Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It seems to me a psychosis has over come the United States. We seem to have lost our heart and soul. When we stand in defense of the United States, what are we defending? Corporate welfare - just how long we are going to continue to charge our mistakes to our grandchildren? We have Snollygosterism as the new political philosophy in this free for all political system. Again I ask what are we defending? Our obsession with material possession, or an ideal which has as its purpose the liberation of mankind?

If you read my Monday night late night post on Sarah Palin then you know that the McCain campaign is arguing that the last straw which got Former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan fired was his decision to go to Washington in search of federal funds in aid of prosecuting sexual predators. Even if this is true, what does it say about the people running the McCain campaign that they would admit to it? It is now permissible to fire law enforcement officials for seeking funds to prosecute sexual offenders? Can you honestly tell me there is not some type psychosis involved in this type thinking?

Can any conservative tell me what component of conservatism or Republicanism reaches the conclusion that you fire someone for seeking funding to prosecute sexual predators? Conservatism and Republicanism mean nothing. They are labels used to draw in people who hate Democrats.

As of this posting, the price of a barrel of oil rangers from $87.93 to $91.85. This is down from a high of $147.00. At $147.00 a barrel we in Brownsville were paying $3.99 a gallon. Today the price ranges from $3.55 to $3.65. How can a 1/3rd drop in the price of oil not lead to a similar drop at the pump? Where are our public officials? They were probably in the sky-box at the Cowboy game or Las Pampas last night with the oil executives who control Texas.

Rather than address this oil crisis, Democrats closed Congress so Nancy Pelosi could go on a book selling tour of her failed book. The failing economy had to wait while the queen with no clothes traveled the country selling her book. Please tell me there is no psychosis involved in how Pelosi manages the House of Representatives? The economy is in shambles and she is on a book tour.

I have been saying for sometime that if Congress would just do its job and pass a comprehensive Energy Bill, the price of oil would dropped to $70.00 a barrel. The speculators are fully expecting something to come out of this Session. This is why they are bidding down the price of oil. They do not want to get caught holding onto over priced oil. How much did the US and the world suffer because Nancy Pelosi needed time off sell her book? She needs to be voted out of the Speaker’s position.

I am also growing bored with this new double standard sexism in politics. Because Nancy Pelosi is a woman and Sarah Palin is a woman if we criticized them it is because we are sexist pigs trying to keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. No, we are holding them to account, the same way I would hold a man to account.

This little game being played by diehard Republicans and Democrats to protect their respective female representatives must stop. It demeans women. Female politicians are equal in all regards to male politicians. They need to be treated exactly as we treat the men. Like the Snollygoster pis they are


Anonymous said...

"As of this posting, the price of a barrel of oil ranges from $87.93 to $91.85. This is down from a high of $147.00. At $147.00 a barrel we in Brownsville were paying $3.99 a gallon. Today the price ranges from $3.55 to $3.65. How can a 1/3rd drop in the price of oil not lead to a similar drop at the pump?"

If we take $91.85 as the new oil price (per barrel), the drop is actually 37.5% (well over a third). If we take $3.55 as the new gasoline price (per gallon) is around 11%. While this is theoretically possible, a percentage change in the input price does not have to be similar to percentage change in the output price, your point does raise many questions.

One explanation for this could be that it is hurricane season and also the end of the summer. Summer holidays, Labor day weekend, and the threat of hurricanes can raise the demand for gasoline. This may explain why the drop in gasoline prices is not as large as the drop in petroleum prices. Thus, the increase in supply (as a result of the cheaper input) is offset by the increase in demand.

It would be interesting to see price fluctuations for gasoline and petroleum before and after the Irak war. That way, we could be sure to pinpoint what is going on.

BobbyWC said...

I love an analytical response - but b4 Ike oil was dropping big time with no similar drop in the price of gas.

Gas went up 30 cents in two days while oil dropped $10.00 - the math does not add up

Thanks for reading

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The oil that is being sold now is no where near the refineries yet so that oil has a chance of being lower. The price of gasoline being sold now was produced a long time ago and right now there is a problem with distribution and production making it not as plentiful. There is no assurances out there of when they will start producing again and the gas will start flowing from the refinery area again. Supply and demand and not even at this point.

Anonymous said...

Something is definitely fishy. But how much control can government have over gasoline prices? In Mexico, there are price controls but, gasoline stations respond by selling 800ml liters. Furthermore, in Mexico gasoline is distributed to private stations by a State-Owned Enterprise.

In the United States, petroleum and gasoline is controlled by an oligopoly. It could be the case that what we have here is the worst of both worlds:

1). Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, etc. may act as a monopsony: a single buyer. Thus, they buy petroleum from Southwest Asia, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Mexico at a price and quantity below the optimum.

2). These corporations act as an oligopoly in the USA and have price-setting power of some degree (collusion is illegal, technically). This means they charge prices higher than the optimum and may be able to slow down or freeze gasoline price decreases generated by a petroleum price increase.

However, there is something quite odd. As far as I know, petroleum is the MAIN INPUT used in gasoline production. If its price drops 40%, there must be something else at work to keep gasoline prices from dropping by more than 11%.

You are too kind. Thank you for the blog.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous is on to something. One reason why the US and the EU are so concerned about the current problems between Russia and Georgia is because of petroleum pipelines. The US and EU want pipelines to circumvent Russia in order to curb Russia's growing (and natural) influence in Eurasia. War between Russia and Georgia, as well as a quagmire in Afghanistan keeps those pipelines from being built and being safe.

Furthermore, Hugo Chávez just expelled the US Ambassador and is threatening to cut the US off from any petroleum. I doubt Chávez will carry out this threat (the USA is Venezuelas #1 buyer) but the threat may cause a speculative increase in gasoline prices (but why not oil prices, then?).

It is definitely important to point out that a rightward shift in petroleum supply may take time to cause a rightward shift in gasoline supply of similar magnitude.