Sunday, November 2, 2008


I found it typical of the religious right and Republican conservatives (who are not real conservatives) when they failed to criticize Rush for his use of Viagra. As we all know Rush is single. He is either having premarital sex or engaging in self manipulation - both of which are sins.

Anyway, Reputrican talk radio two years ago proclaimed they were going to stop Pelosi and Reed. America ignored them. This year they proclaimed the power to stop the Democrats and Obama. Again America has ignored them. There is talk the Obama Administration will support reinstatement of some form of the Fairness Doctrine so that alternative views have to be presented on Reputrican talk radio. In my opinion this would be a big mistake.

With the exception of the Immigration Reform Bill Reputrican talk radio has proven over and over again they are impotent. The reality is, just as they are, without the Fairness Doctrine, Reputrican talk radio is the best thing which has happened to the Democratic Party since the election of FDR.

For years commentators have debated why Reputrican talk radio works but Air America fails. It is really not that complex. Those who listen to Reputrican talk radio and consider it gospel are the type people who need verbal instructions on the proper use of toilet paper. These people cannot perform the most basic human act without instructions. This is why they need Reputrican talk radio to instruct them in the proper use of toilet paper.

The remainder of the listens of Reputrican talk radio are people listening for pure entertainment value, to monitor the opposition, or to simply consider an alternative view. What each of these groups have in common is an independence of thought which cannot be moved with cheap theatrics. This is why Air America failed.

Air America rather than understand the non-gospel listeners of Reputrican talk radio are looking for intellectual stimulation chose to force feed their listeners the same dribble heard on Reputrican talk radio, except through a liberal lense. We are not interested in being told what to think. We want to be intellectually challenged. The day Air America nurtures such a radio personality it may find itself capable of competition with Reputrican talk radio.

In the end I hope Obama leaves Reputrican talk radio just as it is. They remind America just how many ignorant people are still out there. Reputrican talk radio scares the average American into voting against candidates supported by Reputrican talk radio. Why change people who are officially impotent. Is it not a good thing they can no longer reproduce?


Anonymous said...

So, we should get rid of all conservative media and let the liberal/socialist media continue to lead us to socialism or even communism. For over 40 years the Dumbocrats have said that they are the party of the poor....yet we have more poverty than ever. Does that mean the Dumbocrats want to preserve poverty as their party base? If so, they have done a bang up job fostering poverty here in the RGV. The Dumbocratic Party of Cameron County has a simple motto; "Treat the people like mushrooms....keep them in the dark and feed them shit." A single party political system is a dictatorship when the people are too stupid to think for themselves.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, I a very confused. But first sorry for the late approval. Your post along with another came through as SPAM - so I did not see them until I went to a page I use to manage the blog. Also I was in SA all day

I clearly stated that I oppose the Fairness Doctrine and that Reputrican talk radio should stay just as it is - you interpret my words to mean I want to get rid of it.

I'm clueless.

Also I know you are a regular reader so you know I stated I voted for Republican Joe Cisneros for Sheriff because I refuse to vote for a Cameron County Democrat until they clean up their act.

You should know I was over at a retirement park the other day and was blown away by how many long time Democrats told me they also voted for Joe for the same reasons. Such as myself they also voted for Vaden.

Tell me what I am missing here.

Bobby WC