Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am sorry things have been slow on the BV, but from Wednesday last until last night I spend 6 of the 7 days in SA. I made three round trips and am ready to not drive again anytime soon. More on this tomorrow. But because I am a nice guy I will give something to my detractors. In December the VA is going to have to do some corrective surgery on my left hand, while doing the carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. This will probably mean a week or two without use of either hand, which will mean no BV.


During my six days in SA I made three trips to the River Center Mall. For a downtown mall it is really incredible. One day I was with a family who had never been out of Brownsville, so the mall and River Walk was a real treat for them.

Over and over again as people would ask us where we were from they would tell us that since the price of gas has dropped the number of people visiting SA from the LRGV has increased. This means people are feeling more and more comfortable with spending money on shopping. Many of the shops in and around the Mall are owned by small business people. The additional $100.00 to probably upwards of $500.00 a month people are saving on fuel for their cars has to be having a positive impact on the economy. It is just too early to tell.

Another $300.00 rebate from the government is not how we should be stimulating the economy. This influx of cash from lower fuel costs over time will put billions of dollars back into consumer spending. This is particularly good for the small business person. Unfortunately for the people Congress is no closer today to regulating the oil speculators than they were 6 months ago. Democrats Pelosi and Reed seem to be completely clueless about how lower fuel costs are impacting the economy in a positive way.


The facts as I understand them. BCIC Chairman Charlie Atkison said people will be held accountable for the mistakes. How about starting at the top with the Chairman who was not properly overseeing the project. The Chairman who did not put into place any audit system to insure everything was being properly developed. Il Duce Troiani as the Treasurer of the BCIC does not believe that he has any responsibility to insure that the project of the Sports Complex is being properly overseen before money goes out. City Parks and Recreation Director Skip Keller claims that he is shocked. Apparently it was not his job to be checking on the progress of Brownsville’s most expensive park.

If there were an ounce of competency coming from City Commissioners Camarillo, Longoria, and Garza (aka Il Duce Troiani’s Nancy Boys) they along with Mayor Pat Almighty would call for the immediate removal of Atksinson, Troiani, and Cisneros from the BCIC Board. They would call for the immediate firing of Skip Keller. But we all know that because Brownsville celebrates its incompetence nothing will be done. Being in charge in Brownsville means pointing the fingers at everyone but yourself.

People this boondoggle is a repeat of the BND non-existent bridge. How many times will the people of Brownsville be taken for a ride? I do not see any hope. There simply is no outrage. In Brownsville robbing the people blind is simply how business is done. Hopefully come May the people will have the good sense to vote Camarillo and Cisneros out of office. We know Camarillo does not have it in him to call for the resignation of Atkinson, Troiani, and Cisneros from the BCIC Board, or for the firing of Skip Keller. We also know Cisneros will never call for an investigation of anything which goes to his own incompetence.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Atkinson is all mouth; with little ability to manage anything. He talks the talk, but he is crippled when it comes time to walk the walk. Every thing he touches should be audited carefully because he is incompetent. One sports complex is now costing the taxpayers double the projected price and now Charlie is promoting a baseball complex (more commercial than sports) that is doomed to fail. The city failed to negotiate for the one thing that brings in money to a baseball park.....concessions.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait! Charlie successfully managed his DUI arrest!

Credit where credit due, please!

Anonymous said...

You need to know that this project belongs to, and is being overseen by, the BCIC and not the Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department. While you might expect that Skip and his staff would have an integral role in the development of the facility, they have been relegated to an advisory role. More times than I can count, I have heard of the Parks and Recreation Department approaching the BCIC with competent suggestions that are dismissed. To place the blame on the Parks and Recreation staff is to jump to logical conclusions that do not apply in this case.

Anonymous said...

Man, How can you feel good about writing about something that you have no clue about. Skip Keller had 0% to do with this project from day one. This is a BCIC project and not a parks and recreation project. Now that the Parks and Recreation Department has inherited the mess, you will see these 'glitches' coming up. That is a ridiculous comment to call for the firing of the best Parks and Recreation Directer this City has ever seen. He would have saved millions, yes I said it, millions of dollars on this project. The BCIC Director was responsible for overseeing the project, but the BCIC Board is the ultimate body that approved the project.

BobbyWC said...

I am going to put this in the best possible light for Skip. He had no say no part in anything. This meant as the Parks Director he never had an obligation to go out and check on the progress and bring any deficiencies he saw to the attention of the proper authorities.

You have got to be kidding me. You are joking right? He never ever ever went out to the park to see how things were going - ever.

Do people like you even think before you speak?

This is what the first anony said.

"While you might expect that Skip and his staff would have an integral role in the development of the facility, they have been relegated to an advisory role."

So in his advisory role he never ever ever ever went out to the park to check on the progress. He never ever ever reported problems because he did not see any.

Do you really believe the people of Brownsville are really this stupid?

Are you the guy still trying to sell Brownsville the non-existent bridge?

Now, lets have a reality check. he went out there - he saw the problems - he said to himself - if I complain too hard I might be fired - we get it

or he simply never checked on the project - we get it

CMA - politics as usual.

What Skip can do is come forward and tell the people to whom he complained about the problems and that they ignored him.

Yea right - okay I am off the floor now laughing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Do you really believe the people of Brownsville are really this stupid?"

Yes Bobby, we really are that stupid. We keep voting in the same ole' same ole... We deserve to be taxed to the limit and let the good ole' boyz rake in the $$$.

Our people are staling from us and we support it. We will most probably honor them with a corrido when they get caught and blame the republicans for our troubles.

Our democratic party leaders will lead us to the promised land...soon...we hope...hey, where's the next Pachanga?

Free pollo? Cameron Park...Odalay palanca patron!

Anonymous said...

you're right about most of the stuff, but the part about keller, as others have stated, is totally without basis. mr. keller is probably the only qualified parks director this city has ever seen. look at the general condition of the parks. i remember growing up and not going to any parks because they were filled with broken glass and weeds. we've come a long way under kellers direction. as for the sports park, he has been frozen out. come on bobby, you have been around long enough. the competent guy always gets phased out as soon as he says something that doesn't jive with the idiocy of many of our leaders. i don't know if he was threatened, or just got a sore throat from screaming, or maybe he just had better things to do, like his job!!!, but he has washed his hands of this debacle. so, keep on fightin the good fight, but leave keller out of it. he's the only one who knows what's going on! they just don't want to hear it...

BobbyWC said...


I like your defense of Keller. You are right about the condition of Brownsville's parks - when I have family visit from out of town I always take them to Dean Porter and Morningside. Our parks are clearly exceptional.

But what I liked most about your post was the behind the scenes discussion you raised. This was my intent. I wanted someone to come forward and defend Keller with insight of the behind the scenes.

This may be a case where he is being threatened. I suspect he was very loud with Atkinson about the problems.

Where Keller failed was having unnamed sources going to the press when it would have mattered. I hope to hear more about how politicos obstructed Keller's efforts - but this does not change the fact he could have had unnamed sources go to the press when it would have mattered.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well, Skip is gone because he took a job elsewhere. Now, there has been talk about replacing him with the Sportspark Manager Tuffy Martinze, who by the way is a close friend of Charlie Atkinson. If fact, Tuffy followed Charlie's sister around the area. Everytime she got a job, Tuffy was there to accept a job. She would leave on a bad note and Tuffy would leave also. Now, he is being considered as the PARKS AND RECREATION DIRECTOR? Come on Atkinson! What about the existing Manager Chris Patterson. Try to dig up trash on him! Who is he a puppet of? Mr. Patterson knows what this community needs. Brownsville, get ready for another comprade deal! Let's go Charlie Atkinson. Let's hire your buddies, keep screwing things up buddy. You are an embarrassment to this community and will lose the next election.