Monday, September 22, 2008


For those of you new to the story you need to read my post from April 14, 2008.

BISD was found to be in violation of federal and state law when dealing with children with special educational needs. BISD was already under Performance Based Monitoring, when the TEA made the above findings. BISD has been designated a "Dropout Factory."

I can tell you no one, I mean no one was held accountable for the sanctions TEA issued against BISD. So exactly what is Otis Powers talking about when he says he holds people accountable? There is yet another case which is developing fast, which will get BISD sanctioned yet again. I am not going to repeat the background on this new case. Readers new to the discussion can read my previous discussions on the issue, which include e-mails from Superintendent Hector Gonzales.

According to Otis Powers, who claims he holds people accountable, his hands are tied. If they are tied then you cannot hold people accountable. The following e-mail was a deliberate attempt by Hector Gonzales to mislead Otis Powers. How is it possible that Otis Powers cannot initiate an investigation into Hector Gonzales for deliberately misleading him? Why is he not publically demanding accountability? Remember his bullshit campaign slogan is, he holds people accountable.

Here is Hector Gonzales’ e-mail to Dr. Montoya which was copied to Otis Powers.

Dr. Montoya,

Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.
H Gonzales

The parents involved had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya allegedly did to resolve the problem. The administrators at Oliveira had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya had done to resolve the problem. Otis will you hold Dr. Montoya accountable? No - so please stop lying to the people that you hold people accountable.

Remember this entire thing began with the parent begging for help. It was the parent who informed Hector Gonzales that he received a semi-anonymous call from Oliveira that his son’s teachers were ready to toss him from the classroom. Oliveira administrators never contacted the parents. It was the parents who weeks before went to the Oliveira administration begging for help. It was the parents who took action to enroll the child with a private therapy group.

Once the story broke on the BV about Gonzales yet again ignoring the problems related to special needs children, the Oliveira administrators called the mother and told her they were ready to call the police to just have the child forcibly removed from campus. This was black and white retaliation for the complaints. The TEA will be investigating. Otis Powers, will there be accountability or will it be covered up yet again, such as last April?

The update is, the subject child two days after seeing a therapist at a private therapy group, some how had the courage to finally say the magic words which allow him to get emergency care. He will not be returning to Oliveira. The parents will be demanding he be put in another middle school.

Children 11-13 years of age are at the prime age group to develop biologically based mental illnesses This child’s problems are biologically based and have been caught early enough to be successfully treated. This child is doing fine and is being very cooperative with the professionals.
This morning the Herald has an article on adolescent drug addiction.

Unfortunately for many of these children the school districts were ill equipt to deal with their developing mental health problems as they were manifesting themselves at ages 11-13. The children were labeled as trouble makers with bad parents. Biologically based mental illness is no different than any other biologically based disease.

Children who are mislabeled at ages 11 -13 are hurting. Some low-life will offer them pot. The pot gives them the relief they need. They are now on their way to drug addiction. All because of neglect. There must be accountability at BISD.

The Herald also had an article an the possibility of a future pediatric psychiatric facility in Brownsville. This is desperately needed.

On this issue we must proceed with caution. Valley Baptist must insure competent people are running the show. The administrators at the facility where this child currently is are a nightmare. I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with the parent and the facility. It took 40 minutes for them to confirm the parents have an appointment at noon to meet with the therapist. He was transferred over and over again into endless voice mail. He was told there is no one in charge who could help him. I heard this myself.

The nurse for the psychiatrist who is allegedly writing the prescriptions for this child actually told the parent that there is no record of the child being treated by the psychiatrist. This is a very dangerous system. It should not take a threat of moving the child to another facility to finally get someone on the phone who will help.

The children have no hope if [1] their parents are not very proactive and willing to get their child help, [2] BISD continues to refuse to hold those administrators who are responsible for helping the children accountable, and [3] the parents do not demand competency from the healthcare facilities. For my critics - note - I put the primary responsibility where it belongs - on the parents - but the parents cannot do it alone.

As to the BISD election - no candidate is even willing to acknowledge the incompetence at BISD when it relates to the special needs children. On this note the children are screwed. I believe in accountability.

Otis Powers is unwilling to publically demand accountability. He can tell people in private all he wants Gonzales must be fired, but this is not enough. He needs to raise the issue with the Herald and at the candidate forums. This is how you hold the superintendent accountable.

I have no expectations that Presas-Garcia will be any better - she may actually be worse. But if we do not hold elected officials accountable they will have no reason to hold BISD administrators accountable. I would prefer to have an incompetent Presas-Garcia on the Board, then an unpunished Otis Powers.

The same goes for Pat Lehmann. I have no expectations Rick Zayas even knows children attend BISD. Some moron advised him to place what has to be the dumbest ad. "I want to help children read." Are you on drugs Rick or did you just hire a moron to help you with your campaign?

Let there be no mistake Rick Zayas is running to have control over the money, and not to help the children. But Pat Lehmann is responsible for the incompetence of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon. He must be held accountable for his actions. At the end of the day Zayas cronies will benefit from the changing of Board Members, wherein Lehmann’s cronies will find themselves on the street. Neither cares about the children. But at least we will send a message of accountability.


Anonymous said...

You might think that you want Presas-Garcia on the board but she won't be voting to get rid of Hector Gonzales as she worked for him as a secretary at one time and she thinks he is wonderful. You are right about Pat L and Art Rendon they are friends. Zayas is from a family of educators that have served BISD for many years in various capacities. He might be in it to have control over the money but he does have a source of income which Pat Lehmann doesn't or so the stories go. Pat has been milking the providers for years for perks.

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused. Are you not supporting Rick Zayas any longer?

I am definitely of the thinking that 99% of the people who run for office do so for financial gains. This school board go getters are no exception.

School vouchers look pretty good about now. I'd love for this school district to loose half it's lazy teachers, and administrators. Talk about being top heavy!

100 words or less

BobbyWC said...

There is no way in hell I would ever vote for Pat Lehmann - but that does not mean I should not point out the problems with the election. Rick has my vote - Lehmann must be punished.

I am certain Presas-Garcia would be bad for BISD - but I am also certain not punishing bad politicos is equally bad.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


I am only one vote. I will hold the superintendent accountable. The board of trustees has informative and summative elevations on the superintendent every year. Please listen to me, if the per said has a problem with administration. The only alternative is to file a grievance and hold the board of trustees accountable on our vote. Employees, parents, students, and community can file a grievance anytime if necessary. The only way is to change Legal policy with our local state senator and representative. I am listening and trying to help. Do not kill the messenger.

Herman Otis Powers Jr.

BobbyWC said...

Otis, you need to take the matter to the people. You need to tell the people that the Board chose to take no action against Gonzales after the TEA sanctions last Spring - you need to tell the people we need to change the Board members so you have the votes to get rid of Gonzales.

This is a campaign issue -there is no rule against you going to the Herald and telling them the problem as you see it and how your fellow board members are unwilling to hold Gonzales accoutable - you and only you can create the debate and discussion in the Herald and therefore the community.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BISD was already under Performance Based Monitoring, this statement of yours is very true but also very misleading. All Texas districts are under Performance Based Monitoring in many different areas. Your rants would be much more effictive if you really knew what you were talking about before you start. I agree Art Rendon should be terminated from this district. He has not but an asset in any position he has held since starting with BISD. His dismissal from BISD should be added to his list of employment failures.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, had you clicked on the original link you would have seen this.

Texas has a system of oversight for certain school districts called Performance Based

Monitoring. "Targeted interventions are implemented based on performance concerns and as needed to validate the student performance and program effectiveness data that are submitted to TEA by districts."

I did not mislead anyone - targeted does not mean everyone - BISD was already in trouble on this issue and got nailed again - and it is soon to get nailed yet again.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rick would be good as a board member...I just don't like his association with Drue Brown...therefore, I am not sure I would support him.