Tuesday, December 2, 2008


First, I recommend everyone read a post made by Senator Lucio’s lawyer Michael Cowen. I have not discussed the merits of the indictments because I do not have the necessary information to make such a call. But process is important to me. If the facts are as alleged by Michael Cowen, then Banales had no other option but to dismiss the indictment against Senator Lucio. But, Juan Guerra can reconvene the grand jury and make the corrections.

According to one of the tv news channels Juan Guerra asked for some type hearing. Judge Banales set the hearing for January 2, 2009. This is plain and open bias. The defense asks for emergency hearings and they get them. Juan Guerra asks for a hearing and Judge Banales cannot find the time. This action by Judge Banales will only serve those who believe he is covering up for something, when in fact he may not.

The other day the Herald had an article about ratings for city lobbyists. As we all know lobbyists have basically served only themselves when it comes to the LRGV. How many times has the city and other entities paid lobbyists to get nothing? I’m curious, why would a lobbying firm put the interests of Brownsville ahead of other cities which are their clients? There is only so much money in the federal budget. Is the lobbyist going to tell those who are handing out the money, "oh my client Brownsville is more deserving of this money than my client Grand Prairie."

Some problems are local and need local leadership. We are in the time of the year which makes or breaks retailers and restauranteurs. Mexicans from all over Northern Mexico come across the border and spend their money for the Christmas holidays. This increases bridge revenues, sales tax revenues, and profits for local retailers and restauranteurs.

So what is the leadership of Cameron County and the City of Brownsville doing to help promote Brownsville and Cameron County? By appearance - nothing.

I never go to Matamoros on the weekends. It is not worth the hassles of waiting on the bridge. I really had no choice this past Sunday because I went across with someone only in Brownsville for the day. We started in the food central market. We ate tamales Veracruzana. These are the ones made in banana leaves. It was like eating breakfast in heaven. By the time we finished all of the shopping it was time for cabrito at Nortenos. Then we faced the bridge.

We spent two and a half hours on the bridge. There is no reason for this. Our local leadership certainly has the ability to demand over and over and over again for relief from the border agents. I am not suggesting that they just allow people to move across without inspection.

They have enough agents to move the traffic faster. The problem is they are not using them in an efficient manner. They should have an agent clearing the third car from the front so that when they get to the actual booth they have a tag showing they have already been cleared. This would move the traffic a lot faster.

Until we cut down on bridge times, we will only be hurting ourselves. It is time the local leadership call for action on the issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, don't you know there is no "local leadership" to call. Brownsville is a ship with no mobility stranded on windless sea.