Thursday, November 20, 2008


There seems to be a lot of talk that President elect Obama would be mistaken to ask the Department of Justice to investigate criminal activity by the Bush Administration. Some say it would appear petty and some say that it would create a distraction from the real problems facing the country, the failed economy.

I say bullshit to both excuses. If President elect Obama does not demand full investigations against Bush and his cronies for criminal activity, then he is sending a message that the Executive Branch of government is above the law. Nixon was not above the law, and he paid the price with the loss of his presidency.

Beyond that, why is the economy in shambles? Because no one believed they could be held accountable. ENRON sent a clear message to the Bush Administration that corporate America considered itself above the law. Bush responded with nothing in any meaningful sense.
If President elect Obama fails to bring criminal prosecutions against members of the Bush Administration as needed, then the message will be clear to his own people - you are above the law. The greater message will be, nothing will change.

This is how we got to the point of the politicos in the LRGV being corruption is a birthright. President elect Obama needs to argue to the American people that the criminal prosecutions are needed to insure everyone understands the law matters. He needs to argue that the current economic crisis is a consequence of years of corruption. Without criminal prosecutions the notion that being corrupt is a birthright of members of the Executive Branch of government will become imbedded in the culture of Washington.

Some will say this is all for naught because President Bush is going to issue pardons. Well, the question is, can a President issue pardons for unknown crimes? Can the President issue pardons for all actions taken while in his service whether known or not known at the time of the pardon? I would be shocked if even this Supreme Court would uphold such pardons. If Bush makes such an attempt Congress must respond with legislation banning such a practice. Yes there will be a constitutional challenge to such a law, but that is what the courts are for. And if necessary it could lead to a Constitutional Amendment. The country is ready to end the birthright mentality of criminal conduct by and among Executive Branch employees.


Anonymous said...

Sure he can issue pardons, for enything and everything, Clinton did it!
You can't blame the Bush administration without implicating all of congrsss and the Supreme Court.
"He needs to argue that the current economic crisis is a consequence of years of corruption"
Yes, just about four years, and the crimainals are named Pelosi, Reed, Frank and Dodd!
Prosecute the President after he leaves and his administration and you will never again have a peaceful transition of power and quite possibly a civil war.
Get off your soap box and smell the coffee.

BobbyWC said...

I do not believe Clinton pardon people based on known and unknown criminal acts.

Many of Clinton's pardons were wrong - dead wrong - this does not then make it okay for Bush to do the same thing.

My view is, all Presidents should be barred from issuing pardons to people who work for the president.

I have always praised Ford for his pardon of Nixon - for reasons you mentioned (peaceful transition of power) Ford had no real choice.

As to the President - to be clear - you are saying if the evidence shows the he ordered the jailing of innocent Americans to silence them Obama should just turn a blind eye?

I am confident the American people are smart enough to know when a President should pardon a former President, such as Ford did with Nixon,, and when a President should allow for the prosecution of a former president who clearly violated the law.

I do not remember there being a civil war after a federal judge found Clinton in criminal contempt.

You think too little of the American people

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What about the Clinton pardons of the FALN terroists. 130 bombings and 6 deaths. That's criminal, and now then Asst AG Holder is going to be the New AG, give me a f%$#ing break. What is it with our obsesion to let terroists go free?
CHANGE, bullshit. same old - same old.
How's this for change, give all them a quick and speedy trial followed by a quick and speedy execution.
That's change America can believe in.

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is: PAID

BobbyWC said...

Anony, thanks for the correction. I was horrified when I saw your post. All I can say is that my sleep apnea has me in a near zombie state. I did not go to the hearings in Willacy County because my experience is by afternoons I should not be driving unless I have had a good 3 hours sleep 1st.

I had an appointment this morning so I could not sleep in. I would not wish uncorrected sleep apnea on anyone - waking up choking 3-4 times every night is not a fun thing.

I will do better in proof reading.

Again thanks for the corrections.

Bobby WC