Monday, December 22, 2008

May your day of Faith and Unity be a day filled with the joy of life given to you by your Faith, or whatever you believe forms the origins of life. Happy Holidays.

What better way for so called Christians to celebrate the true message of Joshua, aka Jesus, than to invite the world to celebrate their respective faiths as an International Day of Faith and Unity on December 25th. No one questions that December 25th is in fact not the birthday of Joshua. So why not just promote Faith and Unity by encouraging everyone to accept it as the International Day of Faith and Unity. Each group can celebrate as they choose. Can one imagine the power behind the entire planet celebrating Faith and Unity on one day? In terms of Christianity, would such an accomplishment by Christians not be the ultimate act of praise for the teachings of Joshua?

I write this because I grow tired of Republicans and Religious Conservatives year after year creating division over whether store greeters should say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I grew up in New York. Since the Dutch first settled New York it has been a place of diversity. From the day you enter kindergarten you are taught that the classroom is a place of diversity. I grew up with my friends’ parents telling me their survival stories from the Holocaust, or hearing the stories of the grandparents who survived the Russian pogroms. You were taught to respect the diversity by saying Happy Holidays. It is sad that in the name of Joshua, we now condemn that respect.

The following is something I penned after 911. I hope it speaks to the message of Joshua.
What is and is not being an American is an issue of great debate in light of 9/11. What it is to be an American can be seen in America's landscape. America's majesty is in its diverse landscape, and so too its people. Whether it is the beauty of America's Fall colors, or the blossoming of a yucca cactus, America is diverse from shore to shore.

America's diversity is not limited to Fall colors or one cactus. Even within its trees and cacti there is no universality. They are all different is size, shape, and color. Such is the nature of being an American. We are diverse people. We have many values and many cultures. America's culture is a culture of blending of cultures and separation of cultures. Tacos and burritos are now as American as apple pie. So too are the egg roll, and pizza. Is it not true that pita bread is fashionable? Such is the nature of our blending. But yet, while we may blend in public, traditional cultural values appear to survive in the home. This is part of America's greatness.

How can people so diverse be one? The answer is simple, as Americans we all value liberty and economic opportunity. As Americans we have learned to blend these two basic concepts into many subcultures, with these concepts binding the whole.

As Americans we understand that 9/11 was an attack on "We The People", because "We the People" are America. Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors came together and resolved in their minds "We shall Prevail" Such as the cacti and trees, while they are different in many ways, they are also the same - a tile in the mosaic known as the American Landscape.

On 9/11, to me it did not matter that I believe that America's politics of brutal colonial oppression led to 9/11. On 9/11 what mattered most to me was that being an American had little to do with how we feel about our governmental policies, it was about "We the People" being attacked. With rare exception "We the People" set aside our political beliefs to stand in defense of "We the People." We put aside our differences because as Americans we are Americans first and Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Independents, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, Christian, Moslem, whatever, second.

You are an American when you understand that America accepts all people, all values, all opinions, all cultures which can live in harmony within America's blending of cultures, values, opinions etc, and individualism at once. BEING AN AMERICAN IS NOT ABOUT TOLERANCE OF DIVERSITY, BUT THE EMBRACING OF DIVERSITY WITH THE COMMON GOAL OF LIBERTY AND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL.

May your day of Faith and Unity be a day filled with the joy of life given to you by your Faith, or whatever you believe forms the origins of life. Happy Holidays.

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