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(Editor's note added after original post)- I love when my readers tell me I need to edit - thanks for the heads up. Another word, Chief, again I am sorry I had to force you to defend yourself, but you were in trouble in the community. You know how jaded people are in this town. As a consequence of a hard week defending yourself, you look really good in the eyes of the people.)

Remember people - nothing is ever as it appears. Some day the puzzle will be clear, and each of you will ask - why did we not see that? Because you are not paying attention. The most obvious things are always right in front of you.

[F]our board members, including board president Enrique Escobedo, board vice president Herman Otis Powers Jr., Susan Galvan and Pat Lehmann were treated to dinner at La Pampa restaurant by Art Reyna, a representative of Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school buildings"

Pat Lehmann lead the battle cry against Colunga’s and Cortez’s demand for an investigation. Pat Lehmann’s entire argument was corporate crooks must stick together

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

Did Colunga go silent about the La Pampa affair because he feared Lehmann might not be a team player as to Colunga’s son? Remember what Lehmann said to Colunga and Cortes, "If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

This is politics. I am not saying Colunga is not a victim of Montoya and Sanchez. I am not saying Colunga has done anything wrong. But sticking together is the nature of politics. The court will decide the merits of the lawsuit. My question is, why did Lehmann supporters Montoya, Sanchez, and McHale wait until after Lehmann was thrown out of office before making the accusations against Colunga? And then why not ask why Gonzales and Rendon provided cover for these alleged abuses by Colunga? Dirty politics - plain and simple

For me all politics is J. Edgar Hooverized - you always have a file on your friends and enemies.

This past week started with me hitting Chief Garcia hard. I had no choice. This town is known as the City by the Abyss. Had Chief Garcia lost his credibility on this one, Brownsville would have been royally screwed. At least now he has political currency with the people which he can use against the City Manager and City Commission if they try and pressure him to cover-up corruption in the future. If Garcia plays his cards carefully, he could become our Patrick Fitzgerald.

When did I know Pat Almighty was the culprit? The day the story broke. Pat Almighty refused to categorically deny he did it. Pat Almighty tried to mislead the people into believing he broke the story when in fact he only admitted to the problem after he got caught. He was trying to create a plausible defense. Unfortunately for Ahumada he hired a moron for an attorney who does not understand that once caught, as the attorney you remain silent, or begin to plant seeds of plausible explanation.

A second issue was, commonsense told us the bank knew right away who deposited the check. The fact Pat Almighty was not ruled out immediately was confirmation he did it. These were all obvious clues.

This is why models of analysis and critical thinking are so important. Neither the high schools, nor the basic universities teach this anymore. Apparently the law schools are no longer teaching it either.

Every one forms opinions based on their preconceived beliefs about a person. Obviously I have not been a fan of this mayor. In the past I have always stated Chief Garcia has run a commonsense police force. Although I stand by my comments that he failed the people by not being more forceful about money for adequate training of the police, and his selective enforcement of the gambling laws.

I was hearing from too many sources within the City, County and business community that they were losing confidence in Chief Garcia. No one is perfect, but on balance and given the politics of this town, we have a good Chief. I had to do something. So I started with the piece on Brownsville the City by the Abyss. I needed to draw out Chief Garcia. The following day he responded by stating he needed to dispel the rumors. I have admitted to using this drawing out technique before.

By chance, something he told MZ conflicted with something the Herald attributed to Ahumada. Ahumada claimed the money had been paid back. The Chief said it had not. So now, my choice was to out Ahumada based on my sources and commonsense, but chance a defamation suit if I were wrong, or tell people it was Ahumada by challenging them to decide who do they believe, Ahumada or Chief Garcia. Other than morons like Juan Montoya, and Robert Sanchez no one in their right mind was going to believe Ahumada. I trusted in my readers to read between the lines and begin to understand it was Pat Almighty in the Library with the Candlestick. I think most of you got it.

I did leave enough hints that I was really with Chief Garcia. What we have now is a very credible and powerful Chief Garcia. He is now less compromised by demands of Charlie Cabler and the City Commission.

I do want to thank my sources who allowed me to break the story of Pat Almighty’s meeting with the police on the 17th. They were also my source, as the Chief indicated today, that we now wait to decide who will prosecute - the feds or the state.

Back to politics. I have sought out info on this, but there is a real hush, hush at city hall. When did Cabler and the City Commission learn that Pat Almighty lied to the Herald about returning the money. This is where we came in. "We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty,

The FBI needs to investigate the entire city commission and Cabler on this issue. Once Pete Gonzales verified Pat Almighty had not paid back the money they should have sued his ass that day. They did not. What does Pat have on them? Remember, "If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

I can only hope that in the special Mayor’s race which appears inevitable for May or June, new blood will seek to run. I guess Sancho Panza Sanchez was right about Pat Almighty looking to go federal. Federal prison that is, if he does not play his cards properly.

Here is some free advice Pat Almighty. Fire Blaylock - hire someone who knows enough not to speak to the press until you have a strategy, and then offer to resign effective immediately, pay a $20,000.00 fine, and accept 5 years probation. Isn’t this a similar deal Villalobos gave to his former law partner’s client the Constable? Maybe you should hire Eddie Lucio. You see, as Villalobos’ former law partner, Lucio has a file on Villalobos, in the same way I have a file on Lucio, having been involved in his training when he first graduated law school in Dallas.
The Hooverization of politics.

Again people - nothing is ever as it appears. We are getting closer to the end.

It is so sad BISD and UTB oppose the teaching of analytical models and critical thinking. There was never a challenge to this case.


MsGibby said...

I would submit to you that Mr. Ahumada did not lie about the money being returned. He stated that when he was notified of the deposit he instructed the bank to withdraw the funds immediately, assuming (incorrectly, it turns out) that it would be immediately returned. He had no control over how long the bank would hold the funds before crediting them to the city. He continued to say the money had been returned because he believed it had. Nothing sinister there.
Okay, he made the deposit. I still have a problem with the teller not questioning the fact that the check was not made out to Mr. Ahumada and his reasoning as quoted in the press release disturbs me even more...a case of 'I f*cked up so I'll blame the mayor by claiming he scares me.' Yeah, the mayor has a reputation. Yeah, he is temperamental. Yeah, he is confrontational. And, yeah, in this case and to his own detriment,I think he was careless. But I do not think he is a thief. That just goes against everything he stands for and everything he believes. Perhaps had he spent a few minutes less on city business and a few minutes more on his own, this whole unpleasant mess would have been avoided. However the check came to be in his possession (which we still don't know and I question why the press release was issued while that part of the investigation is still ongoing), the mayor's words and actions have not shown any evidence of intentional wrongdoing. There were so many steps along the way where so many people - including the mayor - could have been more vigilant and stopped this snowball from careening down the hill. I just hope the mayor doesn't get flattened by it.

BobbyWC said...

'The money was immediately returned to the city, he said." Ms. Gibby, or is it Pat Almighty, now you are changing Pat Almighty's words to fit your excuse. How purely pathetic.

You are saying, Pat Almighty never thought it important enough to insure the money was transfered back. You are saying he never thought to check with Pete Gonzales to make sure the money was transferred back.

Please Ms. Gibby - you are making a complete and total fool of yourself and Pat Almighty.

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Ms. Gibby,
It is not the teller's responisiblity to keep politicians honest. I'd actually like everyone to give them enough rope.

Check your story you cut and pasted twice.

Ed Rocy

Anonymous said...

How did the check get from city of brownsville to pat almighy? If he took the check, would that be intent? Wasn't he crying that his office door was unlocked and maybe someone broke in? I have a problem with how the check even came to be in his possession!
100 word or less

BobbyWC said...

Thanks Ed, I think after 3 tries I caught all of it.

100 words or less - I hope the invesigation turns to what went wrong in terms of security with the check. As everyone knows I have accused Pete Gonzales of mismanagement of his office. It is time the city commission hold him accountable

What Pat Almighty needs to do, this is called egging on, is produce his bank statement which shows the money was in fact withdrawn from his account before the 17th. If this is true, the Chief would have known this. Would this not place Pat Almighty in a better light?

Blaylock, I will send you a bill for telling you the obvious about how you reaffirm your client's innocence. Produce the bank statement

Again, for those of you who have IQ's of less than 2.5 - this is called egging on.

Oh and finally, when McHale is forced to reduce himself to using Roman Perez as his source we know he is desperate.

It is like a reader told me in an e-mail, only homophobes, antisemites, and mysoginystic impotent men afford credibility to anything urged by McHale.

He gave us Pat Almighty, Martin Arambula (leader in Dannenbaum cover-up) Judge Limas (allowed a confessed murderer to walk out of his court without a bond, gave a slap on the hand to De la Garza's son after confessing to have stole from a nursing home)

Now that medicaid will no longer pay for Rispodal what will they do?

Bobby WC, a proud irritable cuss.

Anonymous said...

As to who will prosecute? Don't count on Armando Villalobos. He will most likely recuse himself because of who Pat is...that way he can have a "special prosecutor" assigned and the special prosecutor can dismiss the case without Armando Villalobos sufferering any criticism for doing the same. Armando has found a very sneaky way to deal with sticky cases involving his political allies. He's smarter than he looks.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, great comment because I am sure a lot of mainstream readers are thinking the same - thanks

Here if the difference, and you may have no reason to know this - under the constitution you can be prosecuted twice for the same crime if one is in state court and one is in federal court.

This IRS thing is interesting to me because in law you have what is known as lesser included offenses - while he cannot be prosecuted for Income tax evasion, under lessor included offenses there are a host of federal ways to prosecute for conspiracy to hide funds. Remember based on Pat Almightys' own comments he could not find any bookkeeping on the check.

I was hearing from City, County and business people they were afraid Villalobos was going to run him before Limas at the 11th hour before Limas leaves office.

Given Villalobos history this would be a reasonable concern. People were convinced Chief Garcia was being forced to cover this up -this is when I decided I had to force him to prove otherwise to save his reputation.

Back to your point - Villalobos knows that the feds can still prosecute if he plays games. Blaylock will never allow Ahumada to plead to anything without assurances the feds are dropping any charges.

The negotiations could take months. It is very complex - Villalobos could actually be offering a good plea bargain but Ahumada cannot take it until he has assurances the feds will not also prosecute.

I believe the feds would agree to a plea of Ahumada resigning immediately with an admission of wrongdoing. Villalobos could then agree to deferred adjudication and probation for 5 years to some lesser included offense.

If Blaylock cannot produce by Monday a printout of Ahumada's account which shows the money was withdrawn from his account when he claims, Ahumada is screwed.

If Blaylock can produce such a statement - then Chief Garcia's press release begins to look bad.

If Blaylock fails to act by Monday then it is fair to say Ahumada knew the money was not paid back as he believed.

Again this is so simple. I can go to my on line account right now and print it out and show you where every penny has gone upto and including the minute I type in my password.

Thanks for the question because it helped my readers understand how he can be prosecuted under both federal and state law. Villalobos will do whatever Blaylock negotiates with the feds - the feds become Villalobos' cover.

Bobby WC

MsGibby said...

I have been busy the last couple of days.....what have I missed? Hmm, I come back to find out that I have been "attacking" you. What? Did I call you a name? Did I insult you in any way? And here I thought we were having an open discussion on where we differed in our opinions and why! Guess I was wrong there. However, after reading your latest comments and seeing Chief Garcia's smug, self-serving interview on KVEO (thought he wasn't giving any more interviews?), I just have to say I hope you get the job as Garcia's campaign manager when he throws his hat into the mayoral race.

See ya, Bobby, I have to go wish a Merry Christmas to Elliot Ness.

BobbyWC said...

Ms. Gibby, aka Pat Almighty, I have given Pat Almighty every chance to clear his name.

I have advised him to immediately release his bank statement which shows the money was taken out of his account before the 17th. This would humiliate the Chief.

I advised the Mayor to demand the bank clear him from square one - he did not, and now we know why.

Wake up - you are naked and the picture is not pretty.


BobbyWC said...

Ms. Gibby, aka Pat Almighty, I have given Pat Almighty every chance to clear his name.

I have advised him to immediately release his bank statement which shows the money was taken out of his account before the 17th. This would humiliate the Chief.

I advised the Mayor to demand the bank clear him from square one - he did not, and now we know why.

Wake up - you are naked and the picture is not pretty.