Tuesday, September 2, 2008




Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me! He didn't check his background because "he didn't look like an illegal immigrant"? I wonder if he looked like a murderer?
or a child molester?

I wonder how fast this will be tabled and buried?
I now want to move to McAllen just to vote against this clown. Wonder if he voted against the fence?

100 words or less..maybe not today.

Illegal immigrant kills one at state Rep. Flores' ranch, police say
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September 2, 2008 - 7:19AM
By Sean Gaffney, The Monitor
NEAR MISSION - Police say a suspected illegal immigrant working for a Democratic state representative brutally beat another man to death with a bat Monday morning.

Froylen Casares, 24, was working at a ranch owned by state Rep. Kino Flores near the intersection of North Tropser and Yukon Roads when he killed a young Hispanic male whose name authorities have not released, said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño.

"It was a very bloody, very bloody, very gruesome crime scene," Treviño said.

Authorities continue to search for Casares, of Honduras, who fled the scene before they arrived at about 5:30 a.m. Flores, who has owned the ranch for eight years and uses it to ride his horses, said he hired the man without checking his background because he didn't appear to be an illegal immigrant.

"He was preppy. He looked the part. No indication. He fit in extremely well, he had family members here," the Democrat from Palmview said. "It just looks bad in general ... of course it's going to grab more traction. I certainly don't want to go around challeng-ing people's status."

Flores, a six-term representative who is running unopposed for reelection this fall, was out of town for the holiday and was reached by phone Monday afternoon. He said he did not know the victim.

Treviño said the suspect's news/" class="autolink">immigration status and whether Flores broke the law was a federal issue that would have to be investi-gated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Flores purchased the five-acre tract in 1986, expanding it in April this year with an additional six acres. The property was appraised at $143,648, according to county records.

BobbyWC said...

100 Words or Less,

"when he killed a young Hispanic male" I am in disbelief an editor let this though. He better be guilty otherwise he has agreat lawsuit.

100 words - iget thr frustration people have with undocumented workers - but please are you actually saying we should start doing background checks on Ranch hands?

This is where Flores screwed up - instead of his stupid response he sould have asked - who does background checks on ranch hands? no one -

it appears we may not even do them for vp picks


Anonymous said...

I am saying this State Representative should face charges for admitting to hiring undocumented immigrants. If John Cornyn or Kay Bailey was found to have undocumented immigrants working for them, and heaven forbid they were discovered due to a murder on their property, the democrats in this state would be calling for their resignation. I mean, give me a break. I wonder if the owners of the plant in MS that was just busted with 600 illegal immigrants are going to be fined or charged for such? 1 or 600 doesn't matter to me..it's still illegal!

100 words or less

BobbyWC said...

100 words,

this is a different argument - as to your second post I agree 100% - this is the nature of Snollygosterism

The other day I paid someone to mow my lawn - For now I am still down to one hand.

Should I receive a fine if he turns out to be undocumented?

Is there a difference between a working ranch where you can deduct from your taxes the cost of labor, and someone who owns a non-working ranch?

I almost bought 10 acres in Los Fresnos - I would have been forced to pay someone to help me maintain the property. Would I have had a duty check to see if he/she were legal? What if it had been a 15 year old kid?

I agree with your second post - analytically -

It has always been the case the law should be applied with common sense.

Should I face prosecution if the man who mowed my lawn turns out to be undocumented? If the answer is no, then why not?

BobbyWC said...

100 words

here is the proof to your argument


but you know what - what they did to Lina Chavez was pure poo poo caca.

We must distinguish between these private hirings in our homes from business entities.

If Flores' ranch is a working ranch then I say they need to issue fines, if not let it go.

He comment to the press though was pure stupidity

Becky Syck said...


A guy who mows your lawn is probably an independent contractor, not an employee, and thus you would probably not be responsible for determining his legal status.

A private household worker such as a nanny or possibly a ranch hand is still an employee as long as the required indicia of employment are present. Thus, even a private household employer is responsible for determining legal status, withholding wages, and etc. Yes, I know most people don't do that, but they should. It's easy to do.

Just my .02.


BobbyWC said...

Becky, First and foremost I always find a quality argument to be sexy.

There are 3 issues raised by 100 words - [1] was Flores' statement stupid? yes ; [2] if Flores qualifies for a fine should a fine issue? yes; [3]if Flores were a Republican would the Dems be blowing a fuse? yes

on 3 I posted the proof that 100 words is correct - Linda Chavez

My issue is, do we really want to go down the path of deciding who is allowed to work in our homes? I did separate out the issue of whether or not this is a woking ranch.

now the government cannot figure out how to clear out the undocumented workers in the meat packing plants - do we really want them invading our homes on this issue?

it was wrong when they did it to Linda Chavez - it was wrong when they raised the issue with Romney over the issue of the gardner -

The law has never been so simple

Bobby WC

Becky Syck said...


I won't comment on the political issues raised by 100 words, because that's just not my forte.

However, the law on independent contractors v. employees is fairly simple. If the employer, including a household, has the ability to direct when and how the person does the work, pays for their supplies, and other various indicators of employment, the person is probably an employee. I have researched it in order to comply with the law when hiring my own nanny.

Whether the law is wise or whether the IRS has political aims when targeting particular people are separate issues. I'll be the first to call the IRS or other government entities inefficient and possibly political at times.

By the way, I always appreciate how you address all of the comments made in your blog.


BobbyWC said...

Becky, remember with my blog I like dialogue - which is why I enjoyed the chat with 100 words - people on all sides of the question were reading our discussion and forming their own opinions - these type discussions are good for critical thinking - a lot of times I respond in a way I believe will extend the discussion even though I may not agree with my own words.

I am glad you posted the following: If the employer, including a household, has the ability to direct when and how the person does the work, pays for their supplies, and other various indicators of employment, the person is probably an employee.

Years ago I did a lot of employment law - I represented a lot of day laborers against their employers - no one wants to pay the employee tax so they call everyone an independent laborer.

I do believe the rules are too strict - he mows my lawn once a week he is independent - he is a full time gardener who uses my tools and he is an employee

home daycare among family members is a nightmare

Bobby WC