Friday, October 31, 2008


Before getting into a more substantive review of "Changling," let me say the costumes, hair, hats - all of the period items were great. The story gets an A+. It is a true story. If you can understand the story at every level you will begin to understand what informs me as a person. For me one of the most interesting scenes involves Jolie and the Canadian (trying not to give it away). I was sitting there and wondering if the mother in real life was asking, how things might have been different had the Canadian received as a child the help he needed. You see, an important part of the film shows how mental health professionals then, and still do, used their profession to silence those who speak out while ignoring those who are desperate for help.

The story is simple. A child goes missing. A corrupt LAPD looking for good publicity brings back the wrong child. Jolie fights them with trivial evidence such as, circumcision, three inches shorter, dental records which show it is a different child, and of course the teachers who know this is not her child.

Her battle is one of extraordinary courage. But she also had an attorney willing to buck the system and do the right thing. Could you imagine if such an attorney existed in Cameron County? Did you know that the so called hero attorneys in Cameron County can put together a grand jury referral on Villalobos and have him indicted in no time, but they don’t because they need the corruption to survive.

The story is very compelling. It speaks to what happens when the lawyers refuse to do their job. It speaks to what happens when the press refuses to do its job and chooses to make itself party to the corruption. It is so many ways our world today. The press is collapsing because most news editors consider the truth unfit to print.

The film may receive an Oscar for its subject matter. Many of the lessor characters did put in Oscar performances - the Canadian, the hero detective, the child who was living with the Canadian - but Jolie and Malkovich showed their limited range in acting. They were both good, but just not good enough for this film. In some ways their mediocre acting diminished what should be one of the best films ever made in this genre.

In the end you will not be disappointed by this film. There are two great endings. When time permits I will research out all of the facts. The child who was living with the Canadian would have actually known the answer to a key question. He is never asked the question in the film.


Over 8 years ago I fought tooth and nail with Republican plant Molly Beth Malcolm. She was at the time the Republican appointee Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. She made it her primary goal to insure then Governor Bush would be elected President of the United States. She made it clear that she would tolerate zero dissent against Governor Bush.

I remember being at a meeting in Austin in January of 2000. Then former Texas Supreme Court Justice Rose Spector was off in a corner horrified to see the reality of what the Texas Democratic Party had become - it became a puppet of the Republican Party under Molly Beth Malcolm.

I remember a man who was introduced to me as the head of one of the big unions in Texas. He looked Molly Beth Malcolm in the face and said "after this election we will be lucky to have any white people elected to public office in Texas." Molly Beth Malcolm felt at home. Nay a word of apology for the comment to the many Latino and black candidates standing around who heard the comment.

Molly Beth Malcolm, it is time you take your final bow, and then go off and die a miserable death - you fucking whore for everything evil in the world.

Over a million dead Iraqis, over 4 thousand dead Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an economy in shambles, are you proud of your accomplishment Ms. Malcolm? Did you get paid enough to insure there would be no dissent against the evil which was and remains George W. Bush.

The smart Bushites are moving on. The US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas has resigned effective the 8th of November. Armando Villalobos will no longer have a corrupt US Attorney to cover for his antics. If Obama wins we must demand that he appoint someone who will take no prisoners when it comes to the Cameron County Democratic Party. BTW in the end I voted for Joe Cisneros for Sheriff. I like Omar Lucio a lot - But I will not and cannot vote for a Cameron County Democrat until their house is cleaned of all the scum. Omar Lucio’s unwillingness to denounce the corruption makes him unfit to hold the trust of the people.

And finally, we learned this morning in the Herald, DHS is moving to condemn the properties of people who have not responded to requests from DHS. It is 2 ½ months to a new president.
How pathetic has DHS become that it seeks to continue with this charade. With 2 months to the deadline to complete the wall and 2 ½ months to a new president, all I can say about the DHS is - what a pathetic bunch of sore losers. How about using the money to hire more border patrol agents - oh that would mean jobs for the people - I forgot since when does the will of the people or their needs matter?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I did not watch Obama last night. Like so many others I am suffering from election fatigue. The political talking heads apparently are not suffering from election fatigue. They have already raised the question if Sarah Palin will be the lead Republican candidate for the 2012 election.
I am not trusting the polls. There are simply too many unknown variables. Also, I have been looking at the methodology of the polls. I think far too many are assuming based on other polling data there are more Democrats in the US than Republicans. One poll I looked at polls 40% Democrats, 33% Republicans, and 27% Independents. These numbers are based on other polls which measure how many Americans are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. There are simply too many places for mistakes to trust the polls this time around.

If Obama wins what can we expect the morning after? I think it is fair to say Rush Limbaugh will lash out at Sarah Palin in a way which will make everything her Democratic opponents said seem tamed. It is no great secret that McCain staffers have called her a diva, and a nut-job. I fully expect McCain staffers to be all over the news the next morning blaming Palin for McCain’s failed election bid. In the end it was his campaign and his decisions. Hopefully he will go out with enough grace to take responsibility for his own decisions. Karl Rove however will be happy. I remain convinced Rove pushed Palin on McCain to insure his loss. Rove is looking at a complete Republican take-over in 2010 and 2012.

Given these realities I think it highly unlikely Republican insiders will consider Palin to be anything but a nightmare with no future in the national Republican Party. I also think McCain will resign from the Senate within the year. With hopes for the White House for ever in his past, he will no longer see a need to be in the Senate.

Back to Rush for a minute - he will probably also claim Obama stole the election and that he was able to steal the election with the help of activist judges. According to Rush, the Supreme Court intervention 8 years ago never happened. For the record I never disagreed with the ruling of the Supreme Court in Gore v. Bush. I disagreed with the timetable which made it impossible for a real recount.

How we as a nation feel about Obama as president will have a lot to do with how fast the economy recovers. If come January 20th the nation has a sense of hope, there is a chance Obama can lead the country into recovery. Obama is not a stupid man. He knows he cannot propose economic policies which mainstream economists would call disastrous. This would leave the people with a negative perception as to its probable success.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am sorry things have been slow on the BV, but from Wednesday last until last night I spend 6 of the 7 days in SA. I made three round trips and am ready to not drive again anytime soon. More on this tomorrow. But because I am a nice guy I will give something to my detractors. In December the VA is going to have to do some corrective surgery on my left hand, while doing the carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. This will probably mean a week or two without use of either hand, which will mean no BV.


During my six days in SA I made three trips to the River Center Mall. For a downtown mall it is really incredible. One day I was with a family who had never been out of Brownsville, so the mall and River Walk was a real treat for them.

Over and over again as people would ask us where we were from they would tell us that since the price of gas has dropped the number of people visiting SA from the LRGV has increased. This means people are feeling more and more comfortable with spending money on shopping. Many of the shops in and around the Mall are owned by small business people. The additional $100.00 to probably upwards of $500.00 a month people are saving on fuel for their cars has to be having a positive impact on the economy. It is just too early to tell.

Another $300.00 rebate from the government is not how we should be stimulating the economy. This influx of cash from lower fuel costs over time will put billions of dollars back into consumer spending. This is particularly good for the small business person. Unfortunately for the people Congress is no closer today to regulating the oil speculators than they were 6 months ago. Democrats Pelosi and Reed seem to be completely clueless about how lower fuel costs are impacting the economy in a positive way.


The facts as I understand them. BCIC Chairman Charlie Atkison said people will be held accountable for the mistakes. How about starting at the top with the Chairman who was not properly overseeing the project. The Chairman who did not put into place any audit system to insure everything was being properly developed. Il Duce Troiani as the Treasurer of the BCIC does not believe that he has any responsibility to insure that the project of the Sports Complex is being properly overseen before money goes out. City Parks and Recreation Director Skip Keller claims that he is shocked. Apparently it was not his job to be checking on the progress of Brownsville’s most expensive park.

If there were an ounce of competency coming from City Commissioners Camarillo, Longoria, and Garza (aka Il Duce Troiani’s Nancy Boys) they along with Mayor Pat Almighty would call for the immediate removal of Atksinson, Troiani, and Cisneros from the BCIC Board. They would call for the immediate firing of Skip Keller. But we all know that because Brownsville celebrates its incompetence nothing will be done. Being in charge in Brownsville means pointing the fingers at everyone but yourself.

People this boondoggle is a repeat of the BND non-existent bridge. How many times will the people of Brownsville be taken for a ride? I do not see any hope. There simply is no outrage. In Brownsville robbing the people blind is simply how business is done. Hopefully come May the people will have the good sense to vote Camarillo and Cisneros out of office. We know Camarillo does not have it in him to call for the resignation of Atkinson, Troiani, and Cisneros from the BCIC Board, or for the firing of Skip Keller. We also know Cisneros will never call for an investigation of anything which goes to his own incompetence.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have not seen the ballot yet because I am still on the fence for whom I am going to vote in the BISD election for the seat previously held by Susan Galvan. I am assuming there is a place to pull straight Democrat or Republican. This could mean a lot of people not voting down ballot in the BISD election.

The Cameron County Democratic Party provides bloggers and the Herald with endless stories about corruption. Given this simple fact, why should the people of Cameron County vote Democrat? I am not asking asking about elections outside of Cameron County, I am simply asking about election of Cameron County officials.

I just thought this was a good time to ask this question. If we are unwilling to send a message of enough is enough, then do we have a right to complain?

Monday, October 27, 2008


We are in the last stretch of the election. I am so ready for this election to be done. I have always said to myself I would vote Obama if he were within 5 % points of McCain. In Texas it is about a 12% lead for McCain. Under this scenario it was my expectation to vote for any Independent candidate as a way of saying I was unhappy with the choices.

BUT, the Texas Secretary of State is reporting record early voting all over the state and in particular solidly Democratic Precincts. Could this mean the polling numbers are wrong. It would be hard to be off by 12%. BUT, I am not going to chance that the numbers are correct. I have decided on the issue of his healthcare program and in protecting the Supreme Court, I will vote Obama.

BUT to be very fair, given the number of time yesterday I heard BISD children using the N word, I am not sure Obama could win the job of dog pooper-scooper in Brownsville.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Sorry BV was down. I was working with a family in SA fore three days who has a special education child who has been abandoned by BISD. I will report on this on Monday.

The American people are at their limits with endless distractions and lies in politics. McCain’s inability to understand this has cost him about 10 points in the polls since the Republican Party Convention. But you would not know this based on how the BISD election is going. If you have good reason to support one candidate over another - I say do it. But if lying about your candidate or pretending to be stupid is all you have, then you have nothing.


[F]our board members, including board president Enrique Escobedo, board vice president Herman Otis Powers Jr., Susan Galvan and Pat Lehmann were treated to dinner at La Pampa restaurant by Art Reyna, a representative of Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school buildings"

Only a pathological liar at this time would try and suggest that Pat Lehmann was not squarely in the middle of the La Pampa affair. In fact he lead the battle cry against Colunga’s and Cortez’s demand for an investigation. Pat Lehmann’s entire argument was corporate crooks must stick together

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

During this election we have an opportunity to get rid of 2 of the 3 remaining Board Members who find this conduct acceptable. If we do not dump Pat Lehmann and Otis Powers then we do not deserve honest government.


Another issue is whether Otis Powers is benefitting from the pay raises the BISD Board has voted for his wife. The claim is everything is Oakey dokey because Otis Powers does not vote on the pay raises for his wife. To believe this you have to have zero knowledge of the political process. Or you are urging this argument because you are a liar.

Even at the level of the United States Supreme Court Justices trade votes. Former law clerks to the Justices have told the stories of how the Justices will agree to give so and so the 5th vote on one case in exchange for the 5th vote in another case. This is the nature of politics.

Who believes that Otis Powers has never once traded a vote with another BISD Board Member in exchange for making sure his wife gets a big pay raise? Do you really believe Otis Powers is going to vote no on a pay raise for someone tied to another Board Member, when he needs that Board Member to support his own wife’s pay raise?

In the end being an advocate is one thing, but point blank lying is another.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Republicans in particular love to throw around the word "Accountability." But when it comes the failed war on drugs, WE THE PEOPLE blame everyone but the entity responsible for the problem. Blaming the war on drugs on the Mexicans, is like blaming US addiction to oil on Saudi Arabia. We are who we are and it is time we accept it.

I was scanning for ideas for today’s post when I ran across the heads in an ice-chest story. In the end 4 fewer alleged drug dealers is no great loss. The question is, without US demand would Mexico be facing this problem? No.

It is time we end the war on drugs now and begin the process of decriminalizing the purchase and use of drugs. In exchange I would increase penalties for using the drugs outside one’s home or while operating a vehicle. I would also provide for heavy penalties for using drugs with children in the home.

Twice over the last several months I have had my vehicle inspected by the Mexican National Guard upon entering Matamoros. In each case they were 100% professional. They are looking for guns. The US is providing the market for the drugs. The US is providing the guns being used by Mexican cartels in their wars. Mexico has every right to search every US car entering Mexico. It is interesting to me how so many US citizens blame Mexico for not being able to control the drug trade, but nay a word on the inability of the US to control the gun running into Mexico. Since the arrival of the Mexican National Guard in Matamoros I feel a lot safer and welcome them every time they choose to search my truck.

Until the US takes accountability for its role in the demand for drugs, and its role in providing the Mexican drug cartels the guns needed for their internal wars, the US will continue to be open to attack from these cartels. The other day Lou Dobbs blamed Mexico for the kidnaping of a 6 year old Anglo boy . It would never occur to a racist like Lou Dobbs that the reason the boy was kidnaped is because his Anglo grandfather chose to become a drug dealer. Racism is not accountability. It is time we take responsibility for our role in this mess.

Side note: This is too good to be true. While researching the name and address of the US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas I found the following on his web page.
"United States Attorney Don DeGabrielle (r.) presents a $2 million check to the City of Houston through City Attorney, Arturo Michel. The money represents restitution that Republic Services Inc. has agreed to pay the City of Houston for recycling purposes after entering into an agreement to cooperate with an ongoing criminal investigation"

What did Villalobos do with the million dollars he got from Dannenbaum as part of the money stolen from the people of Brownsville who pay taxes to the BND? He claimed it belonged to his office. And true to form, the most corrupt institution in Brownsville, the BND stood with him and said nothing. Villalobos could have signed the same deal with Dannenbaum in exchange for that letter of release. He did not. He took the money for his office. He did suggest after public outrage he would try and find a way to transfer some of BND stolen money back to BND. That is the last anyone heard of the money.


Part of the problem with blogs is people post lies or just anything they want to believe. People who are in the know read this nonsense and then dismiss the claims. This only helps to keep the corruption covered-up. Although reported on another blog, it is totally false Cameron County District Clerk Aurora De La Garza assigns the judges to the cases. It is a half truth intended to mislead.

De La Garza’s office is in fact in charge receiving all felony cases filed by DA Villalobos. I would imagine on most days there is a stack of new filings brought to a file clerk and they are entered one after another. There is nothing unusual in this. Each time the clerk enters the appropriate information the computer, not De La Garza, comes back with a case number and the name of the judge to whom the case has been assigned.

However, and this is where there is a real possible obstruction of justice, any experienced clerk knows which judges name will come up next, or they have a good idea. The system can be readily manipulated by the right person. So theoretically, it is possible that De La Garza cut a deal with Villalobos that he can hand pick judges in the future to protect his buddies if Villalobos allowed De La Garza to pick Judge Limas. This is purely theoretical.

What were the facts about the investigation before the De La Garza plead no contest. For the record, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has found that no contest is the same in substance as guilty.

To understand the story you need some background. When Armando Villalobos was asked why Charlie Atkinson’s DWI was assigned to a special prosecutor he said he works with the City Commissioners and it was just best to have a special prosecutor. Okay - it is an appearance thing I will buy it.

But wait, the son of the woman who controls all felony filings is facing down a felony charge and he all of a sudden does not see a problem with overseeing the case? In the case of Aurora De La Garza Villalobos works with her every day all day. She has power over his files. In the case of the City Commissioners his working relationship is at best tangential. So why the double standard?

Once the Herald learned about the events surrounding Joey de La Garza, son of District Clerk Aurora De La Garza, it asked to see the police report. "The Brownsville Herald tried to obtain the narrative of the police report Friday, which would outline additional information as to what circumstances occurred. However, the district's attorney's office declined to release the narrative and instead is seeking an Texas Attorney General's opinion as to whether the narrative is public information. The Texas Open Records Act requires the disclosure of a police report narratives in all circumstances."

This is important because it is evidence of intent to obstruct justice. Villalobos intentionally kept this information out of the press to protect Joey De La Garza. He needed to keep the story under the covers until the deal was done. A public disclosure of the story would have meant the people demanding justice. This is an important piece of evidence of Villalobos’ intent if the US Attorney chooses to investigate. For the record the Brownsville police chief is free to open an obstruction of justice investigation, or make a plea to the FBI or Texas Rangers for assistance.. Okay you can stop laughing now - we all know the day the Chief of Police starts to investigate public corruption in Brownsville is the day he will be fired.

With the key evidence being withheld from the press and thereby the people, Villalobos was able to force the case through Judge Limas’ court. Villalobos says there was no plea bargain. False - he is a liar. He lied to the press. This is a basis for the State Bar to investigate. There is no way in hell that a judge is going to move a case as fast as the Joey De La Garza case without an agreement from the DA.

How do I know this? The DA could have demanded a jury trial. He did not - because he agreed with Joey De La Garza’s attorney to allow Joey De La Garza to do what is called an open plea. When you agree to allow a defendant to do an open plea, that is a plea bargain. I did many of these negotiated pleas. Part of the deal is, the DA will remain silent when asked for input on sentencing. Or, the DA will agree to only ask for probation or a very limited sentence. When the DA remains silent the judges know this means the DA is cool with deferred adjudication or probation. Every criminal defense attorney in Cameron County knows this. Why have they remained silent? Because there is not an honest bone in one of them. They remain silent because they want to be able to say "see Mando we are good little corrupt pieces of shit, we did not tell, now give my client a good deal."

An open plea is basically the DA agreeing - cannot happen without the consent of the DA - that the defendant can go before the judge and plead no contest. The DA had every right to demand the case be tried before a jury, which in the case of the son of a public official is how it should be done.

The DA could have asked for a continuance to collect data needed for sentencing. He did not. The Herald confuses me sometimes. They will spend money pursuing open records requests, but not a nickel to hire a local consultant as needed to help their reporters report on these cases. For now I hope the Herald buys a copy of the plea. We have the right to know if the DA waived comment on sentencing. If he did, this is further evidence of a backdoor deal.

But see, Limas is not very smart, and neither are the other judges. They all know the truth. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct can investigate the matter. The fact Limas is leaving the Bench means nothing. If the State Commission finds wrongdoing, and learns any other judge knew about it and did not report it, they can seek removal of the judge who failed to report the illegal activity. Limas may have thrown his fellow jurists to the dogs by opening a door to a larger investigation.

Unless Limas is willing to have himself committed to a mental institution he will not release Joey De La Garza from probation while there is a Judicial Complaint or FBI complaint pending. I am sending in a complaint along with the evidence related to the Livingston matter and how Villalobas’ former law partner Eddie Lucio made a killing on release of Livingston. I know Eddie Lucio. I worked at the first law firm which hired him out of law school. I oversaw some of his work. Competence was not something he brought to the practice of law.

Here is the Brownsville Herald Article on Joey’s non-existent plea bargain.

If you chose you can write to any of these people. If there is an assistant clerk in De La Garza’s office willing to sign an affidavit stating personal knowledge of wrongdoing in this case contact me - I will make sure it gets to the right people in Washington. And to any Assistant Clerk who may know something or who may have been involved in possible wrongdoing - remember this - Zavaletta flipped on De Leon faster than flap jacks at a breakfast cook off. He who confesses first gets the plea bargain.

Don DeGabrielle
United States Attorney
919 Milam St # 1500Houston, TX 77002(713) 567-9000

To Contact the FBI:

To File a Judicial Complaint

To file a Complaint against Villalobos

Monday, October 20, 2008


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Behind the scenes at the District Clerk’s Office and the De La Guarza, Limas, Villalobos Affair - Further, I did two special Sunday posts - The HIV outbreak at a high school, and the continuing saga of the blog wars]

Colin Powell on endorsing Obama"Obama displayed a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge," Remember Powell was not talking to die hard Democrats, he was talking to on the fence Republicans and Independents who believe he was being forthright to the UN when he gave his speech justifying the war. When a ship is navigating difficult waters, it takes a steadiness to keep it from sinking. No only is the US economy faltering, but the world economy is faltering. Half if not more of the problem with the economy is perception. Most of the stock market value is a myth. So, it only takes a bad perception of the economy to see the stock market collapse.

My question is, if Obama is elected, and if the perception he gives the majority of the American people and the world is he is guiding the US out of this economic mess with a steady hand, how many points is that worth on the stock market? Perception alone can turn the economy around. It is about people having confidence in the system.

Personally, I normally prefer a government wherein the Congress and White House are not in the same hands of one political party. But in this case, having the White House, Senate and House all under the control of the Democrats may prove fruitful. If Obama wins he will be able to demand a lot of the Congress. The Congress will finally be able to move legislation along without endless bickering, unless they choose to continue with their policies of pork barrel.
The ability of our Congress to move legislation along will also send a perception things are getting done. This could change perception.

ON MONEY - the people right now are receiving a pseudo-rebate in the amount of thousands of dollars a year which they could loose if Congress fails to protect it. A friend of mine calculated that he is saving about $105.00 a month in gas since gas has come down from $4.00 a gallon to $2.23. He only drives a few miles a day. His savings will be around $1,200.00 per year more or less. For people who live paycheck to paycheck a $100.00 a month is a lot. But think, people in big cities drive 45 minutes each way to work every day. Their savings will be thousands of dollars a year.

This influx of money into the economy, other than for gas, is significantly more than another $300.00 rebate charged to our grandchildren. It is too early to know the impact the price reduction in gas is having the economy.

The question is, will Congress finally act to regulate those who speculate on the price of oil. My research shows that oil has to average $70.00 a barrel to make shale oil profitable. We do not want the price of oil to go so low that those exploring shale oil in the US shut down. This will only increase our dependency on foreign oil. It is time Congress mandate that the highest price which can be paid for US originated oil is $70.00 a barrel. (As I am typing this CNN is reporting OPEC will cut production to force up the price of oil.)

If the American people see Obama as having a steady hand, and billions of dollars are being reintroduced to the economy for mortgage and credit card payments instead of for gas, it is possible the economic crisis will turn around. Who knows? Just thoughts for consideration and debate.


Bush tells us that under normal circumstances he would never allow for the government having an ownership in the banks. This implies ownership is bad. But then he says these are not ordinary times. It becomes good during an emergency? The entire issue of the market is, there is a market. Why is it wrong for the government to be part of that competition? Is not the government making money to fund the treasury better than taxing the people? What the Republicans really fear is the government entering the market as a competitor. If the government can make a profit, then why not. The government making a profit in a free market means another source of revenue other than taxes.

Obama’s healthcare program has always been superior to that of Clinton’s or McCain’s. He has always made clear that if you have insurance you will have the choice of keeping it. What is different is, he wants to create a national insurance pool which anyone can buy into with the same discounts afforded large corporations. Under this program more families, and small businesses will find themselves insured than in any other time in American history. If I can get insurance under this program for $1,000.00 a month I will certainly opt out of the VA system.
My question is, why are the Republicans afraid of competition from the government? Answer, because the insurance companies will be forced to end the greed and really compete. The Republicans are not afraid of government ownership, they are afraid of their backers having to compete in a real free market system. Republicans are not capitalists they are corporatists

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I first heard this story on CNN last night. The health official they interviewed expressed concern that as many as 50 students may have been exposed. Parents need to wake up and smell the coffee - your kids are having sex - and in far too many cases without condoms. Sexual lines are no longer simple. It is not longer straight gay. A lot of these boys have their first experience with a closetted man who lies to them about HIV. These same boys many of whom are bisexual, or who have straight male friends who do not see themselves as gay so long as they are not giving the oral sex or receiving the anal sex, routinely have relations with other gay/bisexual boys. Eventually all of this gets back to the girls.

Why is Mayor Pat Almighty waiting for a major public health crisis before he conducts a public workshop to educate the people of Brownsville on the issue?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Editor of Bad Chili on Eduardo Paz Martinez aka Patrick Alcatraz

"but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface."


I question if Bill Dubose was being truthful when he made the above comment to Janet Manley. He e-mailed me tonight claiming there is no evidence that the Eduardo Paz Martinez who blogs in Brownsville and formally under is in fact the Eduardo Paz or Patrick Alcatraz associated with

This is an e-mail from the Publisher of Bad Chili to former correspondent Janet Manley:

I am not sure the editor is not full of BS though, he took down Ms. Manley's article immediately, but continues to run those under Patrick Alcatraz . Is it possible that Bill the Editor is just another personality of Eduardo Paz Martinez? We shall see.

To: Janet Manley:

I do apologize on behalf of Bad Chili. It seems the deeper I dig, the more concerned I am about what he was up to. I know we have not communicated before now, and I understand your hesitance, but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface. It is for this reason that I ask you to forward any emails he sent you of a questionable nature. To protect your privacy and security concerns, you could edit out any contact information, including names and addresses. I just need to be aware of the practices he was engaging in. Please be assured that the magazine is now, and will be from now on be conducting business in a professional manner. Patrick will not receive any more emails addressed to design studio website is if you'd like to cross-reference me. I have been in business with my wife and partner for over 20 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. You can respond to the email address posted on that website and I will receive it.In your response, please let me know if you still want your story taken down, and I will do so immediately. I regret the circumstances of our meeting, and the bad impression Patrick has left with you. The requested information will help me in dealing with him legally if necessary.Thank you for your patience and understanding.Bill DuBoseBad Chili MagazinePlum Creative Studio

IT DOES NOT END THERE - This last war I declared was a test which is proving fruitful. I am certain McHale will be on the floor laughing out of control when he reads this. He will not care that Eduardo will be on the floor near suicidal. It is all a game. The question is, when will Sanchez realize Montoya is McHale's boytoy planted to destroy Sanchez and his business.

I am sorry to tell you, but when I started this last blogger war it was with the intent of drawing out Eduaaardooh and proving Bob Sanchez is just McHale’s little boy toy to be manipulated. McHale knew all along about Eduardo Paz Martinez and his personal problems. He played on them like some emotionally disturbed psychopath.

Bob Sanchez under a blog using his commercial business name was all too willing to go along, on the insistence of Juan Montoya. We all know when it comes to Sanchez it is always about and always will be about settling scores. McHale knew this and plays on his low self esteem. To insure Sanchez eventually crashes and loses his business McHale has been using Montoya to promote his dirty work.

Former Bad Chili contributer who has demanded her writings be removed said it best when describing McHale's and Sanchez's web pages. "they were rather sickly" This is the web page which feeds his family and Sanchez does not see it.

I could not make this up - here are Bob Sanchez’s own words about his web page.

Bob Sanchez on his CaptBobRestaurant Web Page:

"This site is Rated E.
That means that this site is for Every age and everyone.
Robert "Captain Bob" Sanchez"

So lets see what Capt. Bob says is appropriate for your 6 year old daughter.

"Tubby Faggot"; "Mentally challenged blowhard, you’re wrong"; "Turd for brains"; "Larvae excrement"; "being a Homosexual unable to grasp the concept of procreation while searching for brown gold"; (oh try explaining that to your 6 year old daughter); This boy's obviously a drug addict."(I think Sanchez enjoys getting sued as much as Eduaardooh enjoys his sexual perversions.)

Since I do not eat at Capt Bob’s, although I will say the rice is the best in town, I cannot tell you about what goes on at his family restaurants. He brags how the people who use this language eat at his restaurant. One can only imagine the language they bring to this family restaurant.
Remember this is the same guy who wants to be mayor of Brownsville. This is the same guy who has said libraries, particularly Southmost’s library, is a waste of taxpayers money. He is not merely blogging, he is blogging this trash on the official blog of his restaurant. If you think this is appropriate, then keep on eating there. If you want him to be able to use your money to run for mayor keep on eating there.

McHale will not stop until Sanchez is run out of business. Sanchez simply fails to understand McHale is playing on his low self-esteem and his incessant need to settle scores with anyone who questions him. McHale’s goal is to destroy Sanchez, and he simply does not see it. McHale has clearly enlisted Juan Montoya in the little game - or can Juan Montoya be equally stupid as Sanchez?

I suspect in time if Lorrie Sanchez cannot bring him under control she will leave him. At the end of the day her duty is to her children and their financial security. Again Lorrie - I am begging you - go to your father-in-law and demand that he ends his son’s self destruction.

People if it is so obvious this is what McHale is doing to Sanchez, and how de played DPM into self-destruction, what exactly do you think he is doing in the classroom?

Can there be any doubt in your mind McHale’s support of Lehmann and Powers is to insure your children are denied a quality education?

Remember he gave us Martin Arambula, Abel Limas, and Pat Almighty - do any of these people support honest and competent government?

Montoya we are still waiting to hear from you on Eduardo Paz Martinez’ endless degradation of border Mexicans. It is not forthcoming is it? Can’t wipe your own ass without McHale’s permission? And you Mr. Sanchez complaining about a poster which you believe is racist, while you invite Eduardo to spew his anti-border Mexican trash on your website? Do you even have a conscience?

Bobby WC

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This post is from a mother. I cried like a baby when I opened the picture and saw her son. He is a very small boy in a wheel-chair. No arms no legs. He does have one prosthetic arm. I have edited the mother’s e-mail for some grammar. I am not changing any of the content. This evening she e-mailed me with permission to post the story. The changes are in [] and caps

People I do ask that you read my original post for Friday posted before this one.

To Lorrie Sanchez - I want you to look that shit you are married to Sancho Panza in the face and ask him how through Montoya he can defend a Board which allows for this type neglect.

To Otis Powers if you have an ounce of integrity in your body you will withdraw from the election and then denounce this Board and in particular Pat Lehmann. You will denounce Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon. We all know you will not - Otis what possibly could have happened in your childhood to make you such an immoral person?

If after reading this story you can still vote for Otis Powers or Pat Lehmann it is fair to say you are devoid of a moral compass. If you cannot, tell all of your friends to vote Powers and Lehmann out of office on November 4th. You can do this by e-mailing this post to everyone you know and telling them to do the same.

The Mother's Story

We are [THE PARENTS]. We are the proud parents of a special child whose name is [JOSHUA] He is 7 years old. [JOSHUA] was born with a severe physical disability. He is limbless from all the 4 extremities. BISD has discriminated [AGAINST] our child since the first time we enrolled him in school k3. We enrolled [JOSHUA] [IN] the month of April of 2004. We were told by our local school Skinner Elementary Vice-principal that we were going to be contacted by the special services for the rest of the registration process. The first day of school started August 16 of 2004 and our child was left behind. We contacted the district office on that same day and we were told [JOSHUA] was going to be called to be evaluated. In the month of October we had to hire an advocate to have a mediation meeting with special services. [JOSHUA] started school until the second semester (January 2005). We had problems with the lack of Assistive Technology that [] BISD did not want[] to provide for our son. Our son was seated on a hard wooden chair and he had to learn to write with pencils, crayons and markers with his mouth. They mocked us many times promising many things that [JOSHUA] needed, but they never provided. We filed due process, but TEA denied our petition. Unfortunately, Stephen Webb the mediator for TEA did not care about the needs and rights of our child. [JOSHUA] was placed in an inclusion class, and later moved to another school Solomon Ortiz Elementary. Last year He attended school for half of the semester. We decided to keep him home[]schooling for the rest of the 2007-2008 year. Our son was not treated according to his physical needs and he was seated for long hours without proper rest. [JOSHUA] was tested for several hours without breaks and without our consent. He had some accidents in school, due to the fact that the he did not [HAVE] an assigned aid. We know about one time he was crushed against the table with his electric chair in the cafeteria because the "aid" was not trained on how to use this device, etc...We decided to keep home[]schooling. Recently two weeks ago, our son was depressed due to the fact that he is not in school and he wanted to see his friends again. [JOSHUA] is a very smart boy. We decided to call Ortiz Elementary and spoke to Mrs. Sandra Lopez the principal. She denied to accept [JOSHUA] back in school. She stated that "I do not have an[] approval from the Special Services to accept [JOSHUA], besides he is not zoned to my school". We called special services and we had no response. To us this is means !DISCRIMINATION!


Can anyone but McHale’s psycho buddies and followers defend this?

Lorrie Sanchez - as a loving mother what is your defense of your husband Sancho Panza and Montoya?

Before I get started I want to let people know about a drug being used for just about everything. My regulars know I suffer from sleep apnea. The first year on the CPAP (forced air while I sleep which keeps me breathing) was great. Then it stopped working. The pressure has been increased significantly with no success. Well my neurologist put me on Modafinil - commonly known as the awake pill. Yesterday I took the pill at 7 a.m. I have made two failed attempts at sleep. I am going on 39 hours without sleep with no hopes of falling asleep any time soon. It is a very weird medication which is being hailed as the new aspirin which treats everything, including weight loss, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, alzheimer, you name it. Anyway, once I get 7 hours sleep I will half the next dosage.

Today Col Ray on 710 actually said Mayor Pat Ahmoooda - I do not lie. How did Davis Rankin sink so low? His sister Susan Rankin was a family law judge in Dallas until all of the Republicans were thrown out two years ago. She was a trailblazer in protecting gay and lesbian parents during family law proceedings. It is funny how brothers and sisters can be so different.
I am going to get to last nights Obama/McCain debate but first everyone’s favorite subject - sex and the city.

One in four of all new HIV cases in the US are among children under 18 years of age. 26% of all new HIV cases are among women. The 4th leading cause of death for Hispanic women aged 35–44 years is AIDS. With these facts glaring down on Brownsville and its women and children Mayor Pat Almighty or as Col. Ray prefers Ahmoooda, continues to refuse to hold a workshop on the issue. Just how many closeted gay (interior decorating - wink, wink) husbands is Pat Almighty protecting? Just how many children and women in Brownsville need to be infected Pat Almighty before you will admit it is becoming a public health crisis. Are all of these closeted hubby friends paying you enough money to keep this quiet.

Here is a fact Pat Almighty - these closeted gay men (interior decorating) married men buddies of yours are cheating on their wives with men. They are using the Central Library as a safe meeting place before going to one of the cheap hotels on Central. They are using the internet to coax young boys into unprotected sex on claims you cannot get HIV the first time. 16 and 17 year old boys are all too willing to give it up for money to many of these married men. Many of these boys are bisexual and then turn around and have unprotected sex with 15, 16, and 17 year old girls. Mr. Pat Almighty how many women and children have to be exposed to HIV before you will care and call for the public workshop? Give us a number - please. Maybe we should just throw body bags at the City Commission marked AIDS.


I was blown away by the last debate. McCain came across as lacking any substance. As we all now know it turned out that Joe the Plumber was a fake. He is not a plumber. He earns significantly less than $250,000.00 and the company he works for is worth significantly less than $250,000.00. Joe the Plumber is in fact the small time earner who will benefit most from Obama’s tax cuts. This has blown up in McCain’s face. I cannot help but think that this was another Karl Rove trick to embarrass McCain so that he loses. Rove is smart - he wants it all and he knows a failed Obama Administration will mean in 2012 the Republicans will have the White House, Senate and House.

Well the Good Chili smells good - back to the kitchen. I have been awake so long I was able to make an Italian sauce with sweet Italian sausages and chicken breast meatballs. Two pounds of smoked chipotle pinto beans for my chili, my kick ass red pepper sauce, the chili, (beans, home ground trimmed pork loin, and Garcia's chorizo) and for dinner tonight, grilled wild salmon with dirty rice. Oh guys for the best fried shrimp on the planet - take two thirds cup Fish Fry to one third cup flour - clean your shrimp - roll it around in the mixture without any added moisture - dump it real quick in some olive oil - and celebrate pure joy in your mouth.

Chow - McHale has given Sancho Panza the interior decorator permission to write - lets see what he has to say now that McHale has given him permission to wipe his own ass. It is sad when someone is so readily manipulated.

Okay for you newbees - I have been marching for gay rights since 1983 or 85 - the anti-Bork rally was my first. "One Justice away from an Injustice" was the slogan. I have certain license on these issues.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday my readership jumped in leaps and bounds. The service I use to monitor my readership showed people e-mailed my post to friends and relatives all over the world. I was read from Oslo to Sydney. For this reason I have to give some background to the new readers.

A clear statement to Jerry McHale, Eduardo Paz Martinez, Juan Montoya, and Robert Sanchez - you three psychos who play into the hands of the master psycho McHale can play all of the politics you want and needlessly divide this city and I will not care - but when you out right lie and demonstrate contempt for disabled children you become fucking despicable scum of the earth. Jerry McHale never met a lie he would not tell. The BISD Board did not lower your taxes. The State of Texas passed a law which ordered all school districts to lower taxes. All Pat Lehmann, a psycho crony of Jerry McHale, did was to vote to comply with state law. Jerry McHale posts pornography on a local blog - he is Lehmann's number one supporter. It should tell you something about Pat Lehmann as a human being and as a BISD Board Member. It should also tell you something about Otis Powers who is also endorsed by this pornographer.

Juan Montoya blogs for Robert Sanchez who owns Capt Bobs Restaurants in Brownsville. Robert Sanchez claims he wants to be Mayor and in fact has announced his campaign to be Mayor. He has repeatedly stated the libraries your children use are a waste of money. You would think Jerry McHale a high school teacher and pornographer teaching your daughters at Rivera would know better. He encourages Sanchez as part of his own sick games. Jerry McHale is an emotionally disturbed psycho manipulator. I will explain this in a minute.

Every time anyone eats at Capt Bob's you are giving him the money he needs to run for mayor and to shut down the libraries used by your children. If you believe in our libraries and our children you will boycott Capt Bob's Restaurants. Can anyone think of any moron since Hitler who has said libraries are a waste of public dollars? Sanchez is opposed to education because he never received one, although handed the opportunity on a silver platter. His father bought him a diploma from St. Joes. If it wasn't bought then St. Joes standards are so low they graduate people who cannot write simple English.

Jerry McHale surrounds himself with people who suffer from mental illness, the manic depressive Eduard Paz Martinez who writes soft porn novels which are basically self-published and who has sought to destroy local blogger MZ for refusing his perverted sexual interests, Robert Sanchez whose self esteem is so low he would take a picture with the devil just to be able to say someone was willing to take a picture with him, and Juan Montoya who is so desperate for relevance he knows no limits to what he will say to appear relevant.

For the regulars following the local blogs they know out of the blue McHale has gone after MZ again who has been a trailblazer in terms of blogging for Brownsville. When it came time to stand up to the political forces trying to steal the Charter Review Committee away from the people she stood-up and said hell no and became a target for Commissioner Sorry Charlie Atkinsons drunken tirades. I suspect but I do not know that the new attacks are based on MZ not praising Eduardo Paz Martinez for his bad chili. The regulars know what I mean. Every time MZ does not allow herself to be an object of their psychotic games they attack. McHale, Paz Martinez, Montoya, and Sanchez all have very unhealthy and in my opinion emotionally disturbed ideas about women.

[Added after the original post: McHale on his blog posted the following about MZ having the nerve to report on BISD's failures. "But maybe MZ is suffering through a difficult period this month. It's an excuse men envy because they never receive much sympathy when they blame their intemperate remarks on a bad hangover." This is how McHale views women. If they do not bow down to him he blames their monthly cycle for their poor judgment. Is he using this mentality when he grades your daughters' papers at Rivera?]

So what started this tirade, which has me feeling good despite the 102.4 fever? The following post on Sanchez' web page.

What follows is my response which Sanchez may or may not approve for posting.

I have to say did Otis Powers pay you or Bob for this piece. Saying we are bad mouthing Mexicans for demanding accountability from BISD is just stupid and the words of a paid hack.
Here is a reality about Point Isabel CISD - they have portables. I spent 6 weeks teaching World Geography at their high school - children so disabled all they could do is stare with no meaningful help in the classroom.

I was told in no uncertain terms I would give the student passing grades so he could play football. I refused. I demanded he be given an education. I was told football is the only reason he had to stay in school.

Learn your facts Montoya and stop whoring your skills for shrimp cooked in dirty oil.
I am overwhelmed with e-mails from parents whose children are being abused by BISD's total lack of interest in special education. I am compiling them for the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the Department of Education.

I cried today uncontrollably upon reading the story of child, a Mexican American child, born without arms or legs - who is being abused by these animals at BISD. You are a disgusting vile pig who will sleep with the filthiest whore for a free meal.

Do you have not an ounce of shame that you will sacrifice these children for a free meal. How did you become so hopelessly desperate?

Bobby WC

To know what is going on I am linking for my new readers a history of abuse at BISD of special education children. You see, all of the resources are going to teach the children to pass the TAKS - which apparently at the high school level is not working. We have a near 50% drop out rate. The resources needed for the special education children are being used to improve test scores for non special education students. Which according to NCLB is not working.

According to Juan Montoya to complain about this makes you anti-Mexican. The truth is he is protecting the incompetent leadership of Pat Lehman and Otis Powers.


To Pat Lehmann - what does McHale have on you that you remain silent that a high school teacher under your direction promotes pornography to our children?

To McHale - just because the people of Brownsville a very very long time ago did not declare you the hero of Brownsville does not give you the right to destroy our children and lie about paid endorsements. We all remember how you covered for Martin Arambula and how he became the key voice to keep covered-up the missing 21.4 million dollars stolen from the BND. Again McHale tell us, how much did Arambula pay you? How much Dannenbaum money was donated to Aramula's campaign? Or wasn't that money really money stolen from the people? omfg McHale - you were bought with money stolen from the people. McHale you are a full of shit psycho who to feel relevant has to associate with a Mexican and Jew hating women abusing manic depressive, (hey Montoya why pick on a woman, MZ, and not Eduardo who humiliates Mexicans all of the time? Answer McHale hasn't given you permission), a man who suffers from hopelessly low self esteem, and a former journalist who is desperate to feel relevant so he writes for a moron who argues libraries are a waste of public tax dollars.

God now I feel so much better. I know this is war. I trust the people will do the right thing. Boycott Capt Bobs and protect our libraries.

For the new readers - these links give the history of the disabled child I have been advocating for at BISD

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I started this conversation on Ed’s Aim low, but will finish it here. I have been thinking on this for some time. It will make a lot of people mad - eh and I care because?

I have niece who claims to not believe in god because when she was younger some friends died in a car wreck. I have never understood the Judeo-Christian faith. I was raised a Christian Scientist. If you know the full history of the church you know Mary Baker Eddy opposed the formation of the church and only gave in at the end. If you know her writings you know they continued to evolve until her death. Logically, it would follow, her writings would have continued to evolve had she lived forever. This is why so many people leave the church. When you take her writings to their logical conclusion there is no Judeo-Christian god - it is a myth.

Christians profess the existence of heaven, but conduct themselves everyday as if it is something to fear. If I believed in the Christian heaven I would slit my own throat to leave this hell hole created by humanity in favor of the Christian heaven. Christians are an endless contradiction between their so called faith and their actions.

It is easy for Christians to sin because they know that either through confession or professing Christ as their Savior they are guaranteed entrance into heaven. Their salvation is not in their charity while alive or compassion for their fellow humans, but in confession or professing Christ as their Savior. What a pathetic lot. They are immune from judgment for the way they live their lives because they are forgiven through the sacrifices of Joshua (aka Jesus if you insist on his Roman name). Kind of cool idea - you are absolved of your sins because Joshua paid the price for you.

Joshua was probably one of the greatest philosophers of the human spirit to ever live. It is tragic that Christians have coopted his teachings as an excuse to avoiding charity, compassion, and a real commitment to humanity. It is no great secret that the story of Joshua ascending to heaven had been previously told in old Hebrew and Sumarian texts. In fact nearly the entire Old Testament has now been proven to have been plagiarized from Sumarian texts. Given the history of the Council of Nicea it is amazing to me any educated person puts credence in the New Testament.

I have spent most of my adult years reading everything ever published on the Gnostic Gospels. If you want to know the loving compassionate humanistic Joshua I have come to love you must read the Gnostic Gospels. If this is too much for you, you can read the many tales written about Joshua by Joseph F. Girzone, a retire priest.

In my view so long as people continue to view Judeo-Christian teachings as anything but what they are, a myth perpetuated for power through blind loyalty and control, society will have no hope of moving forward. If society could live by the teachings of Joshua as seen in Joseph F. Girzone writings or the Gnostic Gospels, we would be so much better off. But judgment, bigotry, hate, control, and manipulation for wealth is so much easier than compassion.

So do I believe in God? - yes - but not in the mythical Judeo-Christian god, born out of plagiarism of Sumarian text and a politically motivated Council at Nicea. Do I believe in heaven? No - but I do believe that the human spirit is infinite and evolved from one source. Whatever that one source is, is in my opinion God. In my view only our material vessel dies, but our spirit moves on - for it is infinite.

A short story. My great uncle Umberto died at 7:15 NY time. On that day for no apparent reason I was telling my brother-in-law how my tio Umberto would take us to the beach to give my mom some time off. I was telling him the story at 6:15 our time over dinner. The next day I called my tia Angelita, such as I did almost every Sunday until her death 2 years ago. The first thing she told me was tio Umberto had died at 7:15 NY time the night before. If you know my family on the Gonzales side, this stuff happens all of the time. I am convinced his spirit came to mind as his way of saying, "I will meet you on the other side." I use to tell my mother all of the time to call my abuelita, who was a Gonzales, because something was wrong. It got weird sometimes but we were just connected that way. It is that part of the spirit cell which connects us which allowed us to connect. This is well documented among twins.

They say in every lie there is some truth. I do believe that in the Book of Genesis when God is purported to have said "let us make man in our image and likeness." (Who the hell is "OUR") there was an element of truth. I view mankind as like the life cycle of a living cell. It splits over and over again with its origin being the original cell. That original cell is God. It unites us as one. For me man is God and God is man. We are free to be weak and look to others to tell us right from wrong or we can look deep inside ourselves and find our inherent human compassion which makes us at one with God. This is the ultimate act of personal responsibility.

And for the record, one can reject the Judeo-Christian God while embracing people who are Jewish and Christian. My cousin’s mother-in-law Tilly is the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants who fled Russia to get away from the pogroms. She taught me my love of Russian and Jewish tradition. My sister’s mother-in-law and brother’s mother-in-law are two of the most devout Catholics you will ever meet. Their love for humanity is awe inspiring. All three of these women have been important spiritual guides in my life. There is not an ounce of judgment in any of them.

If the presidential race were held today, Obama would win, assuming the polls are correct. A review of all the polls at shows a variance of Obama being anywhere from up 4 to 11 points from McCain. This leaves an average of 7.5 points. Given all of the unknown variables 4% is not enough for me to call the election.

The polling data may be skewed by people listed as Democrats who are in fact Republicans. Many Republicans registered as Democrats just to vote for Hillary. In effect this would have more Republicans being polled, thereby favoring McCain. Also people whose only phone number is a cell phone number were more than likely not polled. This would tend to be younger voters, who tend to vote Democrat. Finally, the polls do not represent all of the newly registered to vote blacks and Latinos. All of these variables tend to suggest even greater support for Obama than reflected in the polls.

A short comment on the ACORN voter fraud issue - because I can hear it now. There is clearly a problem with ACORN. They pay piecemeal. This means they pay based on how many people you get to register to vote. The real FRAUD is on ACORN. Just because John Doe at 123 Main Street registered to vote 12 times, does mean he gets to vote 12 times. If I were to register to vote today, it would be rejected the same way 11 of John Doe’s would be rejected. Duplicates are rejected. The dead are another question. However, the evidence tends to point to contract workers submitting the falsified registration cards. This being the case it is highly unlikely that these same contract workers are going to run to the polls and vote under the name of dead people. ACORN clearly needs to be held accountable. But ACORN is not skewing the polls.

If the election were held today, according to Rasmussen Polls (used by Fox News) Obama would win 344 to 194 electoral votes. You need 270 to win. CNN only has Obama winning 283 to 133. Even Zogby which has not updated some of its polling data since June has Obama at 271 to 240. I agree there are poll summaries which make it appear less dismal for McCain. But before you come at me, make sure you know the dates of their polling. In this data, you should know the electoral vote is going to one candidate over another if they are ahead by one percentage point. These numbers are therefore questionable, but interesting.

The tracking map I like best is the USA today map. It tells you that it puts a state for Obama or McCain if the polling data has them at least 5% ahead. If they are ahead by at least 2.5% but less than 5% then it is a state leaning towards that candidate. If they are ahead by less than 2.5 % it is a toss-up state.

What I do not like about this map is, it does not give you an electoral vote count. The CNN map, which has different predictions, does tell you how many electoral votes are assigned to each state.

When you consider all of the numbers, and the fact that the polling data tends to leave out Democrats, Obama has a clear victory at hand. However, I will say, this election is still wide open. Early voting is already underway throughout the US. Any additional surprises will not be as great as they might have been a week ago.

I am just curious - has anyone seen Lieberman campaigning anywhere near McCain or has he dropped his support. A growing number of conservatives have stated the John McCain running for president at this time is not he man they endorsed.

I remain convinced Karl Rove has set McCain up for failure. He understands the economy is about to collapse and the new president and Congress will pay the price in two years come the mid-term elections. This will mean an eventual take over of the White House and Congress by the Republicans. This is Karl Rove’s real game plan.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I am trying to get away from BISD. Tomorrow I promise just a short update. For now I can say a nationally known pediatric specialist in SA has agree to see the child.

The old adage, first impression is everything needs to be taught to the Brownsville City Commission. This concept is complete lost on the Brownsville City Commission. Iowa is now officially a road hazard which should be avoided. You will damage your car if you hit the potholes.

Last week my brother was here looking for a retirement home for himself and his wife. They were also looking for a place for their youngest daughter and son-in-law. The son-in-law is a welder so work is plentiful. What is apparently clear while you drive through the neighborhoods is, there are no codes or they are not enforced. This lack of codes brings down property values which in turn bring down property tax revenues. This problem is not limited to Brownsville.

While in Port Isabel and Laguna Vista we saw property after property wherein the backyards were still under water. How is it possible builders got building permits fo residential properties in areas prone to flooding? Why are their no ordinances which mandate the builders raise the property above the flood level. The lack of drainage in these communities certainly does not help.

In Brownsville we saw neighborhood after neighborhood which looked like dumps. New communities with 6 foot chain linked fences in the front yard. In Dallas and Arlington I can tell you this is illegal. Trampolines in front yards do not help property values. But then, since the lots are so small the only place for a trampoline is the front yard. This all should be regulated by city ordinances. It is not.

Brownsville has no hopes of building a beautiful community with rising property values until such time as it passes and enforces cities ordinances which promote beautification of its neighborhoods. A second measure is raising the impact fee to $6,000.00. Right now, for the most part, only high dollar homes are being build. Medium and low income housing needs to come from revitalization of our older neighborhoods. Until we find a way to revitalize our older neighborhoods they will continue to go in the direction of dilapidated neighborhoods which in turn bring down property values. This helps no one.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The primary problem with this film is the story. The acting is good. The direction is good. The scenery is good. So what is bad? I just did not like the story or the pace of the film. Two professional lawmen are hired to protect a town. What follows is betrayal, and corruption at both the local and national level.
The story is incredibly slow. The story ends with street justice because corruption gets in the way of real justice.
I say wait for it to come out on HBO and then watch Showtime that night. There was just nothing engaging in the story. Had the movie been any slower I know I would have fallen asleep.

In dealing with yesterday’s BISD nightmare, I forgot to ask about what happened with the follow-up with the vice-principal. Art Rendon has no business working for BISD or any school district. This has been going on since the beginning of the school year and nothing has been done to accommodate this child. The TEA complaint and Civil Rights Complaint with the Department of Education are going into the mail Monday.

The child is very engaged in his disability. He knows what it is and he knows it is up to him to fight it, but he cannot do it alone. Yesterday was open house at Oliveira. The child asked that the father meet with his teachers. He knows his father is very much his advocate. The child either spends the day learning in the office, ISS, or sometimes the classroom. When he is having problems with his disability the teachers' solution is to have him sent to the office. If you are competent the calming of the child is simple. It really is not hard. In a non offensive manner it is a matter of bringing to the child’s attention he is drifting from control. The child automatically corrects.

Anyway, the father comes to learn the child is behind on all of his assignments and has not been completing class assignments. This father meets with the principal or vice-principal every day. How is it possible that no one mentioned this to the father? The child was devastated with how the teachers handled this with the father while the child was standing there. When they left the child asked if they could go to the library to work on the handouts. By the time the child and father got to the library the child was just too upset to do the work. The father knows all he can do at that point is comfort the child and then plan a time to do the handouts. They will get done this weekend along with a fishing trip.

Can anyone tell me how it is possible that the principal still has a job? Can anyone tell me how it is possible that at this point the teachers have not been instructed in how to accommodate this child? Can anyone tell me how it is possible a teacher could be so cruel and incompetent as to mishandle the situation the way he did?

BISD may have no choice but to hire a specialist to attend class with this child. This is the problem. He must be in a position which promotes his social skills. But when in a large setting the disease will cause him problems. This is why he must have someone who can calm him when he feels overwhelmed. Yes this will cost BISD money. It is the law.

The father who is remarkable is reading as much material as he can to become an expert parent on raising a child with this disease. In short order the father will be able to teach teachers how to teach children with this disease. This father has become so engaged in his child’s disability I would be shocked if he does not change his major to special education and coaching.

Yesterday while in SA my neurologist recommended a pediatric specialist my friend can take his child to. I sent the e-mail last night. We are waiting to see if the insurance will approve the child seeing a specialist in San Antonio. There are no pediatric specialists in the LRGV. The one specialist is overwhelmed and is effectively not treating any of his patients in any meaningful manner.

Okay, the zoning is going to have to wait until Monday. I know many of you are tired of this story. But the story is too important to be ignored. I think it is sad how my readership drops when I raise this story. I do not know if it is children do not matter or people just have no hopes BISD will ever do their job so they avoid reading about BISD.

My zoning issue - a community cannot mature without strict zoning ordinances and code enforcement. Brownsville has neither and it is holding us back. A game plan must be established to rehabilitate the neighborhoods through a high impact fee and new zoning ordinances which force people to clean-up their neighborhoods.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I want you to think about today’s post in the context of problem solving and not merely BISD. Yesterday was another bad day for this child at Oliveira. I will not speak to one of the specific problems because the father has yet to get the vice-principal’s side of the story. Although, the vice-principal at this point should have called the father about the problem instead of the father having to hear about it from his son.

What happened is very dangerous to the safety and welfare of the child. If I had a non-disabled child at Oliveira, I would have gone nuts on the vice-principal upon hearing the story from my child. Not because of the allegations, but because the vice-principal did not call me as the parent. It is very well possible the vice-principal’s hands were tied, as the child is claiming the vice-principal told him.

Before I get to the bigger problem at BISD, I want to address several issues facing the American people. Social Security - why can Congress not fix this problem. Congress owes Social Security nearly 2 trillion dollars. Between the needless war and the corporate welfare of the last few days Congress has spent 2 trillion dollars. Why is it if it feeds war or corporate America Congress can find the money? We all do understand this is more than enough money to address healthcare in the US. So what is the problem?

The Social Security fix is easy as pie. You pass a law which allows the government to buy US Treasury Bonds with Social Security and mandates Congress issue US Treasury Bonds to secure the 2 trillion dollars they have stolen in the past. Another option is to invest Social Security into a national oil company. Why do we give the profits from oil owned by the American people to corporations? There are only two ways to raise revenue to operate government. You tax people or you make it running a business. If Southwest can run a profitable airline, why can the government not run a national airline, oil company, bank, insurance company - etc? Why are we obsessed we limiting profit to corporations? What is their strangle hold on our economy?

Back to BISD - the problems facing special education at BISD are not complex. The problem is a lack of will to solve the problems. Not that the nightmare at BISD can be justified, but the only reason the federal courts have not taken control over Point Isabel’s school district is no one has filed the lawsuit. At the highschool level there is nothing in place in any meaningful way to address special education. I saw children who simply stare at the walls who are passed and provided no help. I knew of one girl on medication for ADHD who was denied any special accommodations. It was common knowledge the former coach charged with an inappropriate relationship with a student was just too cozy with the girls. Another teacher with impunity refers to Central American students as missing links. Point Isabel’s highschool is everything education should not be. If you were to ban handouts from the school instruction would stop.

Okay - now back to this child. If you remember the football incident - the principal’s response was "the child will be allowed to play." Fine and dandy but that was not the issue. The issue was the conduct of the coach. The even greater issue is teaching the child. Within reason the child should have to play by all of the rules, unless his disability makes compliance with the rules impossible. Further, if the child is not equipped to play, then he should not play. After last Saturdays game he told me how a student was taken from the game for not following a safety rule. Apparently they are taught that there are certain ways to not catch the football because it could lead to an injury. This is good. It is also good that if the child fails to follow the rule that the child is taken from the game.

BISD has no one on board who understands disabled does not mean granting special privileges. This child must be taught he has to work harder than anyone else. You are not helping the child by making excuses for the child. The child himself will tell you he understands this.

His disability can result in antisocial behavior. This is why it is important he be part of the school process with his fellow students. Football actually promotes good social behavior and can act as a medicine for the child. The problem is, the child can demonstrate antisocial behavior which requires correction under the supervision of a highly trained professional. There is no room for a mistake. This child has discipline in the home. He loses privileges. He is actually banned from leaving the house if he crosses the line. The father however is relying on the advice of a professional and not just acting on his own.

This is where BISD fails. They have no professionals on staff who can handle this child’s disability. I suspect without a federal court order they will not hire a professional to insure this child receives his federally constitutional protected right to an education. It is not in Superintendent Gonzales’ nature to insure those in charge are qualified to handle the problem.

Is it a complex problem? No. When the father showed me the diagnosis I went into the web pages for the Mayo-Clinic and several professional organizations. I read everything I could find on the issue. I kept two tabs open on my IE. One was a medical dictionary and the other the web page I was reading. I learned about the differential diagnostic process for this biologically based disability. I learned how over a period of months to a year the formal diagnosis can become worse or better depending on how the child responds to the medicine and therapy. I learned this child could become the doctor who cures this disease or a life-time rehab patient in one facility after another for drug addiction or even a career criminal. His future is directly tied to the acts of his parents, BISD, and doctors. Notice, I put parents first.

My question is, if I was able to spend a Saturday learning the ins and outs of this disease, including how to work with the child in an educational setting what prevents someone, anyone at BISD from doing the same? Nothing but complete incompetence. In e-mailing this post to Hector Gonzales I included several links on how to educate a child with this disability.

This child is being taught in an isolated setting in the school office. He wants to be in a classroom. BISD refuses to provide him that right. The incompetent professionals at BISD are actually encouraging the anti-social behavior this disease brings on. They are clueless and unwilling to be educated on the issue.

They are actually promoting the disease. It is as if they are injecting a new strain of the AIDS virus into the child every day. It has not occurred to the principal to educate himself about the disability. This is a biologically based disability. The principal is treating it based on his daily whims. It is malpractice. If we would not allow a doctor to ignore the protocol for treating this disease, why are we then okay with a principal or school district ignoring the established protocols? There are very well established protocols for educators when dealing with this disability. BISD simply has no one on staff with the commonsense to learn the protocols and then train the child’s teachers in the protocols.

This child needs teachers who are specifically trained in how to deal with him in the classroom. BISD’s response has been clear. They have no one trained to deal with this disability and will not spend the money to hire someone until ordered to do so by a federal judge. To be fair BISD will probably have to hire someone in Houston. On this issue there is nearly no support any where in the LRGV. There is no doubt the TEA will order the corrections. There is also no doubt Superintendent Gonzales and Art Rendon will ignore any and all orders from the TEA.

The question is, what prevents someone in the school district from compiling a booklet on how to educate a child with this disability and then training his teachers? Nothing - nothing at all. So why do they not do it? This is the great riddle. Why can government not solve any of the problems facing our society? This is the great riddle.

How did we get to the point of glorifying incompetence? Answer - it is all we know - for we have come to accept it as the new norm. No money for road repairs, but 7.5 million for a baseball stadium. I rest my case.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today first in Spanish and then English I got a phone call tellin me I failed to pay my insurance. I nearly agreed to pay by phone but then hung up because they had me on hold too long. When I got home I went to pay it on line and found that I in fact had paid the insurance on time.

It is a scam.

Bobby WC

Sorry about being down. I got busy, family came to town, and my hands have been so swollen typing has become a challenge. With the pain in my left hand growing worse by the day, and near complete loss of the left side of my left hand, and no use of my thumb, I am beginning to think I should have listen to the people who told me carpal tunnel surgery rarely works.

The Collegian is reporting that Ben Neece on behalf of Joe Rubio has filed an appeal in his bid for TSC Trustee. I really did not have much hope of a Cameron County judge understanding anything which requires analysis of a constitutional issue. Judges are inherently lazy. When you hand them a legal argument with case law they tend to panic and then ignore the law. In a First Amendment case years ago in a criminal case, the judge actually said on the record that the First Amendment was too complex for him to understand so that my client would have to wait on the Court of Appeals to rule on the issue. It was not too complex for the jury. After finding my client not guilty the jury foreman told the judge his incompetence and bias was so obvious he was an embarrassment to the bench. The judge then accused the jury of not doing their job. This all played out in the news.

Anyway, I digress. Daniel Renfro who represents TSC was either asleep in law school or is devoid of a conscience. He claims the case is now moot because the election is over. It is his argument effectively that if a person cannot win this type lawsuit before the election is held they have no right to their day in court. This is not the law and any first year law student knows it. Using Renfro’s logic (there is a stretch) a woman could never file an appeal in an abortion case because she would always have had the baby before the case could go through the entire process. According to Renfro the case would be moot because the women would have already had the baby. Pretty remarkable the pro-abortion people have not thought of this?

Well they have and the courts have ruled on the issue. Mootness applies only when the issue is no longer in place and cannot repeat itself. The rule is if the nature of the issue makes it impossible to complete the process - trial through appeal - and it can repeat itself later on, it is not subject to the Mootness Doctrine. Rubio has had this problem in the past, and will have this problem in the future. It is not moot.


By chance the Dallas Court of Appeals ruled on this issue on October 6th. Judge Whittington's logic is, if you are ineligible to hold office, you can still hold office if the ballots are printed before the lawsuit is resolved. Do you beging to understand the moronic state of the Texas judiciary. You will note the cases cited by Whittington are all pre Roe v. Wade cases. It was in Roe the Supreme Court recognized the Mootness Doctrine exception I am urging.

Here the issue is not merely one election. Rubio is facing the same question as to his eligiblity over and over again. Whereas in the case in Dallas, actually out of Fort Worth - the issue of eligibility is a one time issue which in the candidate's case will not repeat itself.

Okay, hand hurting - Twilight Zone tomorrow.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Note to Moron: For the moron who tried to make a key to my home using putty - the locks are being changed today. Also I am filing a police report today or tomorrow on the moron who is taking pictures of the house.