Thursday, October 2, 2008


This morning we learned that only 37% of the American people believe Palin is qualified to be VP.,0,4587753.story Yesterday had to be the most bizarre day in the history of Reputrican talk radio.
Joe Pagliano during the drive home on SA talk radio 1200 spent 2 hours explaining the conspiracy between the liberal media and the Democrats to raise the bail-out issue as the October surprise. President Bush who introduced the initial legislation, according to Joe Pags, had nothing to do with starting the discussion. The entire thing is a liberal conspiracy to put focus on the economy because everyone knows McCain admitted he knows nothing about the economy. People this is desperation.

Hannity spent nearly his entire show complaining about the conspiracy by the liberal media to set Palin up for failure at tonight’s debate. The moderator is a paid Obama hack and the liberal media is staying quiet. When you are in the last stretch of a race, you do not go defensive with conspiracy theories unless you are desperate.

Compounding the Palin fiasco was the news that in key swing states Obama is starting to take a lead. None of this helps McCain. One thing which makes me mad is, if McCain loses, ( I would not bet a nickle on the outcome of this race - in my view it is still 100% up in the air) you will hear the Reputrican talk radio heads all blaming it on McCain’s selection of Palin. You watch how fast they turn on her.

Tonight, in my view, Palin wins if she can just sort of hold her own. Predictions of doom are easy to make - but in this case they may be premature. I just believe anything can happen.

I remain convinced that political operatives in the Republican Party intentionally pushed Palin on McCain so he would loose. They knew the economy would collapse and they decided better to let the Democrats take all of the blame for 4 years, than another failed Republican President.


Anonymous said...

". . . so how do you like them apples?"

Anonymous said...

You are so full of sh..!!! Palin and the Republicans will win Texas. Seems like your hand injury has affected your head.