Friday, September 12, 2008


Alonzo Barbosa is the principal at Oliveira Middle School. He was put there by Hector Gonzales after the teachers at Porter High School informed Mr Gonzalez, either Barbosa goes or the teachers go. Rather than fire Mr. Barbosa, Hector Gonzales did what he does best, reassigned a failed principal to another school so that he could screw over the kids at Oliveira Middle School.

Last year some of you may remember the special needs child who was suspended because of his reaction to being called a Negro by a substitute teacher. Since then the parent has begged BISD for help. The child is entering formal counseling with a private counselor. Because of a shortage of qualified counselors in Brownsville, it took two months for the parent to secure the first appointment for the child.

Several weeks ago this parent, after visiting with the child’s doctor requested BISD test the child for ADHD and ADD. The parent was given a form by someone at Oliveira and told he was on his own - there was no one available to help him complete the form.

After the parent informed me no one at Oliveira would help him, the parent authorized me to forward a complaint to Otis Powers. The following is the edited exchanges. I am leaving out the name of the child and parent.

Sent: 9/3/2008 11:11:12 A.M. Central Daylight TimeSubj: Help at Oliveira

I enjoyed our conversation this morning.

I was explaining to you the problem is a lack of organizational skills. Early last week (name redacted) spoke with the vice-principal at Oliveira about getting his son tested for ADHA. He was given some paperwork to complete and then told no one was available to help him complete the paperwork. He did his best and turned it in.

Today he received an anony phone caller from Oliveira informing him that the teachers are ready to toss (name redact) from the classroom because he cannot control himself. The football coach, has rightfully informed him he will not start this week.

I have known this kid for 4 years. I can take him to the library and get him to sit quietly and read a book. Any unmedicated ADHD kid will fail in a large classroom. He is not the same person when he is allowed to be in an environment with no distractions.

Anyway Oliveira is doing nothing to help this kid. At 13 he is changing.- I have seen him throw things in anger. The father is afraid he may throw something at a teacher or fellow student. The father took him to the doctor to request a referral for ADHD testing - he is going to follow-up today with the doctor.

We cannot wait for this kid to hurt himself or another when the solution is so simple.

On Monday he was in my home for 4 1/2 hours. I was helping his father with anatomy. (Name redacted) was very quiet. He walked my dogs, watched a movie, ask for bottled water and air popped popcorn. Not a complaint in the world.

He needs to get tested before it turns into a problem. The father is getting no follow-up from Oliveira.

bobby wc

Otis Powers forwarded the e-mail to Hector Gonzales ( it is on its way to be lost)

To: Hector Gonzales;Subject: Fwd: Help at Oliveira


I received a concern letter about a student at Oliverira. Please check into the issues in regards to (Name Redacted). See Attachment, A prompt remittance will be greatly appreciated.



Hector Gonzales responded to Powers.

CC:,, bdgonzalez@bisd.usSent: 9/3/2008 1:07:41 P.M. Central Daylight TimeSubj: RE: Help at Oliveira

Dear Mr. Powers,

I will have staff address the concern.


H Gonzales

The final e-mail from Otis Powers:

Mr. Gonzales is checking it out...


At every level not one person made a note to follow-up. I have explained this problem to Otis Powers and he looks at you with a dead stare of dumbfoundedness. Whaaaaaaaaaat? I only understand numbers - but does follow-up mean? It means you did not follow-up you moron and now the child has been thrown out of school.

Nothing came of the complaint to Mr. Powers because everyone from Mr. Powers down the chain decided to forwarded it on to someone else. No one in the chain chose to follow-up to make sure something was being done.

A social worker did show up at the child’s home. When asked if anyone was making arraignments for testing, the social worker said he knew nothing about it.

Well today the child lost control. He has been suspended until Wednesday. The father has been begging for months for BISD to help with the child. It is always the same thing. Nothing - no follow-up nothing.

I spoke with a lawyer in the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the Department of Education and I was told if we can document the story as I outlined, we have a black and white violation of the child’s rights. A formal complaint is being filed with the TEA and the Department of Education.

Until every sitting member of this Board, Hector Gonzales, and Art Rendon are removed the special needs children in BISD will be neglected. The policy of suspending special needs children rather than testing them and providing them the help they need, needs to end.

The father is not saying the child should be in a regular classroom. He is the one saying this is part of the problem. For now the child should have been given in school suspension so that he could continue to do his assignments. But no, this child who struggles every day to learn will sit at home for 3 school days watching TV. When they kicked the child off of football, the father stood with the coach.

The father always stands with discipline. Now, how about this Board firing Hector Gonzales posthaste, and sending a message to the children of BISD, that even the Superintendent can face consequences for incompetence. This will not happen because the Board needs Gonzales to do their dirty work.


Anonymous said...


My role is to send the concerns of the parent and student to the Superintendent office. I did what you ask. Now you are complaining after I listen to your matters. I cannot take matters into my own hands. We have policies in place to protect everyone’s rights. I recommend that the parent and student do discuss their concerns and complaints to the principal. If the parent and student fails to reach the outcome requested then the parent should filed a grievances ASAP. Then the parent and student can go through the formal grievances all the way to the board to take action for or against Administration. Please do not kill the messenger. By the way, you never contact me to inform that the situation was never taken care of, and if you did the above statements would have been mention about board policy.

Herman Otis Powers Jr.

BobbyWC said...

Otis, all bloggers always appreciate your willingness to participate.

But you only proved my point in your post. A messenger who does not follow-up is not a messenger-Board Member - you are more than a Western Union Delivery Boy. You are a Board member with the power to demand Gonzales resign.

Why did you not make a note to follow-up with Gonzales? Why did Gonzales not make a not to follow-up?

It boggles my mind that you still do not understand how the failure from you on to follow-up is the problem.

They make programs wherein every morning the administrator will have a calender pop up with a list of tasks for the day.

These tasks should include - follow-up

Again - FOLLOW_UP - is it that difficult of a concept?

apparently so - or is it just easier to dump special needs children in the trash

BObby WC

Anonymous said...


Review Policy BBA (Legal) for board legal status: Powers and Duties. Also, refer to policy BBE (local) referring complaints. I am just doing what is required by law. I will continue having an open door policy. “Don’t kill the messenger”. Please follow my advice about the formal grievance in place for applicable complaints. Sorry for any misunderstanding about our role as a board member.

Herman Otis Powers Jr.

BobbyWC said...

You are not getting it Otis. I am not saying you can fix the problem or force anyone to act. I am saying you failed to follow-up with Gonzales to insure something was done. There is no rule which prohibits you or any other board member from following up.

This is the difference between a Western Union Message Boy and a Board Member

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Your wrong, there is a rule. I am just going through normal channels. I hope you received my email by Mr. Gonzales. I will have a full report on the issues.
Please do not blame me, at least I am talking about the concerns with you. How many other board members are really too talk to you, Bobby. Please, if you have a concern try not to use such words against me. I am here to help not to hurt anyone. I know my role as board member. You know I will try helping anyone at anytime.

Herman Otis Powers Jr.

BobbyWC said...


you are making things worse for yourself

This is how I started my first response to your post.

"Otis, all bloggers always appreciate your willingness to participate."

I did this because I wanted to make sure new readers know you always participate and this is a good thing.

You are still not getting it - what you are doing right now with Gonzales is Follow-up - how can it be a violation of the rules if you are doing it?

From the beginning you should have followed up with Gonzales and ask what has been done? This thing Montoya took care of is all bullshit and I hope you will call them to the mat on the issue.

If Montoya took care of it, how come yesterday the people at Oliveira told the father they knew nothing about the testing issue? Why did the vice principal today tell they father he knew nothing about the status of the testing?

If Montoya told Gonzales he/she took care of it, then the facts support Gonzales is being lied to.

Just make sure they all get their stories straight for the TEA and Dept of Education.

Anonymous said...

Just a question....

1. does bisd test for ADD and ADHD? I don't think so, that kind of diagnosis comes only from a physician.

bisd can request a psychological which yields an emotional disturbed label...or socially maladjusted label.

however, the campus (teachers, coach, counselor, etc) could come up with a discipline/management plan more specific for this child and his possible condition.

i'm not saying this child does not need help. But if you are searching for an ADD/ADHD label/testing, that comes only from a physician.

Of course...i could be wrong..and if so, you will let me know...i'm sure.

good luck

BobbyWC said...


Thanks for trying to help. Here is some important background to BISD being sanctioned for violating the rights of learning disabled children.

This entire thing with this child began last Spring - the principal at Oliveira refused to do his job and help.

The parent at the end of last Spring began the process of putting the child in therapy. The first appointment he could get for his child took two months. The child will finally be seen next week.

About 6 weeks ago I met with someone who does the ADD ADHD testing for another school district. It was on discussions with her the father made the request at BISD. It would seem to me that if BISD does not do the testing, the principal should have told the father at the time he made the request.

But maybe BISD does not do the testing, and no one chose to tell the principal.

I will be posting more on this Saturday - it is so so tied in to the film "Burn After Reading."

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There is a procedure to requestst testing and by law the school has 30 calendar days to complete the process after the referral is completed. But before the referral is considered complete there are steps to follow. I belive in Texas that ADD and ADDH are covered by the 504 laws not special education. A ADD/ADDH student is not automatically considered learning disabled. Until this has been established by testing and an ARD committe he is not considered disabled by the school district. Firing Gonzalez will not solve this students or any other students problem.