Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Before anyone comes at me, yes I agree that to spend more money on the Weir would be a waste of time and money, unless and until we have a firm commitment from the Mexican government.
But first, some updates



The child I spoke of last week at BISD - finally was seen by a professional. The preliminary diagnosis is a problem with develops when a child has undiagnosed ADD or ADHD. The organization the father is using for his child is incredible. They provided him with a ton of information about the preliminary diagnosis, and how he as a parent can help his child through the process of healing.

BISD - still nothing. Hector Gonzales has made it clear it has been handled, although no one at Oliveira or the parent knows anything about what ever it is Dr. Montoya has done. Even after the posting on the BV, the assigned social worker claimed to have no knowledge the child was expelled. It is sad that Dr. Gonzales has decided he will only allow for ADD or ADHD testing of this child upon being ordered to test the child by the TEA. What a great pick for Super Mr. Lehmann. One can only hope the assigned social worker is sufficiently trained to understand he will only hurt the child and confuse the child by interfering with the therapy. The last thing this child needs is a social worker and therapist hitting him at the same time from two different angles.


This morning the Herald has an article addressing how gasoline speculators, separate from the oil speculators, drove up the price of gas in advance of Ike. I want to thank everyone who posted comments on the issue. They were all very helpful in promoting discussion and thinking about the issue.


We saw at last night’s meeting the most pathetic example of Il Duce’s childlike manipulation of the process. He got his boy Atkinson to put the issue on the table for the sole purpose of embarrassing the mayor. Do not get me wrong, the workshop was helpful. It was the motivation behind the workshop which was not helpful. I do believe putting the Mexicans on a time line is a responsible thing to do. Personally, based on my research I do not believe the Weir has a chance in hell until we have a new ambassador to Mexico. Hopefully the next president will appoint a new ambassador quickly, with an interest in promoting the Weir.

This is what bothered me about the workshop. Atkinson was attempting to engage Pat Almighty directly. This irritated Il Duce Troiani. Il Duce Troiani nudged Leo Garza to stop Atkinson. Garza then nudged Atkinson to stop. Like a dutiful follower of Il Duce, Atkinson pulled back from engaging Pat Almighty. It is clear these three morons met on the issue before the meeting.

What Il Duce and his boys never once mentioned at the meeting was the Weir is not only about water. Il Duce was pushing a desalination plant as an alternative. A desalination plant will not replace the wall being pushed by DHS. Il Duce has manipulated Sorry Charlie Atkinson into undermining Brownsville’s efforts at avoiding the wall. Il Duce lost the first round when the City Commission rejected his recommendation to accept the settlement from DHS. Now Il Duce wants to send a message to DHS there will be no Weir so you better get on board and build the wall.

A second thing Il Duce Troiani and his boys never mentioned is - economic development of downtown. A desalination plant will not bring economic development to downtown. A Weir will make downtown Brownsville a major tourist attraction.

But true to form with Il Duce and his boys Leo Garza and Sorry Charlie Atkinson, it is about destroying the mayor even if it means hurting Brownsville. This is the power play. When personal power becomes more important to Il Duce and his boys than the welfare of Brownsville, Il Duce and his boys become a threat to the people of Brownsville.

Again, I am not saying we should continue to spend money on the Weir - clearly we should not - until the Mexicans are clearly on board. But we must be careful to not allow power hungry politicos to use the problems associated with the Weir project as a back door to their own empowerment.

It is probably best to allow the Weir project to go dormant until we have a new ambassador to Mexico. Maybe the new ambassador can do for the Weir what Tony Garza has been unwilling to do for Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

You are surely an ignoramus individual. Your theory is ridiculous like your law practice. You are truly the moron. You make lawyers look bad just by the way you think. How in the hell did you pass the bar? Stick to criticing movies. You have little talent in doing that but at least you won't hurt yourself.

Charlie Atkinson

Charlie Atkinson

MsGibby said...

Somebody needs to tell Charlie the word is 'criticizing'. How in the hell did he pass spelling class?

The weir project would do so much for Brownsville, I hate the thought that it could be tanked by these guys for no real reason other than their own pettiness and hunger for power.