Thursday, November 6, 2008


On Alaska, the pundits are all acting shocked that Senator Stevens, the convicted felon was not voted out of office. The pundits are either liars or devoid of any knowledge of how the system works. Had the Republicans of Alaska punished Stevens by voting Democrat they would have ended up with a Democratic Senator for 6 years. By voting for Stevens, when he resigns, and he will, Governor Palin will appoint an interim Republican Senator to represent Alaska. This insures the seat remains Republican. They were not voting for Stevens, they were voting to keep the seat Republican.

President elect Obama, with whom I am infuriated at this moment, has garnered the support of the world. The morons on Reputrican talk radio, and Fox News loved to say international support of Obama was evidence Obama was bad for the US. WRONG!!!!! Russia, Iran, North Korea and the terrorists all know the world now stands with the US. What more powerful weapon could we have than the world coving our backs. Lincoln said "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Well the world is no longer divided against itself. They are united with President elect Obama and the American people.


In the last week or so we saw two important events at the City Commission level which demonstrated a need for some type protection for Directors within the City of Brownsville, who speak against the antics and incompetence of the city commission. The employees within the City of Brownsville work for We the People and not the city commission or mayor.

This city commission, with Il Duce Troiani leading the Nancy Boys along the way to their own self destruction, fired the city attorney Jim Goza for all of the wrong reasons. Now, I am the first to say Jim became worthless as a city attorney some time ago. Rather than stand up and do his job at the City Commission meetings he played on the fence. Yes it is true, had he done his job, they would have fired him, but then at least he would have been clearly fired for doing his job and the people would have been more likely to come to his defense. (Awkward sentence yes, priceless for all the right reasons - yes)

What we now have is Jim Goza being fired as a scapegoat for the mistakes of the City Commission on the baseball franchise. When it suits Il Duce Troiani he tells his fellow commissioners to follow him because he understands these things as a lawyer. Well apparently he was all wrong on the baseball franchise contract. His incompetence on the issue may not only get the city sued by the baseball franchise company, but also Jim Goza for the city commission blaming him for their mistake.

The second example, which is also part of the nightmare which is the Brownsville Sports Complex, is the mess over drainage. Several of my readers were angry with me because I put part of the blame on the back of the Director of City Parks and Recreation, Skip Keller. While it is true he is not directly involved, he still should have noticed the problems. And as one of my readers noted - he probably did - he probably yelled at all of the right people until he was blue in the face. So why was nothing done? Because had he gone public he would have been fired.

I am not calling for civil service protection for the various city directors. But we do need some type citizen review board to review any grievance these city directors may have when they are fired. The review board should have the right to reinstate the directors if they find they were fired for the wrong reasons. The mere existence of such a review board should be enough to get any city commission to rethink firing a city director for political reasons.

The various city directors cannot serve the people of Brownsville to the best of the abilities if they have to fear being fired for pointing out the incompetence of the city commission.

The Charter Review Committee needs to recommend such a provision for the protection of the various directors within city government. In the end the people will be better served.


Mas Triste said...

Good point on Obama

Mas Triste said...

And now that I think about it, at least we, the collective we, believe this President to be legitimate.

That was part of the problem with the GWB haters since 2000. Even when he won re-election, his detractors felt that he enjoyed an incumancy that was not rightfully his.

I assume that if the Court would have asided with Gore, it would have been the same thing, just coming from a different direction.

Anonymous said...

We have a City Manager who refuses to step up to the plate and accept the responsibility of running the city. The City Manager, not the Commission runs the city...that's why he gets paid and the commissioners do not. In all of this turmoil....everyone is afraid of focusing the blame on Charlie Cabler....the City Manager. Why is he protected??? Jim Goza was fired as a scapegoat for the stupidity of the city commission and the refusal of the city manager to step up to the plate.

BobbyWC said...

I think Cabler should have been fired yesterday. I do think Medina is next to be fired - and sooner than some people think. With the way that man sits on the fence and wings it you would think he was performing for a porn director.

Anyway - you are missing a point - they do not fire Cabler because he comes to work all lubed up for the city commission.

He knows the day he speaks out against the incompetence of the city commission he will be fired.

Sorry about the adult content - it just seems right at this moment.

Bobby WC