Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday my readership jumped in leaps and bounds. The service I use to monitor my readership showed people e-mailed my post to friends and relatives all over the world. I was read from Oslo to Sydney. For this reason I have to give some background to the new readers.

A clear statement to Jerry McHale, Eduardo Paz Martinez, Juan Montoya, and Robert Sanchez - you three psychos who play into the hands of the master psycho McHale can play all of the politics you want and needlessly divide this city and I will not care - but when you out right lie and demonstrate contempt for disabled children you become fucking despicable scum of the earth. Jerry McHale never met a lie he would not tell. The BISD Board did not lower your taxes. The State of Texas passed a law which ordered all school districts to lower taxes. All Pat Lehmann, a psycho crony of Jerry McHale, did was to vote to comply with state law. Jerry McHale posts pornography on a local blog - he is Lehmann's number one supporter. It should tell you something about Pat Lehmann as a human being and as a BISD Board Member. It should also tell you something about Otis Powers who is also endorsed by this pornographer.

Juan Montoya blogs for Robert Sanchez who owns Capt Bobs Restaurants in Brownsville. Robert Sanchez claims he wants to be Mayor and in fact has announced his campaign to be Mayor. He has repeatedly stated the libraries your children use are a waste of money. You would think Jerry McHale a high school teacher and pornographer teaching your daughters at Rivera would know better. He encourages Sanchez as part of his own sick games. Jerry McHale is an emotionally disturbed psycho manipulator. I will explain this in a minute.

Every time anyone eats at Capt Bob's you are giving him the money he needs to run for mayor and to shut down the libraries used by your children. If you believe in our libraries and our children you will boycott Capt Bob's Restaurants. Can anyone think of any moron since Hitler who has said libraries are a waste of public dollars? Sanchez is opposed to education because he never received one, although handed the opportunity on a silver platter. His father bought him a diploma from St. Joes. If it wasn't bought then St. Joes standards are so low they graduate people who cannot write simple English.

Jerry McHale surrounds himself with people who suffer from mental illness, the manic depressive Eduard Paz Martinez who writes soft porn novels which are basically self-published and who has sought to destroy local blogger MZ for refusing his perverted sexual interests, Robert Sanchez whose self esteem is so low he would take a picture with the devil just to be able to say someone was willing to take a picture with him, and Juan Montoya who is so desperate for relevance he knows no limits to what he will say to appear relevant.

For the regulars following the local blogs they know out of the blue McHale has gone after MZ again who has been a trailblazer in terms of blogging for Brownsville. When it came time to stand up to the political forces trying to steal the Charter Review Committee away from the people she stood-up and said hell no and became a target for Commissioner Sorry Charlie Atkinsons drunken tirades. I suspect but I do not know that the new attacks are based on MZ not praising Eduardo Paz Martinez for his bad chili. The regulars know what I mean. Every time MZ does not allow herself to be an object of their psychotic games they attack. McHale, Paz Martinez, Montoya, and Sanchez all have very unhealthy and in my opinion emotionally disturbed ideas about women.

[Added after the original post: McHale on his blog posted the following about MZ having the nerve to report on BISD's failures. "But maybe MZ is suffering through a difficult period this month. It's an excuse men envy because they never receive much sympathy when they blame their intemperate remarks on a bad hangover." This is how McHale views women. If they do not bow down to him he blames their monthly cycle for their poor judgment. Is he using this mentality when he grades your daughters' papers at Rivera?]

So what started this tirade, which has me feeling good despite the 102.4 fever? The following post on Sanchez' web page.

What follows is my response which Sanchez may or may not approve for posting.

I have to say did Otis Powers pay you or Bob for this piece. Saying we are bad mouthing Mexicans for demanding accountability from BISD is just stupid and the words of a paid hack.
Here is a reality about Point Isabel CISD - they have portables. I spent 6 weeks teaching World Geography at their high school - children so disabled all they could do is stare with no meaningful help in the classroom.

I was told in no uncertain terms I would give the student passing grades so he could play football. I refused. I demanded he be given an education. I was told football is the only reason he had to stay in school.

Learn your facts Montoya and stop whoring your skills for shrimp cooked in dirty oil.
I am overwhelmed with e-mails from parents whose children are being abused by BISD's total lack of interest in special education. I am compiling them for the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the Department of Education.

I cried today uncontrollably upon reading the story of child, a Mexican American child, born without arms or legs - who is being abused by these animals at BISD. You are a disgusting vile pig who will sleep with the filthiest whore for a free meal.

Do you have not an ounce of shame that you will sacrifice these children for a free meal. How did you become so hopelessly desperate?

Bobby WC

To know what is going on I am linking for my new readers a history of abuse at BISD of special education children. You see, all of the resources are going to teach the children to pass the TAKS - which apparently at the high school level is not working. We have a near 50% drop out rate. The resources needed for the special education children are being used to improve test scores for non special education students. Which according to NCLB is not working.

According to Juan Montoya to complain about this makes you anti-Mexican. The truth is he is protecting the incompetent leadership of Pat Lehman and Otis Powers.


To Pat Lehmann - what does McHale have on you that you remain silent that a high school teacher under your direction promotes pornography to our children?

To McHale - just because the people of Brownsville a very very long time ago did not declare you the hero of Brownsville does not give you the right to destroy our children and lie about paid endorsements. We all remember how you covered for Martin Arambula and how he became the key voice to keep covered-up the missing 21.4 million dollars stolen from the BND. Again McHale tell us, how much did Arambula pay you? How much Dannenbaum money was donated to Aramula's campaign? Or wasn't that money really money stolen from the people? omfg McHale - you were bought with money stolen from the people. McHale you are a full of shit psycho who to feel relevant has to associate with a Mexican and Jew hating women abusing manic depressive, (hey Montoya why pick on a woman, MZ, and not Eduardo who humiliates Mexicans all of the time? Answer McHale hasn't given you permission), a man who suffers from hopelessly low self esteem, and a former journalist who is desperate to feel relevant so he writes for a moron who argues libraries are a waste of public tax dollars.

God now I feel so much better. I know this is war. I trust the people will do the right thing. Boycott Capt Bobs and protect our libraries.

For the new readers - these links give the history of the disabled child I have been advocating for at BISD


Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty great stuff! Too bad no one will get it. Keep up the good work. I sometimes do not agree with your postings but you definately got this one right. If there is a heaven and a hell we know where these bastards are going.

Anonymous said...

capt. Bob is a boob. He won't post comments and then he complains about other blog sites. the other 3babosos are idiots. Lehmann and Powers are jokes.

Ben Jalemela

Anonymous said...

Well, though I agree in spirit, I think it lacked a little in restraint.
As to Montoya’s comments; I think it is racism when a critical comment regarding an institution run by Mexicans means you are disparaging Mexicans. This would pretty much exclude an expression of discontent regarding the city and county government, I guess. But then, over the years I have noticed a streak of racism in Montoya and a tendency to lie down with dogs so it is no wonder he gets up with fleas. I see that Montoya spends time with a guy that was convicted for stealing from an anti-poverty agency in the 70's, was accused of marginal behavior, at best, as a member of the navigation district board and who went of to steal from the people of Los Fresnos. He also seems to be tight with our former drug runner sheriff, though I'm not positive of that. I do remember that the one time I went into Capt. Bob's there were photos of that same drug runner sheriff all over the wall. I heard he was a partner in the business but sold out when he needed money to cover up his $30,000 blow job. True? I don't know but the photographs certainly were there. The rice was good and the rest was only fair and a friend told me he was an asshole so I never went back. Excluding Sanchez, who has the writing skills of a junior high kid, at best (I used to think it was McHale who ghost wrote his letters to the editor whenever a literate one surfaced in the Brownsville Herald but now I think it was Montoya). McHale and Paz have writing skills but they seemed to have read way to much Hemingway. Their writing is so often filled with over blown, contrived disaffected macho misogyny that it is farcical. I don't recollect any Montoya fiction and I like his writing except when he raises his skirt and his racism shows. And though I admire his loyalty toward his friends, I wonder about his judgement in friends.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I expect that for a Monday post, but it's only Thursday! Wow! Way to let them have it, they won't get it, 'cause they believe they are big fish..sadly Brownsville is a small pond! These fools are pond scum
Have a smoke and a cup of coffee...and if you don't smoke, today might be a good day to start!

100 words or less

BobbyWC said...


It is funny what you say about the rice - I have said the same thing several times on the blogs. I almost never even try the rice when I eat out. I am particular about my rice. But I always said his rice was great. I stopped going when I got tired of the shrimp tasting like it was fried in old oil. Which is the same thing I have said about the other two main shrimp places in Brownsville.

The racism comment is dead right. Not that it matters the two Board Members he is defending are Powers and Lehmann - well known and established Mexican names I might add.

A note to readers - whether I say it or someone else says it - remember rumors are only rumors - they are to be thought of as that and that only unless you have personal knowledge otherwise.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Ask ...
McHale why he doesn't have a soul anymore...?
Montoya why he hates everyone so much?
Paz Martinez why we should even care what he thinks or writes about?
Capt. Bob Pelon if he would like to buy a clue with all his daddy's money?
Lehman if there is a free meal he has ever said No to?
Powers if there isn't a dirty accounting trick he hasn't used to stay afloat?

Joe The Plumber

BobbyWC said...

My sense is, based on a variety of inputs, people have been looking for a place to vent on this issue for a long time. I am being a bit more liberal in approving statements I might not normally approve. I want people to have their voice. So if I issue a clarifier please be cool about it - this will insure more people are heard.

Clarifier - I have never read anywhere or heard from anyone Powers uses dirty accounting tricks. I do not have an opinion on this one way or the other. I do know he is an intellectual light weight who is readily manipulated by the worst and most corrupt people at BISD and on the BISD Board.

He is simply not qualified to be a public servant. He does not have the minimum intellect needed to understand the issues and the rules which need to be enforced.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, Otis is out to help his wife and the in laws. He only has to abstain on the family, but is usually the swing vote for other items on the agenda. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.
What is up with the Special Ed department, I have heard they moved around 100 special ed teachers with regular certification back to the regular classes.