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The Editor of Bad Chili on Eduardo Paz Martinez aka Patrick Alcatraz

"but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface."


I question if Bill Dubose was being truthful when he made the above comment to Janet Manley. He e-mailed me tonight claiming there is no evidence that the Eduardo Paz Martinez who blogs in Brownsville and formally under is in fact the Eduardo Paz or Patrick Alcatraz associated with

This is an e-mail from the Publisher of Bad Chili to former correspondent Janet Manley:

I am not sure the editor is not full of BS though, he took down Ms. Manley's article immediately, but continues to run those under Patrick Alcatraz . Is it possible that Bill the Editor is just another personality of Eduardo Paz Martinez? We shall see.

To: Janet Manley:

I do apologize on behalf of Bad Chili. It seems the deeper I dig, the more concerned I am about what he was up to. I know we have not communicated before now, and I understand your hesitance, but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface. It is for this reason that I ask you to forward any emails he sent you of a questionable nature. To protect your privacy and security concerns, you could edit out any contact information, including names and addresses. I just need to be aware of the practices he was engaging in. Please be assured that the magazine is now, and will be from now on be conducting business in a professional manner. Patrick will not receive any more emails addressed to design studio website is if you'd like to cross-reference me. I have been in business with my wife and partner for over 20 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. You can respond to the email address posted on that website and I will receive it.In your response, please let me know if you still want your story taken down, and I will do so immediately. I regret the circumstances of our meeting, and the bad impression Patrick has left with you. The requested information will help me in dealing with him legally if necessary.Thank you for your patience and understanding.Bill DuBoseBad Chili MagazinePlum Creative Studio

IT DOES NOT END THERE - This last war I declared was a test which is proving fruitful. I am certain McHale will be on the floor laughing out of control when he reads this. He will not care that Eduardo will be on the floor near suicidal. It is all a game. The question is, when will Sanchez realize Montoya is McHale's boytoy planted to destroy Sanchez and his business.

I am sorry to tell you, but when I started this last blogger war it was with the intent of drawing out Eduaaardooh and proving Bob Sanchez is just McHale’s little boy toy to be manipulated. McHale knew all along about Eduardo Paz Martinez and his personal problems. He played on them like some emotionally disturbed psychopath.

Bob Sanchez under a blog using his commercial business name was all too willing to go along, on the insistence of Juan Montoya. We all know when it comes to Sanchez it is always about and always will be about settling scores. McHale knew this and plays on his low self esteem. To insure Sanchez eventually crashes and loses his business McHale has been using Montoya to promote his dirty work.

Former Bad Chili contributer who has demanded her writings be removed said it best when describing McHale's and Sanchez's web pages. "they were rather sickly" This is the web page which feeds his family and Sanchez does not see it.

I could not make this up - here are Bob Sanchez’s own words about his web page.

Bob Sanchez on his CaptBobRestaurant Web Page:

"This site is Rated E.
That means that this site is for Every age and everyone.
Robert "Captain Bob" Sanchez"

So lets see what Capt. Bob says is appropriate for your 6 year old daughter.

"Tubby Faggot"; "Mentally challenged blowhard, you’re wrong"; "Turd for brains"; "Larvae excrement"; "being a Homosexual unable to grasp the concept of procreation while searching for brown gold"; (oh try explaining that to your 6 year old daughter); This boy's obviously a drug addict."(I think Sanchez enjoys getting sued as much as Eduaardooh enjoys his sexual perversions.)

Since I do not eat at Capt Bob’s, although I will say the rice is the best in town, I cannot tell you about what goes on at his family restaurants. He brags how the people who use this language eat at his restaurant. One can only imagine the language they bring to this family restaurant.
Remember this is the same guy who wants to be mayor of Brownsville. This is the same guy who has said libraries, particularly Southmost’s library, is a waste of taxpayers money. He is not merely blogging, he is blogging this trash on the official blog of his restaurant. If you think this is appropriate, then keep on eating there. If you want him to be able to use your money to run for mayor keep on eating there.

McHale will not stop until Sanchez is run out of business. Sanchez simply fails to understand McHale is playing on his low self-esteem and his incessant need to settle scores with anyone who questions him. McHale’s goal is to destroy Sanchez, and he simply does not see it. McHale has clearly enlisted Juan Montoya in the little game - or can Juan Montoya be equally stupid as Sanchez?

I suspect in time if Lorrie Sanchez cannot bring him under control she will leave him. At the end of the day her duty is to her children and their financial security. Again Lorrie - I am begging you - go to your father-in-law and demand that he ends his son’s self destruction.

People if it is so obvious this is what McHale is doing to Sanchez, and how de played DPM into self-destruction, what exactly do you think he is doing in the classroom?

Can there be any doubt in your mind McHale’s support of Lehmann and Powers is to insure your children are denied a quality education?

Remember he gave us Martin Arambula, Abel Limas, and Pat Almighty - do any of these people support honest and competent government?

Montoya we are still waiting to hear from you on Eduardo Paz Martinez’ endless degradation of border Mexicans. It is not forthcoming is it? Can’t wipe your own ass without McHale’s permission? And you Mr. Sanchez complaining about a poster which you believe is racist, while you invite Eduardo to spew his anti-border Mexican trash on your website? Do you even have a conscience?

Bobby WC

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