Monday, September 1, 2008


For more than a month I met with various senior citizen groups about running for a place on the BISD Board. Percentage wise they vote, and communicate with one another within their various groups. I became frustrated with explaining Obama is not a Muslim, and having to discuss every issue under the sun except the issues related to the failures at BISD.

So then, some friends set me up with some low level union representatives. I wanted to know what it would take to get the endorsement of the unions. What I quickly learned is the unions do not care one iota about the children. I decided I was not going to cow-tow to a bunch of union mafiosos who view the drop out rate as back door to more jobs for their members in terms of building more jails.

Running for office for the sake of running is irresponsible. You cannot go out and take people’s money when you know you cannot win. To win you either have to be tied to an existing machine, or have the resources to create a new machine. Inasmuch as I have neither, a run for BISD would have been futile. Further, being down with one surgery and another being considered, there is no way I could have committed myself to going door to door, which could work in an election like the BISD Board.

I think the two things people hate most about me is I call a spade a spade and I am not a snollygoster. Although there is one part of being a snollygoster which people may associate with me. In referring to politicians he "gets there by talknophical assumnancy."

It is silly to believe we are going to change anything under the current system of snollygosters. We need to create a principled new political machine. I have always been hesitant to be part of such a project because it must begin with 2-3 people who are going to be nearly dictatorship like, with near zero tolerance for deviation from the original principles. Ross Perot’s Reform Party failed because it was unprincipled and subsequently destroyed by forces who used it for their own personal gains.

The organization I am proposing would have a simple motto as to membership - do as you are told or move on (in terms of the principles only). It would be like the military - you take orders without questioning them. If this were not the rule the organization would quickly devolve into a bunch of snollygosters, which means we would have accomplished nothing.

Politically I live by two simple rules, which are socialist in nature:

You must believe you best help yourself by putting community first.

You must believe the role of government is to promote independence, not dependence.

People, in a true communist state, which I do not believe is possible, the government withers away, and the community acts for the benefit of the community. The idea that socialism equals government dependence is a cold war myth.

For me a new political machine would have to live by these rules. I also believe candidates who run under the banner of this new machine/party would have to pass a litmus test which proves their loyalty to the principles of the new machine/party. Without such a test, any snollygoster could claim membership for their own personal gain. Is this not the problem with the DINOLINOS who run South Texas? (Democrat in name only - Latino in name only)

Until you diagnose the disease, you cannot cure it. Snollygoster is the disease, a principled new machine/political party is the cure.

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