Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If you want to inform Ortiz, Cornyn, and Hutchison how you feel about the new proposed bailout click below.


Years of being paid off by lobbyists has finally forced the Republican Party to face the reality of its failed policies when it comes to the big three auto makers. It is true many Democrats in auto manufacturing states also took the money, but those with the biggest held out hands were the Republicans.

Every time the Democrats tried to force an increase in fuel efficiency, the big three sent their lobbyists out to pay off the politicians to stop the legislation. The lobbyists and politicians were paid millions to block the legislation. We are now paying the price for years of abuse by corporate America, lobbyists, and politicians. What I would like to see is a list of every politician who took money from the big three, even if indirectly, and favors from the lobbyists to stop the legislation which would have forced better fuel efficiency.

Today we are faced with the question, with 25 billion in loans already extended to the big three, should the American taxpayer provide them another 25 billion in bailout money? I say no.

I read the other days the UAW said no more concessions. Oh really? - then no taxpayer money.

This issue could turn into a positive for the Republicans if misplayed by the Democrats. The blame falls squarely with the Republicans, but the American people oppose the bailout. If the bailout passes once President elect Obama is in office, the people will be infuriated with the Democrats and the Republicans will be allowed to claim the upper hand in the debate. This is sad because the problem was caused by the Republicans, with a pinch of help from some Democrats.

It seems to me the Democrats will never tell the UAW what they need to hear- major cuts in benefits for workers and retirees. It is not the responsibility of the government to tax our grandchildren to pay for the current wages of UAW workers and corporate executives.

I say let them file for bankruptcy and let the best company emerge the victor. The American consumer is not in a position to buy cars at this time. What is the point in keeping afloat failed companies which produce cars no one wants? What is the point of keeping an industry afloat to manufacture cars no one can afford to buy.

The government continues to fail to understand that the average American spent more than 6 percent more than they earned last year. Far too many Americans are all credit out. They cannot afford their current payments. With an influx of a trillion dollars into the financial markets nothing will change until we pay down our debt.

Maybe it is time to rethink the deporting of 10 million consumers because that is what Reputrican talk radio wants. Again, another failure of the Republican Party.

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