Monday, October 27, 2008


We are in the last stretch of the election. I am so ready for this election to be done. I have always said to myself I would vote Obama if he were within 5 % points of McCain. In Texas it is about a 12% lead for McCain. Under this scenario it was my expectation to vote for any Independent candidate as a way of saying I was unhappy with the choices.

BUT, the Texas Secretary of State is reporting record early voting all over the state and in particular solidly Democratic Precincts. Could this mean the polling numbers are wrong. It would be hard to be off by 12%. BUT, I am not going to chance that the numbers are correct. I have decided on the issue of his healthcare program and in protecting the Supreme Court, I will vote Obama.

BUT to be very fair, given the number of time yesterday I heard BISD children using the N word, I am not sure Obama could win the job of dog pooper-scooper in Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

How sad. Another "HUGE" mistake for America. First Bush and now Obama. I guess the world and our econmy couldn't get any worse. Right?

Mas Triste said...

McCain will take Texas, but the GOP is in for a very long night.

There will be a majority Congress and White House. Let's hope they can do better with that power than the GOP did when they recently had it.

There will be a change in Texas. I mean, Noriega has no shot now, but if things keep trending as they are, the GOP is poised to lose quite a bit of Austin and Noriega could see some serious daylight in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think Obama can win in Brownsville depite the many years of hatred toward the Buffalo Soldiers. He will win, not because locals have like Obama, but because so many ill informed, ignorant people still vote a straight political ticket. Obama wins because of the power of the Dumbocratic Party here. Locally the party goes unchallenged in most the palanka is easy. I watched many at early voting mark for the entire ballot. If ignorance could be marketed, we would be the richest city in America.