Sunday, September 7, 2008


I cannot make out an explanation for McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin. Here are two possible theories. Carl Rove or a Carl Rove type person pushed Palin on McCain so that McCain would loose the election. I have been of the opinion for some time that the next president is a one term president. Someone like Carl Rove would prefer Obama be the one term president than a Republican.

The other theory is, the Republicans have a post election surprise wherein Palin resigns before taking office, thereby allowing McCain the option of replacing Palin with a moderate to liberal VP. The Troopergate mess is interesting to me because of the actions being taken by Palin.

Palin already has her people yelling bias and setup by the legislative committee tasked to review the claims against Palin. Palin is asking that the venue be transferred to a personnel board, a board with members she appointed, from the legislative committee. This would serve to delay a report until after the election. A bad report could justify McCain asking for her resignation.

If Palin is so convinced that the legislative committee is going to screw her over, she should allow them to release the report, and then show where the facts are bad. She could then garner sympathy on a claim the Democrats fabricated the findings to hurt her. Independents are very inclined to vote for someone who is the victim of politics.

Something about Troopergate does not smell right. This delay tactic is not in her best interest. She is being handled by Republican insiders. I do not believe they are working in her best interests. The question is, why?

At the convention she came out swinging. It was a good speech - for its purposes. But on the campaign trail she will need more than a string of good one liners. I am a bit angry with Palin because she is claiming victim over the discussion of her family, but at each campaign stop she is nailing Michelle Obama by saying "I have always been proud of my country." By doing this she is just saying she is the same old bullshit politician as the rest of them.

There is a very small audience who will be impressed over and over again with the same one line jokes. I have seen her on the campaign trail since her speech. All she has is the same one liners, which are becoming old. If you contrast this to Biden, he has pulled back from being a policy wonk, to being someone who connects on a personal level.

In the end I am not sure why McCain picked Palin. It is a mystery. Maybe when the truth comes out we will learn that it was a Carl Rove setup to cost McCain the election. The next president will only be a one term president.

If you have not figured out the Bush years - both Parties are looking for fools to take control while they run rough-shod over the American people. McCain and Obama are really quite irrelevant to our future.

Think about this, the American people are fed up with Republican Bush, and Obama a Democrat has not been able to nail down this election. Clinton left us with a record budget surplus, and peace. Bush is leaving us with record deficits, a war, and a collapsing economy. But yet, the American people cannot seem to just say - enough is enough and get behind Obama. I think the American people are waking up to the reality that the Dems and Repubs, are just really the same deadly virus masquerading behind meaningless party labels.


Anonymous said...

What in the world are you talking about? You should be asking yourself why Obama selected Biden as VP. That decision alone will cost the Dems the election. McCain's decision will allow him to win. As for her one-liners, her actions speak much louder than words. Obama has alot of talking to do before he can catch up to Palin. Open your eyes valley!

BobbyWC said...

sorry for approving your post so late - I was in SA all day.

I gave you a chance to answer the question - instead you chose Sean Hannity's approach - refuse to answer the question and flip it to be about Biden/

I will answer your question - Obama chose Biden for the same reason Bush chose Cheney - Bush was week on defense so he chose Cheney - Obama is week on foreign policy so he chose Biden - that simple.

Now - one reason I can think of why he chose Palin is - the female factor -

Hannity has complained that it is wrong for conservative black men to support Obama - they have stated that it has to do with the message it sends to their own sons - black men can aspire to be anything they want to be - this is a good message.

Many moderate to liberal women will support Palin because of the message it sends to their daughters.

For me the best reason a black person has to vote for Obama, or a women for Palin is these reasons.

There is a valid argument to both.

Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that it is valid to vote for a candidate for superficial reasons like their gender or their skin color? Does this mean that a strong slogan for the republicans will be "vote the vagina"? I think this totaly sends the wrong message and, in fact, is demeaning to women. Any woman who has traditionaly voted the values of the democratic party but now supports the republican ticket because of Palin is renforcing the stereotype of the airheaded woman voter to whom the issues are secondary if they matter at all. They might just as well dye their hair blond and have a boob job.

BobbyWC said...

No not at all, to answer your question.

also I meant weak not week - this one hand typing is killing me.

Remember a stated goal of mine is to get people thinking.

Let's be honest - do you believe most people in the LRGV even know the values of the Dems - equal rights for blacks (explains their overwhelming support for Obama - huh), gay rights - flip me over now - abortion -

People in the LRGV vote Dem out of tradition and not values -

If both candidates are bad why not vote for the one who sends a message to your children that they can be anything they choose to be?

In the past I have written be careful what you ask for. If I believe, which I do, that the next prez will be a one term president, how will the racists use a failed Obama presidency? They will say he failed because he is black.

If McCain fails sexists will in part in part blame it on him having a female VP.

People there are good counter arguments to what I am saying. I much prefer when I get a good counter argument - it extends the discussion.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Great response Bob! The Dude dissing women who vote for Palin assumes Palin has no talent other than having a "vagina". That sounds obviously biggoted and small-minded. Men have run this country since the beginning and having a Black man as president will be more of the same, unless you think a Black man will be better (or worse). Anyway, if change is what we are looking for then why not allow women an opportunity to lead us, unless you are intimidated by smart women or you assume women have nothing good to offer. Stupidity and biggotry are synonymous in many ways.

BobbyWC said...

remember the goal is to promote discussion -

I have state good things about both sides. While I may not like Palin on philosophical grounds that does mean she is not qualified. She is certainly as qualified as Obama.

You know in politics have the battle is getting people to believe in you - both Obama and Palin pass this test with flying colors - as off today.

Good advisors is the key

- none of this changes how I feel about policy issues.


Anonymous said...

No doubt that the two party system is doing a one-two punch on the American way of life. Both have done little to help Americans, but are quick to bail out their corporate buddies.

As for this election, Obama is a glorified, narcissistic politiquera. He is not qualified to be president, period. Race has nothing to do with it. I think most democrats/independents are feeling like Britney Spears when she woke up in Vegas and realized she was married to a dweeb. They want out and McCain gave them an out. Then you have the Hillary Clinton supporters who are mad as hell that Obama refused to put her on the ticket. Again McCain appealed to them, by saying, here's your woman candidate.

The funny thing is McCain picks Palin, who has just as much, or as little, experience as Obama. This makes one think. Would Palin be my first choice as President given she has such limited experience? NO. But she has much more "executive" experience than Obama. Why then would I vote for Obama over McCain? Change? Change to what? Obama's pick of Biden shows that for all his bluster, he picked a running mate who is part of the problem, not the solution.

On the other hand, McCain stuck to his message of cleaning up Washington by picking a complete outsider who, if reports are to be believed, has fought insiders, lobbyists, and corruption. McCain says "you want change, you've got it".

When I first heard that McCain picked Palin, I thought he had sunk any chance of winning. However, I think that his pick is making the American people think really hard about this election. Do you want an unknown, untested, inexperienced person in the White House or do you want an experienced, war hero, along with a no-nonsense, if inexperienced, V.P.?

On paper, Obama doesn't stand a chance. Not with an intelligent voting public anyway. Then again, this is the United States.

BobbyWC said...

anony, sorry for responding to your post so late -

Never mow your lawn the day after you have stitches removed from you palm - I spend all afternoon at the VA clinic have my hand stitched back together.

Anyway - anony - I love your post - not because I agree or diagree - but because it promotes thought

Guys give me a break on the typing one hand is rough


Bobby WC