Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Republicans in particular love to throw around the word "Accountability." But when it comes the failed war on drugs, WE THE PEOPLE blame everyone but the entity responsible for the problem. Blaming the war on drugs on the Mexicans, is like blaming US addiction to oil on Saudi Arabia. We are who we are and it is time we accept it.

I was scanning for ideas for today’s post when I ran across the heads in an ice-chest story. In the end 4 fewer alleged drug dealers is no great loss. The question is, without US demand would Mexico be facing this problem? No.

It is time we end the war on drugs now and begin the process of decriminalizing the purchase and use of drugs. In exchange I would increase penalties for using the drugs outside one’s home or while operating a vehicle. I would also provide for heavy penalties for using drugs with children in the home.

Twice over the last several months I have had my vehicle inspected by the Mexican National Guard upon entering Matamoros. In each case they were 100% professional. They are looking for guns. The US is providing the market for the drugs. The US is providing the guns being used by Mexican cartels in their wars. Mexico has every right to search every US car entering Mexico. It is interesting to me how so many US citizens blame Mexico for not being able to control the drug trade, but nay a word on the inability of the US to control the gun running into Mexico. Since the arrival of the Mexican National Guard in Matamoros I feel a lot safer and welcome them every time they choose to search my truck.

Until the US takes accountability for its role in the demand for drugs, and its role in providing the Mexican drug cartels the guns needed for their internal wars, the US will continue to be open to attack from these cartels. The other day Lou Dobbs blamed Mexico for the kidnaping of a 6 year old Anglo boy . It would never occur to a racist like Lou Dobbs that the reason the boy was kidnaped is because his Anglo grandfather chose to become a drug dealer. Racism is not accountability. It is time we take responsibility for our role in this mess.


Anonymous said...

Accountability: Let me get this right in my head...if I rob your house, you are responsible becuse the door didn't have good enough locks, or the bars were not strong enough? So...The USA is responsible because irresponsible dopeheads in the USA crave dope. It's not the folks illegally bringing in or distributing the dope who are responsible. Ok...got that.

The USA's role in providing the Mexican drug cartels the guns: Yet...it's the USA thats responsible for all the guns in Mexico because... man I'm as confused as a Nun on a Honeymoon....It's just Americas fault...I GET IT !

BobbyWC said...

If it were as simple as a good lock I would agree with you. What would be the big deal if Texas created a law to make it more difficult to transfer guns?

I will say this, am certain you brought a lot of people to your side with "Nun on a HOneymoon." I loved it - it was bright and creative.

I do appreciate your comment - but we have to agree to disagree. But your Nun comment probably won you more people to your side than you can imagine

Bobby WC

Stan said...

The nun didn't win me. Mexico's in a mess because we do have a measurable part of our citizenry who are "irresponsible dopeheads" and a self-serving police force that grows on the perceived need to somehow check them. Of course, as Bill Hicks observed a while back, the dopeheads are winning that one.

Legalize, regulate, and tax, I say, and then get to the problems of the addicts, the first part of which is to figure out how to grow fewer of them.