Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I ask that you take a few minutes to listen to Dr. King's 1963 "I have a Dream" speech. I ca assure you if I were teaching at BISD everyone of my classes would be watching this video. WHY? Because I remember.


I remember as if it is happening at this moment the Anglo parents in Boston with bats in hand meeting the buses filled with black children on the first day of forced busing.

I remember the day Dr. King was killed.I remember watching the hoses being turned on black civil rights protesters.

I remember Kent State when national guard opened fire on our children for the crime of protesting.

I remember my mother telling the story of a restaurant owner in 1947 Texas telling my father he had to leave because my mother was dark skin.

I remember my sister telling the story of being told to leave a restaurant in the 1950's because my brotherinlaw is Mexican American.

I remember.

Because of my fear of jinx I am hesitant to point out the following. The 16th President of the United States, Lincoln, was from Illinois. The 16th US Senator elected President of the United States is Illinois Senator Barack Obama. By itself it may not matter. I just find it interesting that the 16th President freed the slaves, and the 16th US Senator to be elected president is black.

Not to bore everyone, but I need to repeat something I said yesterday. I hope those who opposed President elect Obama, for a brief second, before taking on their important roles as the loyal opposition, can sit back and say - what a great moment for America. It took 13 generations for the son of an African to go from slave to president. It is a great moment in American history.

It is a great moment for the American people. It is also a testament to the American people that after you take your moment to feel pride that the son of an African immigrant can become president, you can rightfully and more importantly dutifully so take on your role as the loyal opposition. This is what makes America great.


2010 will not just be a mid-term election wherein tradition dictates the Party in power loses seats. 2010 is the census election. This means which ever party takes control of the various State Legislatures will control redistricting. Every Democratic member of the new House of Representatives knows this.

Given this simple fact I would be shocked if a Democratic House goes on a left wing voting spree. President elect Obama and the Democrats will governor from the center - or risk losing control of the House when the Republicans take control of redistricting.

There is more to political analysis than the ability to form a sentence or the throwing of distractions.

I hope President elect Obama understands the only way to put Texas into play in 2010 and 2012 is to force the creation of a new Texas Democratic Party. As a Democrat you cannot win Texas without the Lower Rio Grande Valley. And you know what, we are not voting in record numbers because we can no longer vote for the most corrupt politicians in the US. LRGV Democrats treat corruption like a birthright. Yes the LRGV voted Democrat, but not with the numbers one would expect. This is why the Republicans remain in control of State government.

Obama, you must appoint a US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas who is not from Texas. He/she must promise they will fill the federal prisons with the Democrats from South Texas. It is time to end the corruption and give us the Latino community of the LRGV a reason to vote Democrat. Putting Texas into play in 2010 and 2012 is the best way to secure your own future for a second term.


It is very odd to me that Lehmann and Powers really believed that they could make the parents believe that all is well at BISD. It is their children who are failing. It is their children who are being denied an education. It is their children who are flunking out of UTB/TSC. Are Lehmann and Powers so out of tune with reality that they actually believed the parents would not notice their children are dropping out?

The new Board needs to make their official first act the immediate firing of Hector Gonzales. There should be no exit pay. TAKS scores at the highschool level went down under Gonzales. His incompetence resulted in BISD being sanctioned for violating the rights of special education students. They have more than enough cause to fire Gonzales.


Mas Triste said...

Nancy Pelosi couldn't govern from the center, even if she wanted to.

At the same time, they are limited to what they can and cannot do.

Anonymous said...

Let us educate the new board members first. Clearly Escobedo will be no longer be on the prevailing side. I want the new board members to make informative decisions. They need to get a good look at the true budget and find out what kind of mess they are in. There needs to be a full accountability of the SPED department. They have frozen SPED positions, they do not have enough Speech Pathologists or therapists to cover the districts. They have the regular SPED teachers doing and being responsible for the Speech IEP's. They will not have any outside speakers, only in house staff development. SPED teachers have not been paid the stipends promised for the inservice held in August. The list goes on and on, but the board members really need to become well informed before making drastic and possibly costly decisions.

Anonymous said...

Board memeber responsiblities:

Hire/Fire Superintendent
Approve Budget
Change/ Ammend policy.


PhD in Ed.

Anonymous said...

The special education department needs to be revamped. The administrator is clueless and so are the special ed supervisors. The special ed teachers are bombarded with students and are not supported. Some of the AA's have to go also, especially the one that walks like a zombee. Come on wake up this woman is detrimental to any cluster.