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This post is from a mother. I cried like a baby when I opened the picture and saw her son. He is a very small boy in a wheel-chair. No arms no legs. He does have one prosthetic arm. I have edited the mother’s e-mail for some grammar. I am not changing any of the content. This evening she e-mailed me with permission to post the story. The changes are in [] and caps

People I do ask that you read my original post for Friday posted before this one.

To Lorrie Sanchez - I want you to look that shit you are married to Sancho Panza in the face and ask him how through Montoya he can defend a Board which allows for this type neglect.

To Otis Powers if you have an ounce of integrity in your body you will withdraw from the election and then denounce this Board and in particular Pat Lehmann. You will denounce Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon. We all know you will not - Otis what possibly could have happened in your childhood to make you such an immoral person?

If after reading this story you can still vote for Otis Powers or Pat Lehmann it is fair to say you are devoid of a moral compass. If you cannot, tell all of your friends to vote Powers and Lehmann out of office on November 4th. You can do this by e-mailing this post to everyone you know and telling them to do the same.

The Mother's Story

We are [THE PARENTS]. We are the proud parents of a special child whose name is [JOSHUA] He is 7 years old. [JOSHUA] was born with a severe physical disability. He is limbless from all the 4 extremities. BISD has discriminated [AGAINST] our child since the first time we enrolled him in school k3. We enrolled [JOSHUA] [IN] the month of April of 2004. We were told by our local school Skinner Elementary Vice-principal that we were going to be contacted by the special services for the rest of the registration process. The first day of school started August 16 of 2004 and our child was left behind. We contacted the district office on that same day and we were told [JOSHUA] was going to be called to be evaluated. In the month of October we had to hire an advocate to have a mediation meeting with special services. [JOSHUA] started school until the second semester (January 2005). We had problems with the lack of Assistive Technology that [] BISD did not want[] to provide for our son. Our son was seated on a hard wooden chair and he had to learn to write with pencils, crayons and markers with his mouth. They mocked us many times promising many things that [JOSHUA] needed, but they never provided. We filed due process, but TEA denied our petition. Unfortunately, Stephen Webb the mediator for TEA did not care about the needs and rights of our child. [JOSHUA] was placed in an inclusion class, and later moved to another school Solomon Ortiz Elementary. Last year He attended school for half of the semester. We decided to keep him home[]schooling for the rest of the 2007-2008 year. Our son was not treated according to his physical needs and he was seated for long hours without proper rest. [JOSHUA] was tested for several hours without breaks and without our consent. He had some accidents in school, due to the fact that the he did not [HAVE] an assigned aid. We know about one time he was crushed against the table with his electric chair in the cafeteria because the "aid" was not trained on how to use this device, etc...We decided to keep home[]schooling. Recently two weeks ago, our son was depressed due to the fact that he is not in school and he wanted to see his friends again. [JOSHUA] is a very smart boy. We decided to call Ortiz Elementary and spoke to Mrs. Sandra Lopez the principal. She denied to accept [JOSHUA] back in school. She stated that "I do not have an[] approval from the Special Services to accept [JOSHUA], besides he is not zoned to my school". We called special services and we had no response. To us this is means !DISCRIMINATION!


Can anyone but McHale’s psycho buddies and followers defend this?

Lorrie Sanchez - as a loving mother what is your defense of your husband Sancho Panza and Montoya?


Anonymous said...


Commissioners Charlie Atkinson, Leo Garza and Carlos Cisneros joined Camarillo in favor of the project. Ahumada, commissioners Anthony Troiani and Ricardo Longoria did not give their approval.

"I don't necessarily know that given budget constraints and the economy, that this is the best use of our money," Troiani said.

The lease agreement covers 46 acres and is the culmination of lengthy talks between United Sports Equities, LLC of Florida. The stadium would be the home field for the Brownsville Charros, a member of United League Baseball.

Under the agreement, which is being finalized, the city would issue $7.5 million

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to anon,

how is it possible to use city, county funds for schools if they are goverment funded? they are two completely different things! wish some people would do their research before talking.

BobbyWC said...

It is possible that although I was talking education, the poster was talking generally about helping the disabled - such as sidewalks etc - just trying to put a bigger picture to the post.

Bobby Wc