Friday, November 7, 2008

Role Models is an A+ film. While it is not for children, nudity and extreme language, the film is nonetheless hysterical, heart warming, and a good time for all. This is the film where the audience is continuously laughing out loud. It is a must to stay at the end for the out-clip.

Basically two guys who work together end up having to do 150 hours community service with children. The organization is headed by a wacko recovering drug addict. Each of the guys is assigned a dysfunctional child. The film is about their journey to self awareness, while helping the children deal with their own problems.

At some level you can say the film is KISS meets Brave Heart. The two main child actors are remarkable and will definitely have futures in Hollywood. The white kid is A+ - there is one scene in a parking lot where I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee myself. The black kid is A++ - only because he is younger and his creative use of bad words just seem to work for him. The audience loved this kid. Oh, he has a thing for boobs.

Again this file is not for children - but it is clearly for any adult who knows how to enjoy a good laugh.

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