public relations approach.

COLUNGA: I get it, journalist shy away from complex legal issues, even when they are simple. Colunga through his lawyer needs to do a letter to the Herald explaining what is happening. This town is jaded when it comes to public officials, and rightfully so. This is a reality. Colunga will loose his public image if he fails to be more proactive in pushing his case.

Colunga through his counsel needs to publish a letter which explains how under the law a young adult can continue at BISD after age 21. Which they can for the record. He needs to explain the ARD process. He needs to explain how there are other young adults who have benefitted from this law. He needs to explain the purpose of this law.

For those of you who do not know, Texas gets an "F" on this issue. I have personally seen self contained classrooms at Dallas ISD wherein you have 100% mentally incompetent 23 year old adults in diapers in the same classroom with students who just need a boost in math. Texas sucks when it comes to special needs children.

In other states, like NY, these young adults are transferred to continuing education facilities after leaving high school. It is essential to their health in many cases to have the continued mental stimulation. In Texas the rule is to institutionalize them at the taxpayers expense when the parents have to work, or leave them at home to die from depression and isolation. What a great Christian state Texas be.

Colunga you need to explain all of this. And please my detractors stop with I hate Sanchez - facts - I am the one who told the Sanchez family to go after the DA who indicted Sanchez Sr. for trying to use a criminal proceeding to effectuate a result in a civil proceeding. I am the one who took hits for defending Sanchez on the UFO incident. I am the one who cited Joe Colunga Jr. as an example of bad instruction at UTB. So let’s stay with the issues and stop the distractions.

SANCHEZ: Montoya claimed in the article which has gotten Sanchez and Montoya sued by Colunga that administrators and legal counsel do not know of any legal justification for Colunga’s continued presence at BISD. Fine - we know how impeccable Montoya is when it comes to facts. Do we all remember the no portables at Point Isabel high school which turned out to be false?

In litigation there is a thing known as Request for Disclosures. These are questions created by law. You cannot object to them. You must answer these questions immediately. Sanchez has two choices, he can go on his blog and name names, witnesses, or pay an attorney to name names. He cannot get around this. If he names now who these administrators and legal counsel are maybe it will encourage the so called ARD members who were allegedly pressured by Colunga into falsifying the ARD to come forward. I am certain the Herald will cover the story. Is this not the smarter way to end this, and come out on top as just being punished for telling the truth about public corruption?

All three of these men get "F’s" in terms of handling their public imagine on these issues.


Anonymous said...

There are very few if any Brownsville teachers or administrators who would not agree to what a board member wants in an ARD. They are afraid and most if not all need or like their jobs too much. I was aware that the first ARD was being held to keep him in school and was told by a person who was to be there they didn't think it was right but they were told it would happend. Rendon as you know doesn't know anything. Does BISD get any funding to educate a child over the age of 21????

BobbyWC said...

anony, I am not doubting what you are saying - independent of this case - people tend to be afraid of their bosses and do crazy things to please them.

But Sanchez did not allege a bogus ARD he said no administrator or legal counsel could find a basis. Had they simply alleged that their sources were claiming undo influence by Colunga on the ARD committee then I think things would be different. Sanchez would still have to produce one ARD member to verify the claim at which point he would win the lawsuit.

This morning something occured to me. Joe Colunga sued for his son and himself. Sossi appears to have made a big mistake here.

The judge has no choice but to appoint an ad litem to represent Stephen and this is why.

Stephen's right of privacy are separate and independent from those of his father's.

Sanchez has an absolute right to defend himself. This means Colunga must release everything which was considered in the ARD - everything - Sanchez has a right to have an expert review everything as part of his defense.

This is why Stephen needs a separate attorney from the father. An ad litem representing Stephen may conclude that the injury Stephen will face with disclosure of all these private documents may out weigh any benefit he may receive from the lawsuit.

Once this information is released Stephen forever looses his privacy. Trust me for 20k Sanchez will have no problem finding an expert to testify the ARD was bogus.

Judge Lopez will need to think long and hard about putting Stephen through this. More importantly, Colunga needs to think long and hard about an immediate settlement before exposing his son to having all of his records made public in a trial. (you should know initially Judge Lopez can limit access to the experts - but a trial it all comes out)

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said just wanted to say that there was and have been a lot of bogus ARD's especially since Art Rendon took over.