Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today’s post is going to be short. Yesterday I posted late and I imagine the morning readers are just now seeing yesterday’s post. The first thing I posted this morning is a copy of a Bill introduced by Senator Lucio, which if it passes should help address many of the issues about which I spoke in Monday’s post.

It seems to me that in Brownsville at just about every level there is no real meaningful cooperation between the various entities. There is only so much money. We cannot continually duplicate the other’s work. Another area is, the various entities need to support one another when possible.

On Sunday I was working with a child on a science project at the Central Library. Argelia Miller who knows me by face, because of course everyone has seen the movie Halloween, introduced herself to me. She along with a packed house of parents were there working on projects with their children.

I have suggested this before to no avail. Once the new BISD Board Members are in place I will suggest it to them. BISD needs to provide each library with two sets of all textbooks currently being used by BISD. It is very hard to work with the children as a tutor when you do not have access to the books. Another thing BISD needs to do is create a general access web link wherein parents or tutors can access information related to assignments. I know parents who have registered with the school can see similar information related to their child, but not all parents have done this. A general access web link would make it easier for everyone concerned.

We can fix many of the problems related to education if we just work together. More on this next week.

Oh, color copies at the Central Library are only 25 cents. The parent ahead of us was making color pictures of sharks for her daughter’s project. We made color pictures of tigers


Anonymous said...

I will be nice if each library had a copy, as a loaner or books that we use k-12 for the parents that need immediate access.
Ms. Miller

Anonymous said...

If you can read this thank a teacher. If you can read this in English thank a soldier. ...

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,
Thanks for being a tutor, the schools could LEND A set of books to the Library so the parents could use.
Maybe if we contact the Parent coordinator/Leaison in each school or the school of interest.
Argelia Miller

Anonymous said...

The student has books....why can't the tutor use the student's book??
If parents want tutors....then make the kid bring the book home.
Make the kids responsible....they will be better off for in in the future.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, unless things changed this year you are wrong about the books.

Last year I had three students whose parents had to check out the books through the principal's office.

It would just be easier to have two sets at the libary.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

It varies by grade level and teacher. Some high school teachers do check out the books to the students. I doubt if the library wants to take on the responsiblity of that number of books.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the library wants to take on the responsiblity of that number of books.

What you talking about?
The Library (is a Library) should have books, and MORE books for children to read and do homework,
is a
win situation, Library have books and kids have get their homework done.