Monday, December 15, 2008


This goes back to the issue of an open letter to President Elect Obama demanding an independent US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas. It must be someone with no ties to Texas.

I have spoken with the ad person at the Washington Post. A section $83,585.60. We must design the ad. I would like to form an immediate committee if people are interested.

I want to reference 3 simple examples. Dannenbaum, Livingston, and De La Garza - each has shock value. I want to tell the story with only 3-4 sentences of quotes from the Herald and then source it. We need a good opening line in how we adress Obama - example - We demand you appoint an independent US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas to clean up the corruption in the LRGV. Here are three simple examples."

Short and sweet. We will have 30 seconds to catch the readers' eyes. By sourcing the claims the national press corp will have a place to start their own investigations.

Bobby WC


Chris Davis said...

"I want to tell the story with only 3-4 sentences..."


BobbyWC said...

Chris, the impossible is raising the money. If you go more than 3-4 sentences for each example you could loose the readers.

The mere existence of such an open letter to Obama would be the story. The goal is to catch the attention of the national press and Obama.

the purpose behind sourcing it is to allow the press to go right to the stories in the Herald. there I might include the web link to 5-6 stories for each incident.

It is more credible if the press can read the story in the Herald. We both know large donors will never give money if the letter is a long complicated story which is subject to debate.

If the press does not pick up on it based on the headline approach with web links, then no amount of story telling is going to draw attention to the LRGV

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'll donate

Anonymous said...

I am really, really sure that he will clean up the mess down here in the Rio Grande Valley; similar to the way that he has helped clean up Chicago's mess. Nada, Zipp, Nothing. I am afraid that all of you BHO supporters are going to be very dissapointed with this Guy, he is nothing more than an articulate Chicago thug.

Anonymous said...

"an articulate Chicago thug"

This has a basis outside your imagination?

Anonymous said...

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