Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If nothing else the indictments will get the news media looking at South Texas and its history of corruption. This in turn could lead to President elect Obama realizing the Southern District of Texas is in desperate need of a US Attorney from outside of Texas.

Without looking at the indictment, the evidence, and relevant laws, I am at a loss to understand the Cheney indictments. As to Al Gonzales, it is fully expected that President Bush will be issuing a pardon. If it were not for the fact former Senate Judiciary Chair Leahy (D) covered for Gonzales when Gonzales withheld evidence of perjury by a judicial candidate, the Democrats would have pushed for Gonzales’ indictment a long time ago. The Democrats got in bed with Gonzales too many times. So while there is no doubt in my mind, Gonzales could be indicted in other cases on charges of obstruction of justice, he will not. The Democrats will never sacrifice their own. So unless Leahy were to die, the new US Attorney will be right there protecting Gonzales, unless Bush issues the pardon, which is fully expected, thereby negating any coverup by the new US Attorney.

The more interesting indictment is that of State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. Michael Cowen unfortunately sent up red flags like flares from the Titanic. When your uncle works for the indicted individual and your father sits on a Board which many believe actively covered for Senator Lucio’s role in the missing 21.4 million dollars, you are basically telling the national press corp, "hey over here guys, we have something to hide." The reality is, there may be nothing to hide. It just does not pass the smell test.

As a community our hopes should be that the national press corp will stumble onto the Brownsville Navigation District story and the missing 21.4 million dollars for the non-existent bridge. There is no factual dispute Senator Lucio made money on the deal. There is no factual dispute that Senator Lucio’s defense attorney Michael Cowen’s uncle works for Senator Lucio. There is no factual dispute that when the DA used a forfeiture action to force Dannenbaum to pay over 1 million dollars to the office of the DA instead of back to the BND and the taxpayers, Michael Cowen’s father, a BND Board member effectively remained silent. As I previously posted on the BV, when the US attorney faced a similar case, he made the wrongdoer give the money back as restitution.

"United States Attorney Don DeGabrielle (r.) presents a $2 million check to the City of Houston through City Attorney, Arturo Michel. The money represents restitution that Republic Services Inc. has agreed to pay the City of Houston for recycling purposes after entering into an agreement to cooperate with an ongoing criminal investigation"

Why did the BND Board Members not yell "hell no" when Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos took the money for his office, instead of returning it to the people by and through restitution?

Judge Lopez and the BISD La Pampa Affair remains in my mind a clear case of obstruction of justice. Texas provides for a grand jury referral. This basically means any citizen can file with the presiding judge over the grand jury a request that the grand jury investigate criminal wrongdoing. I filed all of the proper paperwork with Judge Lopez. It never made it to the grand jury. The issue was the criminal conduct related to the La Pampa Affair. To remind readers this was the case of the BISD Board Members accepting a dinner from a vendor while having what Texas law would call a meeting at La Pampa. I have been waiting for the appointment of the new US Attorney before asking for an investigation. I do believe the time is now ripe to take the matter to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

"[F]our board members, including board president Enrique Escobedo, board vice president Herman Otis Powers Jr., Susan Galvan and Pat Lehmann were treated to dinner at La Pampa restaurant by Art Reyna, a representative of Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school buildings"

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

We all know the corruption in the Lower Rio Grande Valley is real beyond human comprehension. It is now time to pray that the national press corp will give us a serious look at and going over. In the end I do not know if any of the indictments issued in Willacy county are valid. But they certainly will force the national press to look at the political reality of the LRGV’s history of unrelenting corruption.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Cowen as Eddie Lucio's lawyer . . . Is there any doubt who Cowen was working for when he maliciously defamed Peter Zavaletta? The only question left was whether it was Lucio only or Lucio and his client Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation.

Nice job connecting the dots . . .