Sunday, November 30, 2008


Only a complete and total moron would suggest that I could sue someone for calling me a tubby faggot. So the question is, if only a moron could make such a claim, why respond to it. This is a fair question. Because I knew I would have to deal with a post, which I rejected, claiming something even more moronic, namely, I will sue Sanchez for allowing ER to make what he knew to be a false claim. Such a statement would not be defamation per se, and there are no damages. In defamation per se you do not have to prove actual damages.

I cannot and will not explain my strategy for anything I do. My lawsuit against the city remains pending. I said I would file that lawsuit, and I did. Sometime in January we will have a hearing on a temporary injunction. I have my reasons for waiting until January.

At this point Sanchez knows ER made what he knows to be a totally false statement regarding my relationship with Sanchez. This is at least the second time such a thing has happened. As Ricky Recardo said "he has a lot of xplainin to do." The thing about Sanchez is, he will make his own noose. I am just watching it happen. Of course, McHale was all too willing to buy Sanchez the rope.

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