Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today I wanted to post a hard hitting piece on Willacy County but my source failed to bring me the documents. Maybe tomorrow. This is my concern, Judge Banales knows he violated the rules of professional conduct when he discharged Juan Guerra from 5 of the cases. The lawyers who presented the motions know they violated the rules of professional conduct.

Here is my question, even if the indictments are bogus, and Juan Guerra cannot be the victim and prosecutor at the same time, does he not have a right to fair notice that the trial judge intends to remove him from 5 of the cases. What does it say about the Attorney Pro Tem who was appointed to replace Guerra. He knows the judge and the attorneys violated the rules of professional conduct, but yet stands there in open court and says - "I’m okay with unethical conduct."

This case deserves transparency. The local and national press get an "F" for their coverage of this issues.


As a service to my readers you can go to this link and get a quick look at who has what on sale on Black Friday. You can begin now to plan your Friday madness. I have never participated in Black Friday. This will be my first. I shopped around and found an item I have been looking for, and the price is just too good to not get on line at midnight in hopes I will be able to buy what I want at the price I want.


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