Thursday, November 13, 2008


Republican talking heads are debating the future of the Republican Party. Something I have heard over and over again is, they must capture the vote of the under 30 group. An issue for the under 30 group is social conservatism (which is not conservative by any means). The under 30 group opposes social conservatism.

I am enjoying Rush these days because he is in a free fall. He knows that Reputrican talk radio and Fox news with all of their bias had no meaningful impact on the election. It must be depressing to remain impotent while on Viagra. Yesterday he already claimed the recession is Obama’s recession. Rush and Hannity will not change. President elect Obama could turn the economy around, successfully end the wars, and Hannity will be saying "unbelievable, why did it take him so long?"

But there is a move afoot in the Republican Party to reexamine its purpose. For far too long the Republican thinking heads took on the Rush and Hannity of approach of claiming doom if Democrats are elected. What the Republicans failed to understand is, you have to stand for something more than saying if the Democrats get elected the world will end as we know it.

Independents control national elections in the US. Whoever controls the independents will control the White House. You will not secure the independent and young voters on your side so long you are obsessed with regulating the privacy of people’s homes and lives. This means the Republican Party must abandoned the Religious Right.

So my question is, if Republicans become true fiscal conservatives, while abandoning the false conservatism in social conservatism, can they take back the country?

I say yes, unless the Democrats equally adjust. The key for both sides is to keep an eye on the pulse of the independent and young voters.

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