Friday, October 10, 2008


In dealing with yesterday’s BISD nightmare, I forgot to ask about what happened with the follow-up with the vice-principal. Art Rendon has no business working for BISD or any school district. This has been going on since the beginning of the school year and nothing has been done to accommodate this child. The TEA complaint and Civil Rights Complaint with the Department of Education are going into the mail Monday.

The child is very engaged in his disability. He knows what it is and he knows it is up to him to fight it, but he cannot do it alone. Yesterday was open house at Oliveira. The child asked that the father meet with his teachers. He knows his father is very much his advocate. The child either spends the day learning in the office, ISS, or sometimes the classroom. When he is having problems with his disability the teachers' solution is to have him sent to the office. If you are competent the calming of the child is simple. It really is not hard. In a non offensive manner it is a matter of bringing to the child’s attention he is drifting from control. The child automatically corrects.

Anyway, the father comes to learn the child is behind on all of his assignments and has not been completing class assignments. This father meets with the principal or vice-principal every day. How is it possible that no one mentioned this to the father? The child was devastated with how the teachers handled this with the father while the child was standing there. When they left the child asked if they could go to the library to work on the handouts. By the time the child and father got to the library the child was just too upset to do the work. The father knows all he can do at that point is comfort the child and then plan a time to do the handouts. They will get done this weekend along with a fishing trip.

Can anyone tell me how it is possible that the principal still has a job? Can anyone tell me how it is possible that at this point the teachers have not been instructed in how to accommodate this child? Can anyone tell me how it is possible a teacher could be so cruel and incompetent as to mishandle the situation the way he did?

BISD may have no choice but to hire a specialist to attend class with this child. This is the problem. He must be in a position which promotes his social skills. But when in a large setting the disease will cause him problems. This is why he must have someone who can calm him when he feels overwhelmed. Yes this will cost BISD money. It is the law.

The father who is remarkable is reading as much material as he can to become an expert parent on raising a child with this disease. In short order the father will be able to teach teachers how to teach children with this disease. This father has become so engaged in his child’s disability I would be shocked if he does not change his major to special education and coaching.

Yesterday while in SA my neurologist recommended a pediatric specialist my friend can take his child to. I sent the e-mail last night. We are waiting to see if the insurance will approve the child seeing a specialist in San Antonio. There are no pediatric specialists in the LRGV. The one specialist is overwhelmed and is effectively not treating any of his patients in any meaningful manner.

Okay, the zoning is going to have to wait until Monday. I know many of you are tired of this story. But the story is too important to be ignored. I think it is sad how my readership drops when I raise this story. I do not know if it is children do not matter or people just have no hopes BISD will ever do their job so they avoid reading about BISD.

My zoning issue - a community cannot mature without strict zoning ordinances and code enforcement. Brownsville has neither and it is holding us back. A game plan must be established to rehabilitate the neighborhoods through a high impact fee and new zoning ordinances which force people to clean-up their neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

I have a simple suggestion that would greatly help teachers assist students with special needs or disabilities in an inclusion classroom:

Decrease student to teacher ratio.

What hope does an educator have with 30+ students with half or more of them having a special need such as special ed mods, LEP/ESL language barriers, behavioral problems, etc...all the while having to meet curricular goals in a 50 minute time period?

BobbyWC said...

You are 100% correct. This is one of the failures of the so called liberal reforms. Inclusion does not always work. In many cases smaller classrooms are the only hope the chldren will learn.

Until BISD provides such an environment for this child he will have no hope of learning. I a regular classroom he looses along with the other kids.

Bobby WC