Thursday, October 16, 2008


Before I get started I want to let people know about a drug being used for just about everything. My regulars know I suffer from sleep apnea. The first year on the CPAP (forced air while I sleep which keeps me breathing) was great. Then it stopped working. The pressure has been increased significantly with no success. Well my neurologist put me on Modafinil - commonly known as the awake pill. Yesterday I took the pill at 7 a.m. I have made two failed attempts at sleep. I am going on 39 hours without sleep with no hopes of falling asleep any time soon. It is a very weird medication which is being hailed as the new aspirin which treats everything, including weight loss, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, alzheimer, you name it. Anyway, once I get 7 hours sleep I will half the next dosage.

Today Col Ray on 710 actually said Mayor Pat Ahmoooda - I do not lie. How did Davis Rankin sink so low? His sister Susan Rankin was a family law judge in Dallas until all of the Republicans were thrown out two years ago. She was a trailblazer in protecting gay and lesbian parents during family law proceedings. It is funny how brothers and sisters can be so different.
I am going to get to last nights Obama/McCain debate but first everyone’s favorite subject - sex and the city.

One in four of all new HIV cases in the US are among children under 18 years of age. 26% of all new HIV cases are among women. The 4th leading cause of death for Hispanic women aged 35–44 years is AIDS. With these facts glaring down on Brownsville and its women and children Mayor Pat Almighty or as Col. Ray prefers Ahmoooda, continues to refuse to hold a workshop on the issue. Just how many closeted gay (interior decorating - wink, wink) husbands is Pat Almighty protecting? Just how many children and women in Brownsville need to be infected Pat Almighty before you will admit it is becoming a public health crisis. Are all of these closeted hubby friends paying you enough money to keep this quiet.

Here is a fact Pat Almighty - these closeted gay men (interior decorating) married men buddies of yours are cheating on their wives with men. They are using the Central Library as a safe meeting place before going to one of the cheap hotels on Central. They are using the internet to coax young boys into unprotected sex on claims you cannot get HIV the first time. 16 and 17 year old boys are all too willing to give it up for money to many of these married men. Many of these boys are bisexual and then turn around and have unprotected sex with 15, 16, and 17 year old girls. Mr. Pat Almighty how many women and children have to be exposed to HIV before you will care and call for the public workshop? Give us a number - please. Maybe we should just throw body bags at the City Commission marked AIDS.


I was blown away by the last debate. McCain came across as lacking any substance. As we all now know it turned out that Joe the Plumber was a fake. He is not a plumber. He earns significantly less than $250,000.00 and the company he works for is worth significantly less than $250,000.00. Joe the Plumber is in fact the small time earner who will benefit most from Obama’s tax cuts. This has blown up in McCain’s face. I cannot help but think that this was another Karl Rove trick to embarrass McCain so that he loses. Rove is smart - he wants it all and he knows a failed Obama Administration will mean in 2012 the Republicans will have the White House, Senate and House.

Well the Good Chili smells good - back to the kitchen. I have been awake so long I was able to make an Italian sauce with sweet Italian sausages and chicken breast meatballs. Two pounds of smoked chipotle pinto beans for my chili, my kick ass red pepper sauce, the chili, (beans, home ground trimmed pork loin, and Garcia's chorizo) and for dinner tonight, grilled wild salmon with dirty rice. Oh guys for the best fried shrimp on the planet - take two thirds cup Fish Fry to one third cup flour - clean your shrimp - roll it around in the mixture without any added moisture - dump it real quick in some olive oil - and celebrate pure joy in your mouth.

Chow - McHale has given Sancho Panza the interior decorator permission to write - lets see what he has to say now that McHale has given him permission to wipe his own ass. It is sad when someone is so readily manipulated.

Okay for you newbees - I have been marching for gay rights since 1983 or 85 - the anti-Bork rally was my first. "One Justice away from an Injustice" was the slogan. I have certain license on these issues.


MsGibby said...

I spoke to the mayor about these allegations (pay offs? cover ups?) and his reply was (and I quote), "The person blogging is a mental case who obviously is delusional because there has never been a request made to the mayor on this topic and I am not the only one on the commission. The person making these wild allegations can easily put his request in writing to prove me wrong and he can also ask any commissioner to put his request on the agenda. The person espousing hate is obviously a sicko!"

Now he was just back from a business trip, obviously tired and maybe a little cranky, but he still maintains his position that no request has been made to bring this topic before the commision.
I would further suggest that if there is illegal activity going on at the Central Library a complaint be filed with the police.

BobbyWC said...

Ms gibby, just so we all understand - if the Mayor of any city knows their is a health crisis he/she has not leadership duty to call for a workshop on the issue to educate the people, unless a citizen requestes same in writing.

I think you made the mayor's case.

Bobby WC

MsGibby said...

Wait a minute....I see what's going on here. You want to rail at the mayor to hold a public workshop but YOU don't want to step up to the PUBLIC PODIUM to request it.
Now I get it!