Friday, November 14, 2008

My general review of Quantum Solace is ehh. Neither story line was ever fully developed and at the end you were hoping the director would put in an explanation, but nothing.

Side before I continue: I do not believe in coincidences. On Friday I mocked Eddie Lucio III. While leaving the men’s room after the movie, a man comes barging into the men’s room clearly trying to hold his bladder, and in the process nearly knocked me down. It was none other than Eddie Lucio III. He was clearly in too much of a rush to notice. He did say excuse me.

Daniel Craig as in his first outing as Bond did a great job. Judi Dench was great. She delivered every line with precision. The problem with the movie is there was way too much action, no gadgets (guys no gadgets in a bond movie?), and two story lines which took forever to reveal.

One story line is Bond seeking revenge for the death of his love interest in the first Daniel Craig Bond film. The other story line - not sure - had something to do with come corrupt organization trying to buy a coup d’etat in Bolivia for water, oil or diamonds - I have no idea. The director could not decide which it was so he never tells you.

If you like watching Daniel Craig and Judi Dench performing their craft go see the movie. Otherwise wait until it makes it to the dollar theater.

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