Monday, November 24, 2008


Parents across the US invest millions of dollars into the education of their children to insure that upon graduation from high school they can attend an Ivy League school. It has reached the point of insanity in some places. Parents who can afford it put their unborn children on waiting lists for daycare and preschool - because they are allegedly the right schools.

All over the US there are mega-churches spreading the word of Jesus, not Joshua. As I have said before there is no relationship between the teachings of Christian churches and Joshua. In the last 28 years we have seen a mega growth in Christian churches. What exactly have they brought to the table to make our society better?

Exactly where did all of the financial geniuses go to school who are now part of the collapse of our financial system? Ivy League schools - Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia, to name a few. Can anyone say an MBA from these schools is worth the paper they are printed on? What went wrong with their training that brought us to this mess? Given their past performance, do we trust them again? We do not have a choice because they are in charge and they will do the hiring of future employees.

So what went wrong? I have no idea whether the indictments in Willacy county are valid. I am what every attorney calls the perfect juror. I can only make a decision based on the evidence and jury charge. My heart wants the indictments to be real. I want a message to be sent to all politicos and corporate entities that there will be accountability. But neither of these are evidence.

Americans are good at complaining - but when it comes to acting they run and hide. Today some may stand with Juan Guerra, the Willacy County DA, but the second it no longer serves their political ends they will turn on him. It is the nature of a weak people who fear real battles for change. When Juan Guerra in the future speaks out against some of the very people who now allegedly support him, they will turn and say - "he was a nut job who tried to indict the vice-president." Cowards they be, because they were raised to be self serving instead of standing on higher principles.

So in the end, I guess the problem is, even Ivy League schools fail to teach our children the greater higher principles which should guide them. The churches have failed because of instead of teaching positive moral principles they are sending everyone to hell for not doing as the church commands of them.

Maybe, it is time for parents to turn off the TV and video games and have a conversation with their children on the difference between right and wrong. Maybe it is time parents stop putting the responsibility for teaching their children positive morality on the schools and churches. Maybe it is time the parents take up the lesson by and through example.

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Great piece! Too bad no one is listening. Keep up good work.