Wednesday, September 3, 2008


But first Sarah Palin - as we all know I have very strong feelings about whether she should take time away from her family at this time. This does not take away from my belief Todd Palin will be a top notch stay at home dad.

Having said that - she is qualified to be VP for a number of reasons. Having heard her speech, and knowing speeches move independent voters, look out Obama-Biden. While Biden may be able to bury her with detail, she will bury Biden on the ability to connect. It will be an interesting next two months.

My favorite line "the difference between a hockey mom and a bulldog - lipstick."

Marcia Caltabiano-Ponce, new editor of The Brownsville Herald, in my humble opinion is a flop or was brought into Brownsville to do the dirty work of consolidating the Herald with other Valley newspapers. I went to the meet the editor at IBC Bank. IBC always does a good job in making people feel welcome. Just so you guys know, I prefer chocolate cupcakes.

When I read the following on BATB, I thought what an odd thing to say about somewhat you like. "I know Marcia and she will do just fine. But don't all you spin masters out there in Brownsville underestimate her for one minute. You don't want to get on her bad side." This sounds like George W. Bush - get on my bad side and I will settle the score.

One of her opening lines was "The people of Brownsville are not snobby, like people in McAllen." This got a good laugh. I will tell you another thing we are not - we are not lemmings to a snobby arrogant newspaper editor. She will not survive the people of Brownsville.

Apparently she is unaware there are community concerns with UTB/TSC. Unaware of same, she announced we would be pleased to know she will be working with UTB/TSC. You know what, you cannot provide objective news coverage of UTB/TSC when you are in bed with the university. The people actually know their children are dropping out and or failing, not withstanding the boycott by the Herald of not reporting on the mismanagement of UTB/TSC.

I almost fell down laughing when she said "your news is the Herald’s news." "Taking your family to the beach is news," I guess, since covering the mismanagement of UTB/TSC is not.

She spoke for about 5 minutes. She did not invite any questions. Several people immediately lined up to talk to her. I joined the club. I introduced myself, thanked her for publishing my letter on Wednesday, and then said I was part of the loyal opposition in the blogosphere. She said when she first started working at the Herald she checked out the blogs, but decided she did not like them so she does not read them. Thinned skinned does a leader not make.

For better or for worse the blogosphere, through the publishers and those who post comments, reflects a voice in the community. More importantly these voices, while diverse, reflect people who take the time to search the internet for news. In effect then (not affect Marcia) what she told me is, the voice of the people does not matter. She lives in McAllen. She will not read the blogs to get a pulse on the community. Remember between the publishers and the many people who post comments we are a very diverse group. When and how will she connect with the people of Brownsville? She will not - because she is smug and arrogant.

After learning she does not read the blogs, I asked what will it take to get the Herald to cover the lesbian, gay etc community. She said if she sees a newsworthy story she will consider it. Well lets see a city commissioner using the word faggot is not newsworthy, but taking my kids to the beach is newsworthy.

I will submit to my readers, in Marcia we will get more of the nothing the Herald has become known for, and less of what matters - the voice of the people. Remember the first thing she did was to cut the space for letters to the editor, and give Eddie Lucio Jr., a regular space for his self serving dribble.

It is clear she has no knowledge of our community concerns - doing business with UTB/TSC - giving Lucio a regular voice for his dribble. She also has very little interest in the voices of the community - reducing the space available for letters to the editor, and not reading the blogs.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised about the new editor of the Herald? You're absolutely right, Bobby. She has a strange idea of what is newsworthy and what is not: the City Commmissioner's homophobia is not but going to the beach is.

A newspaper does not have to be objective in order for it to be good. However, a LOCAL newspaper should give ample space to members of the LOCAL community. What is worse is the obvious conflict of interest: giving Eddie Lucio III a self-serving platform is disturbing. Brownsville Herald subscribers will pay so that a member of the Texas political class, who lives off their taxes, will have a FREE editorial section for his personal views. In fact, it might not be free: Caltabiano might actually pay this man for expressing his opinions.

Anonymous said...

Here's some excerpts from a nice column about the the hypocrisy of you new crush, Sarah Palin.

My grandmother always said "You can't tell time on someone else's clock". Judgments about people's personal lives are better left unsaid and unrealized.

So why then do I think that Sarah Palin would be a terrible vice president? Because I also think that John McCain would be a terrible president.

I don't care about how Sarah Palin or John McCain take care of their families. I care about how their policy choices affect my family and millions of other Americans.

-McCain and Palin get their health insurance paid for by the government (hers in Alaska and his in Washington). Yet they oppose giving the 42 million other Americans the same access to affordable healthcare.

-John McCain's kids don't have to worry about paying for college. Yet, he has opposed every single education support program to help others.

-McCain and Palin say they will stand up to oil companies. Yet the only energy policy they support gives millions of dollars in tax breaks to oil companies to do more drilling and he has opposed every piece of federal legislation to explore alternative fuel sources.

-McCain and Palin say they will revamp how Washington does business. Yet his campaign is filled with lobbyists and she has been in bed with Senator Ted Stevens funneling federal money for useless projects in Alaska for years.

-McCain and Palin have refused to answer very real questions about her potential abuse of power in Alaska when it came to her firing a State Trooper because she was on a revenge kick for her sister costing an officer his job. And McCain and Palin have no solutions for Americans worrying about their jobs in a fragile economy.

-McCain and Palin want us to leave their families alone. Yet they want make rules for our families by eliminating our right to make our own choices over abortion; eliminate our access to family planning education or domestic partner benefits; and our freedom from discrimination. They want to control what our kids learn in school about sex and about science. In short, through the policies they promote and the judges they support, they want the government to be more in control over our private lives than at any time in history.

-McCain and Palin now say their campaign is about change, too. Yet, the only real change they have proposed is a change from a suit to a skirt in the VP's office and one man fighting a misplaced war for another in the Oval Office. That seems to me to be the right reason to oppose them in November. It's not the process or the people, it's what they represent. This unconventional choice of VP by John McCain won't stand up to the hype and result in a win in November because they are the wrong choice for the country.


BobbyWC said...

I never said I would vote for McCain/Palin - it is funny one side is giving me a hard time going after her on the family issue - the other side is giving me a hard time for saying what she has done right -

This is not the type sandwish I envisioned.

Remember my job is to present discussion for all voices - this makes your voice important because it provides another perspective


Anonymous said...

Bobby, I am not accusing you of being a Palin supporter, but you may want to read this before writing anything else about her:

Isn't funny how in order to get interesting news about the United States, one must read the foreign press?