Saturday, September 6, 2008


When a manic depressive travels, and leaves his meds at home trouble is sure to follow. The lows can be quite disturbing.

Okay, here it is. Some people feel like creating false wars between public officials and bloggers is their role in life. Others only feel complete by befriending manic depressives and people with extreme low self esteem so they have someone to manipulate. They are like the high school teacher who gets caught boinking the 15 year old. It is a power thing which is an extension of their own sense of inadequacies.

Yesterday I rejected three posts between the two blogs all from the same person. Two were posted using the names of public officials. Because I can now track IP addresses, I knew they were posted by another blogger and not in fact by these public officials.

I cannot tell anyone what to do. The best way for everyone to protect themselves is to create a blogger account. You will not be giving up personal information. You can then post under any name you create for yourself. You can add any type picture you choose. This will insure only you are posting under your real name or made-up name.

If you ever see a poster claiming to be me, and it is not under my blogger account - it is not me

Bobby WC

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